NYPD Probes Manhattan Police-Involved Shooting

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — New York City police are looking into why a stun gun apparently failed before a knife-wielding man was shot to death by officers.

The NYPD says Emmanuel Paulino, 24, was shot several times after he refused to drop a 6-inch knife and lunged at officers.

A police sergeant had first fired a Taser stun gun. Police say Paulino pulled one of the prongs out of his body and only two of the darts penetrated Paulino’s skin, 1010 WINS’ Terry Sheridan reported.

LISTEN: 1010 WINS’ Terry Sheridan with NYPD Commissioner Kelly

Paulino was hit several times and was pronounced dead at the hospital. Police say officers fired a total of nine shots after the man backed them into a parked car.  Commissioner Ray Kelly said that police could “no longer back up any further.”

A protest was planned for Monday afternoon following the controversial shooting, which was prompted by a 9-1-1 call from Paulino.

inwood police involved shooting NYPD Probes Manhattan Police Involved Shooting

Angry neighbors react after the shooting. (credit/CBS 2)

Police confronted Paulino Sunday morning at 121-123 Vermilyea Ave. in the Inwood section of Manhattan shortly after he made the call.

This is a transcript of that call:

Operator: 911 Operator, where is your emergency?
Suspect: Yeah, I want you to call the cops cause I’m ready to kill.
Operator: What?
Suspect: I’m ready to kill some cops right now.

Operator: You’re ready to kill some cops?

Some neighbors and relatives said police overreacted

Activists were also upset the NYPD released audio from the 9-1-1 call before a full investigation had been conducted.

Sheridan reported that Kelly said he released the tape because he wanted to show what police were up against.

Kelly also said that emergency services were called when it became clear police were dealing with an emotionally disturbed person.

Fernando Mateo, the president of Hispanics Across America, held a vigil Sunday night in front of Paulino’s home.

“We believe that with all the technology and all the training the finest police department in the world has, it could have been prevented, it could have been handled differently,” Mateo said.

Mateo also said the NYPD could have negotiated with Paulino.

“To kill him is unacceptable,” Mateo said, “There’s no justification.”

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  1. Ken S says:

    Sounds like this shooting was justified , they tried to taser the young man ,but didn’t work , I wouldn’t be surprised if he was on some kind of drug. The cop was backed up until he had to make a decision, go home to his family or risked death …. what would you do?

  2. INWOOD says:

    WHERE THE HELL WAS FERNANDO MATEO ON SUN AM WHEN THE COPS WERE CONFRONTED? Fernando Mateo, the president of Hispanics Across America, held a vigil Sunday night in front of Paulino’s home.
    “We believe that with all the technology and all the training the finest police department in the world has, it could have been prevented, it could have been handled differently,” Mateo said.
    Mateo also said the NYPD could have negotiated with Paulino.
    “To kill him is unacceptable,” Mateo said, “There’s no justification.”

  3. [βεllα₭ittyRikü] says:

    Well I honestly didn’t know the guy who died but from the call i heard he deserve what he got big time. I really don’t care if he’s from my own kind your actions will lead you to your destiny. and what the hell this guy is ridiculously pathetic saying “I’m ready to kill some cop!” man is this dude a moron or what. Yes I used to live in Inwood and I’m glad i moved out of there so I don’t have to deal with the people who are a threat to others, and sorry but I’m not up for FAVORITISM actions speak louder than words so I don’t and won’t hold it against this cop who had to deal with such situation…this guy is a LUNATIC!

  4. E. Cordova says:

    FYI… there is no shooting in the leg or the arm nor in the air as a warning. That”s Hollywood. Never draw your firearm unless you are ready to kill. You do not wound. There is no trick shooting of any kind. You shoot center of mass and pray you don’t hit an innocent civilian. Those of you who think he should have been wounded need to take a firearms course. Or need to be standing in front of a person charging towards you, threatening to kill you with a knife. This may change the way you think. Or you may die trying to figure it out.

