Blind N.J. Man Dies After Being Hit By Car

MOORESTOWN, N.J. (AP) — A blind man who was hit by a car while he was crossing a busy street blocks away from a crosswalk has died.

Sixty-eight-year-old Gordon Parks’ guidedog, Wendy, was also killed in Wednesday’s crash in Moorestown.

Parks was taken to Cooper University Hospital, but died there Thursday.

A man who works near the accident site told the Courier-Post of Cherry Hill that Parks and Wendy sometimes crossed in the middle of the street, away from a crosswalk. Parks would hold up his hand and traffic would stop.

In 2004, Parks persuaded officials to put in Burlington County’s first audible crosswalk signals at an intersection not far from where he was killed.

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  • Jim

    Glad to see you are worried about the legalaties instead of the lost human life and his companion. Here is what is wrong with society.

  • john

    guess he didnt see that one coming ? rip.

    • nuk

      shut the hell up u idiot u didnt even know him

  • Sean Hollywood

    weren’t the dogs trained to cross at the green and not in between.

    • Necio

      Good question, but aren’t dogs color blind

  • Sean Hollywood

    no sarcasim

  • Roy

    sad story,so stop with the sarcasm you idiots…………..

  • CSI

    Yeah ok. I’m sure if you were blind and your guide dog did not stop you. You will feel different about it.

  • Necio

    Aren’t these dogs trained to cross at cross walks?

  • Sean Hollywood


  • Sean

    CSI jaywalking sgainst the law. If we jaywalked we would be ticketed. There should be no exceptions

    • Necio


  • CSI

    I don’t understand why people are so insensitive. He was blind. Seriously!

  • Sean reporter that Mr. Parks was jaywalking
    Would the police given him a jaywalking summons if he survived?

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