Fox 5 Reporter Charged With Sexually Assaulting Girl, 4

NEW YORK (CBS 2/1010 WINS/AP) — Fox 5 News reporter Charles Leaf was arrested Tuesday in New Jersey on sex assault charges.

Leaf, 40, a general assignment and investigative reporter, was arrested on three counts of sexual assault and endangering the welfare of a child at his home in Wyckoff, according to the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office.

Officials said the victim, a 4-year-old girl, was an acquaintance of Leaf and was assaulted inside his home, 1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg reported.

Leaf, an ex-Marine and married father of two, was charged with first-degree aggravated sexual assault, second-degree sexual assault and second-degree endangering the welfare of a child.

Leaf was also ordered to surrender his passport and have no contact with the victim.

CBS 2’s John Slattery spoke with neighbors who couldn’t believe the allegations.

“Devastated. Nice guy. Great family. Shocked, shocked and hope it’s not true,” Judy Mullane said.

Mullane described Leaf as a “friendly guy” and said “He plays with his kids in the front yard all the time and some of the other neighborhood kids join in.”

“I can’t believe it. He seems like a great family man to me,” Joseph Mullane said.

Leaf’s wife refused to speak with CBS 2.

The arrest stemmed from an investigation between the prosecutor’s office Sex Crimes and Child Abuse Unit and the Wyckoff Police Department.

Leaf is being held on $250,000 bail and his arraignment was scheduled for November 4.

Leaf joined the station in 2006. A station spokesperson said Fox 5 management was “aware of the matter and is reviewing it.”


One Comment

  1. Yeah Right says:

    Good family man?

  2. Ray says:


  3. NA says:

    By now he has been given an anal dose of Bubba’s man paste inside his jail cell.

  4. juicydee says:

    wow fox news didnt say anything about this

  5. Nick says:

    Think Fox will cover the story?

    Fair and Balances my a…. this network it the ultra-biased right wing mouthpiece.

  6. Jimmy Doors says:

    Aftyer his conviction, look for him on the newest FOX reality show, AMERICA’S GOT PERVERTS !

  7. Cos says:

    And I do agree, FOX always covers up stories like this one… They are more biased than other news agencies – without question.

  8. Cos says:

    Not that I should have to defend my comments, but here are the facts… I live in America, was born and raised in the Bronx and only recently moved upstate. I’ve seen criminals get less than they deserve and innocents whose lives were demolished because they were falsely accused. For those who say ‘Shame on me…”, let’s hope you never have to go through the process of defending your innocence.

  9. bernie says:

    muslims will still get bashed even without him

  10. bernie says:

    what an idiot … what was he thinking .. he was not gonna get caught or go to jail moron .. he looks nuts .

  11. Kim says:

    This is the kind of accusation which if true is horrific and if untrue is impossible to recover from.

  12. EricM says:

    I’m sure George Bush had something to do with this….

  13. Sheik Walid Bin Ali says:

    hahhaha…i’m so happy they caught this POS. This is the guy that has been bashing muslims and the proposed Park51 Mosque on Fox5. This son of a ___ should be thrown away. Stupid Pedophile.

  14. Matan says:

    Go ahead…have a seat…have a seat right there…

  15. dhegs says:

    I’m tired of Innocent until proven guilty…: If he wasn’t guilty, they wouldn’t have had cause to arrest him. You must be a defense attorney.

    1. Ghead says:

      Wow. You naive, juvenile moron. For real? There are so many different scenarios where YOU can be accused of something you didn’t do it would fill a BOOK. So you better thank God we have “innocent until proven guilty”. Idiot.
      What a bubble you must live in…

  16. dhegs says:

    very stupid comment.

  17. jimbo says:

    Innocent or Guilty , this guy’s life and Career are completely OVER. And yes , many times other prisoners do find out about Child Molesters /Rapists that are being held in custody with them . Then they exact their own justice on them. Unless the Corrections Department hold the prisoner in Solitary Confinement.

  18. mg says:

    Cnn will find a spot for him.

  19. muradmessiee says:

    i am agree with the last comment of cos

  20. JeannieB2R says:

    I agree. He is innocent till proven guilty. I am bashing the lack of media coverage. Fox is covering up for one of their own. CBS was doing the same thing till now. The Press run free for everybody.

  21. fa says:

    Cos , obviously ,is not a local in this country or his [her] teacher would squirm with the english composition THROW the book etc etc through ????

    m mm mmmmmmmmmm

  22. Cos says:

    Whoa! Slow down, everyone… Let’s wait until he’s been found guilty before we through the book at him. This is a serious charge and if he’s found guilty, he deserves the maximum sentence – without question. But, I’ve seen a few publicized cases where children were ‘coached’ or otherwise persuaded to talk about something that never actually happened… Let’s wait to find out all the facts… This is still America where one is innocent until proven guilty!

    1. dhegs says:

      Oh please!

  23. spencer189 says:

    What’d he think, he was above the law.?? Jerk..

  24. Semper Infidelis says:

    Whatever the case, I’m sure it won’t be his fault. It’ll be blamed on PTSD or some other BS.

  25. EricM says:


  26. jagdish says:

    Article leaves out small detail – minor was 11 year old BOY!

  27. Necio says:

    Good Day NY reported on this story this morning.

    1. JeannieB2R says:

      Greg Kelly mentioned the story in a two second blurp this morning. Granted but the Cake Boss guy got villified by every press circuit for similar charges not that long ago. Even TMZ had the story. What makes this guy different. The wall of slience from those who control the information spread…THE PRESS. Let’s see how much time this story is on the news. It hit the press, CBS for example 3 days after the indicient. Come on. Don’t tell me someone isn’t trying to do damage control. And I may add that Fox 5 has some if not all of the gory details because they employ him. They have ways of prying into people’s personal life. So while we have a right to the press, I think they can be a tad overbearing and very dishonest when it comes to reporting the truth, so long as it suits them.

  28. Roy says:

    A little jail time,might help him solve his weight gain problem

  29. CSI says:

    Still LOL. Sorry to hear it. I am not sorry. Good for the looser if he did do what they say. I dont think fox will cover the story very well. But PIX should. Get emm…

  30. Sean Hollywood says:

    He was framed

  31. JeannieB2R says:

    I wish someone would tell us more information about what happened. Also, the people at Fox 5 covered the story this morning but didn’t do a very good job letting us know more than what is here. If this was the average Joe then all the details would be available. The press is trying to protect one of their own now that the shoe is on the other foot. Becareful what you say or do because karam will prick you, to say the least. Reporters…

  32. CJ says:

    Wow this breaks my heart. I think this guy has been doing a great job of reporting. I am sorry to hear this and hope this is really not true

  33. CSI says:

    LOL. This is to funny. What an Idiot.

  34. tiblanc vlak says:

    I cannot agree more, if it was the average public at least 4 pages of microsoft words would be dedicated to that story. Perverts in all shapes and sizes.

  35. nathan says:

    From a star to a criminal in one easy step.

  36. Derek K Evans says:

    Wow!! I hope he’s not in protective custody so that he can converse with other inmates…Should be a nice chat.

  37. Derek K Evans says:


  38. Roy says:

    What ,great article,very informative…………………?

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