Dead Kittens Found In Abandoned Pet Carrier In N.J.

VINELAND, NJ (AP) – Police in Vineland are searching for whoever left four kittens to die inside an abandoned pet carrier in a parking lot.

The dead animals were found Monday by a bus driver taking his afternoon break.

A veterinarian who examined the kittens, which were about 6 to 8 weeks old, says they probably died of hypothermia from the recent cold and rainy weather.

Animal control officers found an empty, upside-down food bowl, along with urine and feces inside the pet carrier.

Police tell The Press of Atlantic City that the animals had no visible signs of injury, but were soaking wet.

No video surveillance footage of the parking lot could be found.

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One Comment

  1. doug says:

    What about all the people who just walked by and ignored the kittens meowing …. i doubt they were quiet the entire time

  2. Pariw400 says:

    I found my cat in a cardboard box at an ATM in February. At least her former owner had the heart to leave her in a well lighted and heated place. The bank tellers told me that people often left their unwanted cats in the ATM vestibule. Whoever left these kittens outside are heartless!! There are so many rescue groups – they just need to drive to their local Petco or Petsmart.

  3. Lisa says:

    YOU shut up; despite your name, there is NOTHING “Christian” about you! These were God’s creatures, alive, capable of feeling pain and suffering, just like you. too bad it wasn’t YOU in that carrier, left to die of cold, hunger and fear. Cretin!

  4. CSI says:

    Well thats how it starts. Soon enough it might be Christian locked in a box being tortured and left for dead. Then it wont be “Y’all. Shut up. It’s Christian”

  5. jtorres says:

    Hey Christian, how can you be so heartless? They’re not cats, they’re newborn kittens! They’re defenseless and harmless. Haven’t you ever had a pet? I think euthanizing the culprit’s a bt extreme but he/she could have done better than leaving them to die. This is the same kind of person that tortures animals for fun. I hope you never find yourself freezing to death on a cold night left abandoned with no one to help you. Then you may know how they suffered before they died

  6. Sean Hollywood says:

    charges must be filed

  7. Roy says:

    whoever this low life is,he could have dropped them in front of an animal shelter….I hope they find and prosecute this idiot…

    1. MissJusticeNY says:

      Agreed! And if they didn’t want to be bothered with the shelter, they could have at least not left them locked in a carrier- then they could have at least had a chance. People that abuse/neglect animals are pathetic and should be euthanized…

  8. z z zodiac says:

    better place

  9. z z zodiac says:

    I hope those kittens are in a better pace.

  10. My thoughts says:

    I just cannot comprehend how people can be so heartless to leave kittens or any animals for that matter, out in the cold to suffer. People, animals have feelings just as we do.

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