NEW YORK (CBS 2) — Four kids are the pride of Nassau County after helping catch a robbery suspect.

The entire incident began with a heist caught on surveillance video at a Getty gas station on North Broadway in North Massapequa.

Cashier Sunny Singh forked over singles to a man who Singh said had a gun in his left hand. The suspect ran off with $50. Singh ran after him and that’s when he saw the four boys on the sidewalk.

“I ran to the street and I told the kids get the plate number and they got the plate number,” Singh told CBS 2’s Dave Carlin.

“I’m pretty good at memorizing so I memorized it then I wrote it down,” one of the boys said.

The boys gave Singh the number and police were called. The suspect and a driver were in an SUV that made it onto the Southern State Parkway and to Hempstead, where cops recognized the vehicle and plate number.  Two arrests were made within 20 minutes of the crime, Carlin reported.

“If we didn’t get the guy’s license plate it wouldn’t have been solved,” another boy told Carlin.

When asked what he was going to tell his friends about the entire episode, one boy said he was going to first tell his teacher and cut out a clipping if the story appeared in the newspaper.

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