  5. John V. says:

    Good job officers. Unfortunately the NYPD’s non-lethal device malfunctioned and the police had to use deadly force. Matbe some of the people who knew him should of tried to help him before he taunted and threatened the police.
    Good riddance to another criminal

  6. bernie says:

    the operator could have done more to help the young man if she had a heart. as for the cops they did not have to kill him, they could have shot him in the leg, arm, but not kill him. 9 sots come on people. do u really think these cops were afraid of a knif, nooo wayyy. it just made it easy to kill him an not get in trouble. wake up people. there ur some good cops but there ur more bad ones than good.

  7. RD - NYC says:

    Hey “Inwood Resident” this is no twit. I also live in the neighborhood uptown and the area where the shooting took place is always a problem. I am no lover of cops but most people would drop the knife if asked by the cops, especially with a gun pointed at you. This guy had a death wish and got what he asked for.

  8. Jon says:

    Who the hell is Fernando Mateo to say “there is no justification” for killing a man who is charging at police with a knife, saying he wants to kill them? Seems to me he thinks Hispanics across America are above the law…

  9. Catalin Ailiesei says:

    Justice,Law and the Order…….

  10. Inwood Resident says:

    Also not all of Inwood is poor or ghetto. There are many young families and working professionals. The East of Broadway side is a little more rough than West of Broadway, but it is unfair to make generalizations about an entire neighborhood because of a few criminals.

    Last year people were getting stabbed and robbed on the Upper East Side. Is that a ghetto now? I am proud of our police and (if it wouldn’t seem weird) would shake the hand of every officer i saw and thank them for protecting us. Don’t generalize about my neighborhood or its residents because many different kinds of people live there. it’s not my fault that my family and i can’t afford $4400 a month in rent. And how dare you call my family, my neighborhood and my friends low class or “ghetto” because of that.

    Take your elitist ideals elsewhere.

  11. Tina T. says:

    I feel the Operator was not very helpful she sounded as though she was offended at what the young Man was saying about the Policemen; the Policemen should have been more helpful than outright killing the young man; the Operator needs to retire for good, she has no ‘people skill’ sounds like in trying to calm and help situations; in her voice sound she was not helpful but harmful as well.

  12. J2Metal says:

    I live in Inwood and am personally grateful for the police. If you think you can do a better job stop protesting the people who protect you and make sure you get home to your families every night and go put on a badge yourself. Show us how it’s done See how you react when a person come at YOU with a knife. This guy could have just as easily woken up and decided he wanted to kill your wife, husband, child or even you instead of a police officer. I personally am glad they are there to protect us from lunatics like this.

  13. Tina T. says:

    I feel the Operator was not very helpful she sounded as though she was offended at what the young may was saying about the cops; the cops could have done a better job at helping instead of killing the young man; the Operator needs to retire for good she did more harm than help it sounded.

  14. Woody says:

    I live in Inwood – he should have dropped the knife with 4 guns on him. Lack of common sense. Although a shot in the leg or crack him with the baton would’ve solved the problem too.

  15. z z zodiac says:

    Glad no innocent cops were injured by this lunatic. If he dropped the knife he would be alive.

  16. Mike says:

    Good job, NY’s Finest.

  17. BLOOMBERG says:

    the man had problems: PROBLEM SOLVED
    can somebody translate this into spanish:

    1. peter says:

      Thats what happened with the other police involved shooting this week. The off duty corrections officer was told to drop his gun, but instead he turned and pointed it at them. Also happened with the robbery suspect in the subway. The police told him not to move, he moved, and got run over by a train. Both of these people would have been uninjured had they listened to the police.

    2. OTJ says:

      Hell NO!
      They are entitled!
      They can do whatever they want!
      They don’t have to listen to anyone!
      They have no respect for anyone…
      Not their parents, not their teachers, not the police, and not even themselves!

    3. inwood says:

      No translation, they cant speak english… thats the problem. how can they follow directions if they cant understand basic english?

