ATV Chase Leads To Bronx Police-Involved Shooting

NEW YORK (1010 WINS / WCBS 880) — An investigation is underway into what led to the police involved shooting death of a 43-year-old man in The Bronx.

Wardell “Junior” Johnson, of Harlem, was shot and killed after a struggle with a Pelham Manor police officer. 1010 WINS’ Al Jones reported that Johnson, riding a Yamaha ATV, was pursued by police down Boston Road into the Bronx.

LISTEN: WCBS 880’s Catherine Cioffi on the investigation

LISTEN: 1010 WINS’ Al Jones gets details on the police involved shooting

Johnson ditched his quad at the corner of Boston Road and Baychester Avenue and was eventually caught by the officer in the backyard of 3517 Edson Avenue. After the officer tried to subdue Johnson with a baton and pepper spray to no avail, the officer shot and killed the man.

Johnson’s sister Terri Ferris, who identified the body, was distraught upon learning her only brother had died.

“I just seen him yesterday and he’s dead today,” Ferris said weeping, “that’s so ridiculous, it don’t make no sense.”

Ferris said Johnson and his two sons were in Baychester to buy the four wheel all terrain vehicle.

“They took a good person, they didn’t [take] nobody that was bad,” Ferris said.

The officer was taken to Jacobi Medical Center with minor injuries.

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One Comment

  1. Cazzo says:

    Why do you people insist in living in that NY ghetto cesspoll armpit of the world?

  2. V says:

    Nelle – I guess youre another uneducated man, trying to pass himself off as educated because you used a word Charlatan? Try words from this century not 1700’s. You may want to read the whole CPL article. Have a debate in what ever hood youre frmo, because clearly you are not ready to here.

    Nelle, what on EARTH is fresh pursuit. They got complaints of an unregistered vehicle driving on a road and he found it. He attempted to stop the vehicle and it took off! Thats called probable cause!

  3. V says:

    Nelle, what on EARTH is fresh pursuit. They got complaints of an unregistered vehicle driving on a road and he found it. He attempted to stop the vehicle and it took off! Thats called probable cause!

  4. Nelle says:

    V, please read the replys I left you. Dont let racism and bigotry misconceive your “knowledge” of the law. (You made false references to the law). Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but please dont pass them off as facts. Its fraudultnt, and lowers you to that of a charlatan.

  5. Capt marbl says:

    The man lived in the Bronx and was buying an all terrain vehicle. My ruling is
    justified Homicide with a bonus for genetic cleansing.

  6. V says:

    I just saw more of this on the news. Hes been arrested 40 times and is active suspect in SEVERAL murder investigations. CASE CLOSED! Thank you PMPD for keeping us safe.

    1. Trouble Six says:

      Police officers are trained to use the GREATEST RESTRAINT when it comes to using force, and deadly force is only to be used to defend their life or the life of another. This officer must have felt his life was in danger for himto use deadly force against his assailant!!! If Mr. Johnson had just done the right thing he would still be alive now!!!! He chose his own fate, sorry as it is to say…….

  7. V says:

    Article 35 of the CPL look it up. Verbal commands didnt work. Pepper Spray didnt work. Baton didnt work. WHAT COMES NEXT? The cops radio ended up on a building!! Atrain and Nap, youre two uninformed and ignorant people, who clearly cant follow the law themselves, so they look to blame other.

    1. Nelle says:

      Since you’re supposedly referencing the law, then you must be aware that NYS law only authorizes the use of deadly force to stop an escape in the event of Robbery, Murder, or Forcible Rape.” According to the aarticel, Mr. Johnson was not engaged in any of this. So where’s the justification for the pursuit or the killing?

  8. atrain4201 says:

    V is a douch and knows nothing. The cops should have been able to subdue him, not take target practice. Police today are no more than common thugs

    1. Nelle says:

      I agree with you whole-heartedly on this comment. They shoot first, think later, cover it up last.

  9. Nap says:

    Hope you’re never stopped V well if you’re the man then it won’t matter

  10. Nap says:

    Whatever and I suppose we can just take the OFFICERS word huh? Where did he get shot. in THE BACK? Wowl!!! I can see where that was SELF DEFENSE, yeah right

    1. V says:

      Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa – pull over and take your arrest like a man, and you would be alive today. Good job PMPD for keeping us safe.

