Bambi Goes On Rampage In New Jersey

WOODLAND PARK, NJ (WCBS 880) – More than half a dozen deer greeted WCBS 880 reporter Sean Adams as he entered Garret Mountain Reservation, an enchanted woodland towering over Paterson.

LISTEN: WCBS 880’s Sean Adams reports from Woodland Park

The deer have become a scourge and, also at Rifle Camp Park, are devouring everything in sight, destroying native flora.

Two local ecological groups warn The Record that several plant and animal species can no longer be found at Garret Mountain, including blackberry bushes and many songbirds, like warblers.

“Years ago, people came up here to pick blueberries, but you can’t find blueberries anymore. It’s one of their favorite foods and everything is low down to the ground,” ecologist Joel Labriola told Sean Adams.

A bow hunt last winter met criticism and probably won’t be repeated.

Passaic County is thinking about replanting in fenced off areas protected from the deer, but, as with most public works, funding is an issue.

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One Comment

  1. Phil says:

    Blame the government, lie about the practicality of using contraceptives and vilify hunters – it’s the animal rights mantra. It hypocrisy too, since the same people that are complaining live in a home that took forest from the deer, they also eat chicken, beef, turkey and other animals that they pay to have slaughtered in the supermarket, etc. So, show us a real commitment instead of emoting on internet forums: level your home to allow forest to grow back for the deer and other animals that were “here first” and starve yourselves so that nothing is killed in order for you to survive (plant and animals.) Now, that would be doing something to solve the deer problem instead of acting self righteous, which is the animal rights way of doing things.

  2. M. Matthews says:

    Check your facts, Josh. The immuno-contraception Gonacon was approved for use in NJ in January 2010. And according to Jay F. Kirkpatrick, Ph.D., Director, The Science and Conservation Center in Billings, MT, it works, and has been proven successful in NY and NJ among other locations.

    To blame is the NJ DEP Div. of Fish & Game for keeping deer herd numbers on the increase throughout the state. Our NJ state income tax dollars subsidize the Div. of F & W to maintain 67 deer management areas throughout the state to increase herd numbers thereby maximizing hunting opportunities. Given that only 1% of NJ residents admit to hunting, we 99% of non-hunting tax payers are not represented. Yet we pay again on the county or municipal level to have deer exterminated. The Fish & Game Council has only 1 ‘environmentalist’ – it is completely dominated by those who subjugate and exploit wildlife. The bottom line – hunting in any form is animal cruelty. Period. It’s time for the 99% of New Jersey taxpaying NON-HUNTERS take back our wildlife!

  3. Sally Rogers says:

    We keep building on their land and this reporter has the nerve to complain? Stop building McMansions and Gated Communities on their land. The deer have no place left to go and its our fault.
    Who wrote this article? What a poorly written, misleading, go nowhere attempt at nothing.

  4. Josh from RUEcology says:

    Deer are overpopulated so we are seeing the effects of an herbivore reproducing far beyond what is ecologically sustainable. In the absence of humans, in these numbers they would either starve, be wiped out by disease, or eaten by predators. But instead, we plant and maintain vegetation for them to eat and remove natural predation. Deer contraception has long been proven to be ineffective, so we have few options: fence them out and they’ll eat elsewhere, or hunt them and hope we can make a big enough dent.

  5. M. Matthews says:

    Let’s talk about the ‘scourge’ of developers, specifically the K. Hovnanian corporation that is currently destroying the dinosaur fossil sight in Woodland Park to build luxury townhomes. The deer are being blamed but let’s call a spade a spade and the ‘scourge’ is developers and the reason is pure greed. Leave the deer alone. Instead, target developers for their literal and complete deforestation. Damn them!

  6. Nancy says:

    You have chosen to call the deer a “scourge” ? Are you kidding me?! To the writer of this article, deer are the most peaceful creatures on this earth; the only thing “scourgy” here is your word choice in this article. What do you do when you’re hungry? Ya eat, right? Also, just curious, do you hate on all animals or just innocent deer? With reporting such as this, it’s no small wonder why we all forget that CBS news even exists…

  7. marc says:

    yeah… i HTINK deer eat native plants. the indians DIDN’T feed them corn, make them pets, then shoot ’em. that is what texans do. feed ’em, earn their trust, shoot ’em. many texans have little peep ees.

  8. Jim Wms. says:

    I live in Vermont, where there are plenty of deer. I’ve never heard of a deer eating a balckberrry bush. Woiuld you eat one barbs and all. I think the whitetails are smarter than that. Look for another reason for the blackberry bush distruction.

    1. marc says:

      my cows eat prickly pear cactus WHEN THEY ARE VERY HUNGRY in winter and nothing green is available. also yucca doesn’t exist when we have drought it DOES seem hard to chew blackberry vines, perhaps they eat ’em while they are just growing, or defoliate the plant to death??!?.

  9. jtorres says:

    A scourge? On a rampage? Can you think of anything as harmless as a deer? I agree with Jerry. When did humans have the exclusive rights to enjoy the woods? This is their natural HABITAT. If we kick them out, just where are they supposed to go? Denny’s? I say leave them alone. That’s where they belong

  10. Maria says:

    Please check the date of the photo

    A deer is seen at the Fort Lee Historic Park – Fort Lee, NJ – Dec 31, 2010 – Photo: Evan Bindelglass / WCBS 880

  11. Mother Nature says:

    You need to reintroduce wolves, which just saved Yellowstone from serious deforestation by reducing the elk population boom.

  12. Jerry Leigh says:

    More than a dozen deer greeted WCBS reporter Sean Anderson, and, instead of responding to the courteous treatment in kind, he reports that they’ve gone on a rampage. This is another example of the biased reporting that allows humans to encroach on their grazing areas, and then wonders why things get out of whack.

  13. Maximus says:

    What a dumb article. Where is it going? Are we blaming the deer for being in the woods and eating?

    and in other news…..


  14. jddiggity says:

    It seems as if an 8 year old wrote this article as it lacks any real substance and the headline is quite misleading. But then again, it was brought to us by CBS so I shouldn’t be surprised!

  15. BS Meter says:

    It’s MORE natural for deer to eat blackberries, than for people to wander through the woods — just for chance, to look at them.

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