  18. MissJusticeNY says:

    So, it’s the cops fault this guy was charging at them with a knife? I am all for civl rights, but at what point does it end? A police officer is supposed to allow a suspect to stab him? They tried the taser and the nutcase ripped the prongs out, what were the police supposed to do? If they had left the scene and the guy stabbed an innocent bystander than people would be crying that the cops do nothing. Just can’t win… I agree with Peter, cops should just stay out of these places and let the citizens police it themselves… Maybe when they have someone charging at them with a weapon, they will learn to have a little more respect for the police…

  19. peter says:

    If they believe the police over reacted, maybe they can police their own neighborhoods. They don’t want the police there, put the police where they’re wanted, and let fester in its own filth.

    1. NOEL says:

      why, because you’re festering in your own filth, I SHOULD.

  20. Fuzz says:

    Hint: if you don’t want to get shot by the cops:
    -Don’t say you’re going to kill cops.
    -Don’t wield a knife in front of cops.
    -Don’t resist when getting tazed by cops.

    As a man who has been stabbed in Inwood, I see no overreaction here

  21. Eduardo Rey says:

    Why did this man’s family let him run around with a knife if he is “emotionally disturbed”? Why didn’t they get him help? There are plenty of services for people with these problems. But, now that they fail to deal with him, they want to blame the cops for doing their job and protecting the public from someone who was intent to cause harm. Shame on the family.

  22. holly cow says:

    please see this site for interesting facts that govemernt is hiding http://www.kriegsview.com

  23. RD - NYC says:

    Protest Monday afternoon?? Does anyone have a job or school to keep them busy??

    1. Inwood Resident says:

      Yes. THEY do have jobs. They are the ones that clean your offices after you go home for the day. They are the ones that drive your kids school buses. They are the ones who are happy to take a night shift at the hospital for extra money so that their kids may see a better life. They are the ones that make sure the garbage is collected and are willing to come in the middle of the night to stop your toilet from overflowing.

      They are protesting in the afternoon, so that it can make the evening news cycle you twit. I live in the neighborhood. I am white (for you racists out there), and this was clearly an execution by frightened cops. He did not lunge, and was surrounded by at least 7 officers when they opened fire.

      Even if you weren’t there, and you think the cops were justified, ask yourself why only one of the many 411/911 calls was released.

      1. another inwood resident says:

        He should have died. He pushed the cops too far and anyway now we can have some peace. Good job cops

      2. Liberal Jew says:

        Plumbers and Sanitation Workers make a good salary, much more than a great number “white collar” professionals. They work hard for it. Don’t insult them by claiming that they would be out protesting the justified killing of this wannabe cop killer. Who cares if you are white. You’re still an @$$hole.

      3. Inwood says:

        did you see this with your own eyes?

  24. christine says:

    always protests in the ghettos.
    he threatened the police and tried to look like the tough guy…good job buddy!!
    he got what was coming to him…isnt that what the saying is

  25. Off Duty says:

    Death by Cop. Nothing to see folks….Move along.

  26. Sergeant Friday says:

    Nice shot. Good job.
    You’re alive. Person who wanted to kill you, dead.
    Cops go home to family. Criminal goes to funeral parlor.
    Case closed.
    Next story.

    1. NOEL says:


  27. Edwin Cordova says:

    Sounds like suicide by cop to me. What do u do? Take a chance get stabbed, or killed for a cop salary, or shoot and go home to your family. Help is out there for those who need and want it. Cops are walking targets for those with no moral values because they stand in the way of those seeking to rip you off, often violently. Sure, there is good and bad in all governmental agencies. If you have a better system, bring it. Mean while walk down some mean street with a kick me sign on your back and see what happens. You may be sorely surprised.

  28. KPMc says:

    Well.. yes,… that and crazy people shouldn’t call 911 saying they’re ready to kill some cops. That doesn’t usually end well.

    But hey… I’m old-fashioned that way.

  29. jun marcelino says:

    I believe the police involved in this shooting incident should have exercised maximum tolerance and should also insure that all elements of self defense are present before they shot the victim

    1. Robert Deller says:


    2. I don't understand says:

      translation anyone?

  30. stonyptmom says:

    It sounds like this man set out to kill police officers and took affirmative steps to execute his plan. I wasn’t there but I know that none of the cops started their day planning to kill a civilian.

    1. david humphrey says:

      my police department will whatever is necessry to protect the piublic from demestic terrorrists.

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