Is Scarsdale H.S. Brawl Being Covered Up?

SCARSDALE, NY (WCBS 880) – Without a hint of irony, Scarsdale High School Principal John Klemme tells WCBS 880 reporter Paul Murnane he’d have no comment.

LISTEN: WCBS 880’s Paul Murnane reports

Parents of Scarsdale high schoolers, recalling a letter last month, remember the frustration the school says it feels in getting to the bottom of an alleged party fight between members of two high school sports teams.

“Quite a bit of frustration at the inability to get at a problem in the school,” one parent said to Paul Murnane.

Another parent said, “They should stand up and say what they did wrong and suffer the consequences for their action.”

One parent was asked whether she thought kids ultimately might stand up answered, “No. Never. If it will affect their chances of admission to college, there is no chance.”

The ruckus allegedly occurred before the school year began.

Police say they were never called to any such party over Labor Day weekend and there is a report the Westchester County District Attorney’s office is looking into this alleged brawl.

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One Comment

  1. Class of '86 says:

    Scarsdale High has a long history of violence AND lawyering parents to clean up after.

    In ’85 6 “greaser” SHS students attempted to ‘brook’ (ie, throw in the creek in front of the school) a well known student who wore designer jeans all the time.

    SHS security confronted them and told them to “drop him”; which they did on his head on pavement from 6 feet up and caused neck, head and spine injuries.

    It was at lunch time and no less than 100+ kids saw this.


    Scarsdale parents are largely corporate drones, living in desperate fear of their jobs and stretch lifestyle. The few entrepreneurs and stars keep their kids far away from these ‘pack cowards’

    Scarsdale School District paid a multi-million $ settlement.

  2. pammy says:

    Yes, the parents are covering it up and spending a great deal of time trying to justify why the actions of these kids is no ones business but theirs despite the behavior clearly against the schools rules and codes. THIS is why it has become so news worthy. The headline should read “Parenting Run amok”

  3. ghost says:

    “He have no comment?” Really?

    What, exactly, is this story about? There are no specific details, no general descriptions of the topic of the story (other than the headline).

    What are you even talking about? A letter last month? What letter? About what? From whom? Their actions? Consequences? ABOUT WHAT?!

  4. Dr. Laura says:

    When you stop being a jealous racist you’ll feel better about your depressed life.

  5. John says:

    “Without a hint of irony, Scarsdale High School Principal John Klemme tells WCBS 880 reporter Paul Murnane he HAVE no comment.”

    He HAVE no comment?


    Time to go back to high school. Both for the exciting brawls and English class.

  6. Matt says:

    Thomas, are you referring to all the whites who have discovered Harlem and are living there? There’s a lot of them! Seriously, you gotta leave your double-wide and check it out sometimes!

  7. Mrs. Krabappel says:

    Don’t let kids make decisions! They’re kids. Out the problem, fix the problem, and really…colleges will still Looove to take your money, don’t worry about that. Any one you want!

  8. Mike Hunt says:

    Why is this considered “news”? No wonder CBS is consistently at the bottom of the ratings heap.

  9. BS Meter says:

    Putting the “Scars” in Scarsdale…?? (no charge, editors)

    PS – there’s plenty happening in suburbia and far worse than this, only its romanticized in TV, movies vs. being drawn/quartered on the news. Only when its drastic, does it leak/editors forced to air it. The news is usually from Urban centers, showing the worst of Newark, Bronx, etc. — to entertain & reinforce the suburban TV audiences. That “we never lock our doors” mentality and “we moved here to get away from that” — is what drivers consumerism/viewership. (After all, these ARE the viewers that the advertisers are seeking.)

  10. f8te says:

    Ooooo. A high school fight between rival schools. SCANDALOUS!!!!!!

    1. Aaron says:

      it was the same high school kids fighting each other. they werent from different schools. nice job reading carefully

  11. HJS says:

    spoiled suburban brats…when they gonna be held accountable for their behavior

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