Report: City Bike Lanes Not Safe

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — A new study suggests that New York City’s new bike lanes are causing too much trouble – and danger, as well.

A report on the bike lanes is to be released Friday by Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, the Daily News reports. The study is suggesting that the plan, originally intended to make a safer city, is having the opposite effect.

And as it turns out, bicyclists, pedestrians, motorists and even police may all share a part in the blame.

As New Yorkers apparently are still trying to figure out how to deal with all the new bike lines, people are getting hurt.

During a three day period, Stringer’s staff observed 1,700 safety violations – with only two summonses given out, according to the report.

Even 19 cops, according to Stringer’s staff, blocked bike lanes. And in the lanes, his staff saw 242 bikes going the wrong way and 741 pedestrians standing in the way.

The only way to properly deal with the problem, Stringer says, is more public awareness of the lanes – and more signs in the streets.


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  1. myob1776 says:

    So you ignore the report’s number one recommendation: “Increase enforcement against motorists who drive in or obstruct bike lanes,” as well as 5 other recommendations, and erroneously report that the only way to deal with it is with more signs. Interesting, because it shows either that you are unable to read a press release, or that you’re biased in favor of the cars that are clogging the city’s streets.

  2. Sandy from UES says:

    Bike lanes solve nothing until cyclists learn some manners. With impunity and
    arrogance they ride the wrong way and on sidewalks and run red lights — both illegal and a danger to pedestrians that they pompously shout at to get out of their way. The Green benefit from the bikes is unfortunately erased by cyclist who
    have no regard for others. And, sadly that seems to be the vast majority of

  3. Sean from Midtown says:

    In no way does Stringer’s report indicate that the existence of a bike lane is less safe than the complete lack of a bike lane, as is implied by your highly biased headline and leader copy.

    While the city’s new bikes lanes are certainly being egregiously violated by all road users, their presence has greatly increased the safety of pedestrians and cyclists, as has been reported by the DOT variously throughout the year.

    Perhaps a better headline would read: “CBS reporter spews half-truths to pervert presentation of actual facts”

  4. Randy says:

    Maybe we should remove all automobile traffic and pedestrian traffic bicyclist get hurt by pedestrian who don’t know how they are walking if they want to cross the street or not. Also most people don’t know how to drive anyway they are either too aggressive or dumb. NYC should be Bicycles only, no motorized vehicles and no pedestrians…..

    1. Roy says:

      Spoken by another transplant that showed up yesterday and wants to shove their idiotic agenda (bikes are used by less than 1% of NYC population) down everyones’ throat. I hope that bike gets you to the hospital on time MORON!

  5. Look at the Numbers says:

    According to this report, it’s the overwhelming number of pedestrians that are blocking the bike lanes. It’s time to license pedestrians.

  6. Roy says:

    As a former taxi driver in NYC of more than 15 years I can tell you that this idea is a miserable failure, I have lived in NYC all of my life and have never seen the traffic as bad as it is now. Bicyclists do not adhere to any traffic laws and have this attitude that they own the road. My feeling is that if you want to give this much sway of the streets to bicycles, that license and insure them!

  7. Josh P says:

    Well said Ken. Could not agree more.

  8. Ken says:

    No, the only way to deal with Bike Lanes in the City is to remove them alltogether in high traffic and commercial areas!

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