Paladino: Cut Taxes To Spur Private Sector Job Growth

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — Republican candidate for governor Carl Paladino said he’ll work to repeal the capital gains tax and cut corporate franchise taxes, actions he said will lead to more private sector jobs.

Paladino released his plan Monday to cut taxes that he said were drowning businesses, stifling expansion and dragging out the recession.

He also called again for a debate on economic issues with Democratic nominee Andrew Cuomo, but none are scheduled.

Cuomo was set to discuss his jobs proposal Monday on Long Island.

Paladino said the state must stop relying on government economic development programs to create jobs. Instead, he says the state must remove the taxes and regulations that inhibit entrepreneurs.


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  1. Proud Agnostic says:

    Corporate America is sitting on the $ because the bolsheviks in DC are creating an atmosphere of uncertanty and angst across th country.Cut taxes ,let people keep more of the $ they earn and watch the investing and hiring begin.

  2. TERRY says:

    Until our elected officials get the courage, like that New Jersey governor and stand up to the teachers union and state workers union,and get their pension and medical under the same roof has the private sector NOTHING WILL EVER CHANGE.NEW YORK STATE TAXES PAYER CANNOT AFFORD THOSE OUTRAGES BENEFITS ANYMORE! ARE THE ELECTED OFFICIAL THAT STUPID?

  3. terry says:

    what the hell happend to my comment that i was typing

  4. Devenio says:

    Sure Carl. Cut taxes. Sounds good on paper. Seems everyone running for office is saying Cut Taxes to help corporate America so they can then create jobs. Problem is corporate America in not creating jobs, They are holding on to the money. No, the correct solution Carl is to raise taxes.

  5. must see says:

    Guys big info on unemployment , taxes and possible cancer cures the government is hiding from us

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