    2. RocketScience says:

      Nap, your comments are both hateful and misinformed. The Daily News reported that witnesses saw Johnson choke and attempt to steal the police officers gun. The implication being that he was attempting to assault, if not kill, the officer. Furthermore the Daily News reports that Johnson was shot in the CHEST, not in the back.

      “NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly said two witnesses told cops they saw Wardell Johnson, 43, clutching the neck of the Pelham Manor cop as the men wrestled in a back yard in the Edenwalk section Tuesday night.

      Kelly said one of the witnesses then saw Johnson reaching for the cop’s gun before the officer fired two rounds, hitting him once in the chest.

      Johnson, a Bronx mechanic with a long criminal history, died at the scene.”

      Read more:

  11. V says:

    OB – Well said. Some people just dont get IT! If you have nothing to hide, pull over.

    1. nelle says:

      And no one’s ever been wrongfully shot and killed or beaten for pulling over before either, I suppose.

  12. OB says:

    Somehow I know to NOT ride an ATV recklessly on public streets. Somehow I know to pull over when an officier stops me. Somehow I know to NOT resist arrest!!!

    Thank you to the PMPD for keeping us safe!

  13. mike murphy says:

    He was told to pull over and didnt, fought with cop after blocks long chase and didint stop when told, was maced and didnt stop fighting, was attempting to take cops gun from him and still didnt stop, only stopped when the good lord decided in his infinite wisdom to give the GOOD the power to overtake the evil and end it right then and there and allow the decent man to go home to his family and th e one who set all this in motion home to meet his judgement .YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW!

  14. V says:

    Close constant pursuit and they have all the jurisdiction they need. Why do people comment on things they have no idea about?

    1. Nelle says:

      It looks as though you’re the one who is commenting on things you “have no idea about.” An officer must have probable cause rather than reasonable suspicion to enagage in Fresh Pursuit.

  15. Texangirl says:

    He still shouldn’t have been killed. I’m quite confident a well trained officer could have better handled the situation. I know they do not train officers to shoot a suspect if they can not catch them. Secondly, good or bad person who are any of you to judge? Junior was someones only son, someones brother, someones cousin…what if it were your family? A mothers worst nightmare is to lose a child, and even if Junior had made a poor decision, who has not.

    1. The Shepherd says:

      my child knows better than to run form the police. teach your kids some respect and they wont be out breaking the law.

  16. Rocket Science says:

    If he had nothing to hide, he shouldnt of run from the cops…thats what happens, dont people learn? and his history has a lot of relevance, shows he prob was running because he shouldnt have been driving and had drugs on him

    1. T Stridiron says:

      Your an ass if you don’t know what your talking about keep your stupid comments to yourself

  17. MP says:

    Gee.. let’s see.. let’s give him the benefit of the doubt.. if I were test-driving an ATV from Pelham Manor to the Bronx and the cops asked me to pull over I would.. wouldn’t you? … why did he hide? I’m not saying he should have been killed but why did he hide?.. there is no respect for law enforcement out there and we cannot live in a lawless society…

  18. steve M says:

    How good of a guy was he? You weren’t there. You don’t know what happened. Keep your comments to yourself.

    1. sexyladyj says:

      Well I knew him and he was a good person! Secondly, one thing has absolutely nothing to do with the other. Jason, I don’t believe Westchester County has any jurisdiction in the Bronx, so I am with you on that one….

  19. jason says:

    Rocketscience is a complete moron… what relevance does that have??? I wonder if Westchester Police had jurisdiction coming into the Bronx??

    1. nelle says:

      The police were very much out of jurisdiction.

  20. RocketScience says:

    Is this the same Wardell Johnson who was in state prison at least five times for driving with a suspended license and possession of drugs?


      Yes it is..what relevance does that have? he lost his life senselessly..NO WEAPON!

      1. DanTe says:

        The relevance is that it’s NOT a “good man”. And the worst part: it SPAWNED like they all do. Spreading the infestation throughout the human genome.

    2. T Stridiron says:

      That has nothing to do with a stupid ass cop killing him for no reason

      1. Jamal Sanders says:

        stfu nigel

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