Marcia Kramer’s “Whose Bright Idea Was This?”

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Whose Bright Idea Was This
Marcia Kramer thumbnail Marcia Kramer
Marcia Kramer joined CBS 2 in 1990 as an investigative and political...
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Did you see Marcia Kramer’s report on the hazardous roadway that the Department of Transportation worked to fix after CBS 2 exposed its dangers?

CBS 2 wants to know about roadways or walkways that are problematic in your area. Is there a danger zone that makes you wonder, “Whose bright idea was this?” Tell us about it! We may take on your complaint and feature it on CBS 2 HD News.

Click here to send us an e-mail and tell us exactly what and where the problem is. Please don’t forget to include contact information so we can reach you.

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