Political Flap Punctuates Columbus Day Parade

NEW YORK (CBS 2/AP/1010 WINS) –A splash of political controversy marked the annual Columbus Day Parade, which featured more than 100 bands, floats and contingents, along Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.

Two gay Democrats, Assemblyman Thomas Duane and City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, said just before Monday’s parade that Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino should apologize for his remarks about gay culture.

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Democratic candidate Andrew Cuomo called his opponent’s comments about homosexuals “reckless” in light of recent violence. Paladino said he stands up for the rights of everyone, including gay people, and abhors anti-gay violence.

But despite the political fireworks, there was plenty more to celebrate under Monday’s sunny skies.

For the first time, the Milana family of Muttontown, Tom and Adriana and their five daughters, were on the Columbus Citizens Foundation Float thinking about their ancestors.

“They just came to this country with nothing and they worked really hard,” said Tom Milana. He pointed to his daughters, and said “these are the next generation right here.”


columbus day 1 Political Flap Punctuates Columbus Day Parade

Participants move along the parade route on Fifth Avenue. (Photo/Juliet Papa)


“We’re full of love and passion. We are about family, food and celebration,” said Adriana Milana.

There were more than 35,000 marchers, more than 100 bands and more than a million spectators, all celebrating the exact same thing.

“It gives me a great sense of pride. I’m proud of my heritage. I’m proud to be an American foremost however, but I am proud of my roots, my heritage, my grandparents who were very brave in coming to a new land.” said Marie Tufo.

The Lindenhurst High School band came in third in last year’s parade competition, so drum major Phil Abbruscato was prouder than ever. “I have the red hair, so most people don’t take me for being Italian, but I full of Italian pride, full of the culture. I love Sunday dinners grandma’s house, 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Typical Italian. Great thing,” he said.

It’s a great day for a parade, and fortunately, it’s columbus day.
A short time ago, the annual march got underway in midtown.
  • Mike Chavez


  • fern

    Columbus left, not really knowing where he was going and not knowing where he landed and all this he made with other people’s money.
    A great man.

  • rich

    change the holiday to a one size fits all celebrate diversity day,government just needs to keep order,gays arent hurting anyone lock up bullies and drug dealers

  • Chrissy

    It saddens me that Paladino is so desperate to be acknowledged for anything he will spout whaetver hateful rhetoric is in vogue at the moment. Thank God!!! He wasn’t in power during the Civil Rights Movement!!!

  • Russ

    Carl Paladino doesnt believe in gay marriage because of his Catholic values..Did he believe in those values when he had an affair and child as a result of that affair.?

  • Barry

    Columbus didn’t discover America, he landed in Barbados but it was already discovered since the Indians were living there also. Indians were here in North America so that’s a lie. How can someone discover a country where there is already people living there. So sick of the lies in these history books.

  • foneill302

    Every time he opens his mouth hurts his campaign. I am not a Cuomo fan but he has won my vote through Palladino’s rants and intolerance of things not his way.

  • bob

    His campaign is over!

  • Proud Agnostic

    Why dosn’t cuomo want to talk about taxes ,corruption ,the death penalty and other important issues?

  • Pedro

    I am so proud of Christopher Columbus and all the Spaniards who risked their lives to come to America. He was sponsored by the Spanish government, but the Italians can be proud of him too.

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  • Steve Yakoban

    Unfortunately Italians have bet their heritage on a guy that bumped into a big piece of land on his doomed voyage to the far east. And Italy didn’t even sponsor his trip.

    There are sooooooo many Italians to feel pride about, like Leonardo. Michelango, and many more. Instead this country is focused on a series of myths about a wrongly credited “discoverer” that inaugurated hundreds of years of racism, death, and violence.

    I’m embarrassed for the ignorant Italians who have a need to believe in fantasies.

  • George

    Dont these people know Christopher Columbus didnt discover America and he’s a mass murderer of the Taino indians, in the Dominican Republic

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