Bloomberg: I Don’t Want To Fight 9/11 Responders

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — A growing number of 9/11 first responders were settling their legal dispute with New York City, even as Mayor Michael Bloomberg said he wants to avoid a long court battle.

A lawyer representing 10,000 Ground Zero workers suing over exposure to World Trade Center dust said 75-percent have signed an agreement resolving their claims.

The deal would pay first responders anywhere from several thousand to about $2 million, depending on the severity of their illness.

“We have no desire to be fighting in court with those who acted unselfishly and heroically in response to that attack both on 9/11 and in its aftermath,” Bloomberg said.

The deal only takes effect if 95-percent of all plaintiffs agree to the settlement by November 8.


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  1. автотрансформатор says:

    здорово славно sex forever!

  2. pat says:

    Now Bloombergs portfolio of Health care and Insurance companies stock can start to make money again.

  3. Andrew says:

    Yes, and as they and more Americans find out who really did the demolitions, they will really be angry!

  4. Charles Giles says:

    The lawfirm is lying to we 9/11 First Responders & we have the proof!

  5. Josh P says:

    What Bloomberg really means is that these people should take what they’ve been offered and go away. You know very well that if goes back to court, the city will do all it can not to pay these first responders. We know this b/c it’s what Bloomberg is all about – see statements on Officer Zadroga not being a hero. Anyway, the real shame here is that insurance companies denied these people claims on their injuries. Others have been denied disability benefits. If Mike cares so much about these people, he should compensate them out of his own pocket. He is worth $17B – he could spare a few million and not even blink.

  6. casser amerol says:

    The Incident had brought an untold sorrow to mankind. The people of America should strongly urge their government to conduct a serious investigation of this attack to know the real culprits and their cohorts. Let us open our minds and consider the various ideas and opinions of other concern individuals including those who are accusing or putting the blame to insiders.

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