Missing Elderly L.I. Couple Found Safe In Westchester

NEW YORK (1010 WINS/WCBS 880/CBS 2) — In a stroke of good fortune a missing elderly husband and wife from Long Island were found unharmed in the Westchester County town of Eastchester late Friday night.

Westchester County Police Department officials located the couple and reported they were in good condition. No other details were immediately available.

Nassau County Police had issued a Silver Alert for John, 85, and Marian Rogan, 86, who had been missing since Thursday evening.

They were last seen leaving the Bristal Assisted Living facility, located at 400 County Line Road in Massapequa.

The facility issued a statement saying the couple had left the building in their car Thursday night around 6:10 p.m. and were expected back around 9 p.m.  When they didn’t return, officials called police.

Bristal Assisted Living also said residents of the center were “free to come and go as they please.”

The couple’s son-in-law, Vincent Benenati had told WCBS 880 his in-laws were “confused” and explained the difficulty in trying to track them down.

“They don’t have a credit card so they couldn’t find them, they don’t have an EZ Pass and they don’t have a cell phone,” Benenati said.

Benenati also said police might have missed an opportunity to find the couple Thursday night some 60 miles away.

“The police department out in Quogue pulled my in-laws over last night for like erratic driving.  My mother-in-law was driving and she said that she was very tired.  Then she was trying to find a hotel and the officer gave her directions to a hotel.  I guess when he got back to his car, he said six minutes later, he realized that there was a Silver Alert out on them.  He went to find them and he couldn’t find them,” Benenati explained.

And the Rogans apparently never went to the hotel.

“According to accounts relayed to us by family members, police escorted the Rogans to an area hotel. We are told that later, when officers were made aware of the Nassau Police missing persons report, they returned to the hotel, only to find out the Rogans had never checked in,” Richard Youngberg, Excutive Director of the Bristal Assisted Living Center said.

Police Commissioner Lawrence Mulvey said the case highlighted the importance of Nassau’s REACH (Return Every Adult and Child Home) program. Family members are able to register their loved ones with special needs, and if they are lost or missing, an alert goes out instantaneously to police agencies across the state, CBS 2’s Jennifer McLogan reported.

“So the REACH program enables us to, in a very timely manner, get an alarm out with a photo [and] with pertinent information,” Mulvey told McLogan.


One Comment

  1. violin says:

    85 year old people either cause accidents or are a problem for everyone else. They should not be allowed to drive unless mentally and physically tested.

  2. rkid67 says:

    Maybe they were on their way to the Soylent Corporation.

  3. Fred says:

    The Police are to blame for being such a bunch of cowards that they really want to have episodes like this on file. Why is this a police issue? It should be a job for the granny patrol.

  4. hideen treasure says:

    I think it’s classic that they couldn’t be found because they didn’t have cell phones, credit cards or an EZ pass…true testament to the idea that Big Brother is watching you and how to avoid being tracked! Good for them; when they wanted to be found, they were.

  5. MB says:

    “They were last scene leaving the Bristal Assisted Living facility, located at 400 County Line Road in Massapequa.” = total incompetence.

    1. deanna says:

      The family should have taken the keys away if there was a fear of them driving. Living in an Assisted Living community, when a senior leaves, they must sign in and sign out. They knew they left around 6pm because of this. There is usually cameras filming the doors as well.
      Seniors living in assisted living communities that are still independent are “allowed” to come and go. Thank God they were found safe, but a lesson to all adult children to be more aware of the parents safety with driving and take away the keys!!!!

  6. jimbo says:

    Maybe they have Lo-Jack in their car.

  7. missbaysdaddy says:

    They may have left for a reason, who knows until they are found and asked if they got turned around and were lost or if they had a good reason to leave.

  8. duh says:

    so there is the guy from great neck and now a COUPLE??? did any see the movie cocoon?

  9. Sally Rogers says:

    Why oh why would they still be allowed to drive???? I hope they are found alive and well. But look at the pictures of them and then decide if they should still be driving. There is something wrong here.

    1. Ginny Bandiera says:

      Not ALL go by looks alone,,Thats why the DMV have tests! Don’t assume!!

    2. Tim Hop says:

      I know it’s become a forgotten concept.
      My parents lived in assisted living before passing on. Though it may be dangerous to let them get out and about, losing freedoms to live in their own home and drive a car can break their hearts and spirit.

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