Bronx Bias Attack Suspects Head Back To Court

NEW YORK (CBS 2 / WCBS 880) — Police in the Bronx were expecting a ninth suspect to surrender to face charges in a violent anti-gay attack Monday.

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Investigators said two teens and a 30-year-old man were taken to a vacant house in Morris Heights earlier this month, tied up, sodomized and tortured.

rudy vargas perez Bronx Bias Attack Suspects Head Back To Court

(credit: CBS 2)

On Sunday, eight other suspects made no plea at their first court appearance. Ruddy Vargas-Perez, 22, remained at large.

Police said they’re part of a gang called the Latin King Goonies, but an attorney said the suspects were just friends who were hanging out drinking.

“These accusations are serious. I take them seriously, but I’m an attorney. I have a job to do and the system has to work for everybody, even those charged with the most serious crimes, or we have no system,” said defense attorney Paul Horowitz.

All of the suspects were still in jail.

Bail was set for two of them at $50,000. The others were all being held without bail.

All were due back in court on Thursday.


One Comment

  1. Lnena says:

    I think they should be punished as molester would, nd they really need to do something about these gangs my son was stabbed for wearing the wrong color going home I’m tired of the gangs nd they need to leave the gay nd immigrants alone,

  2. roger says:

    The irony of this is that when they come out of the penal system some years from now they will all have had gay sex

  3. CSI says:

    Well hopefully they will have a long time to think about what they did.

  4. Lamia says:

    “Let me get this straight. They are NOT arrested for gang activity. They’re only arrested for punching a gay.”

    No, you haven’t got that straight. You are clearly confused. Go back and try again.

  5. DanTe says:

    Let me get this straight. They are NOT arrested for gang activity. They’re only arrested for punching a gay. So if they didn’t punch out a gay, the gay DA’s here would not have cared about their gangster activities.

    Well, I guess if you’re too stupid to know what sex you are; you’re too stupid to do anything else too..

    1. Nick says:

      Nope. You didn’t get this straight. It’s all gay, nothing straight about it. Logic does not apply. Now just drink the kool aide that they drink and you’ll not be “ignorant”.

  6. Patrick says:

    After imprisonment perhaps the warden and prison officials should look the other way as fellow
    sexually deviant inmates sexually assualt and torture them. Will they be wiiling to practice what they preach?

    1. MissJusticeNY says:

      We can only hope they get what they deserve in jail. In the video, one of these pos looks like he’s about 5’5… they’re gonna have fun with him at rikers! I love it how now all the families are coming out, “oh, he was home all night” “he would never do that.” BS! They’re gang members who’ve all commited serious crimes. I wish these people would wake up and realize their sons/brothers are heading nowhere fast. If you all really cared, you would have tried to turn them AWAY from the gangs, not making up excuses for their crimes. Low life mentality- it’s never their fault….

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