NEW YORK (CBS 2) — Monday night’s rain fell at such a fast and furious pace, it actually flooded a school in Brooklyn.

The ferociousness of Monday’s storm was evident on the sidewalks outside and inside Brooklyn’s PS 9 in Prospect Heights, where flooding evicted kids from their classrooms.

“It was flooded inside our classroom and so we had to go to somewhere else. So we went inside the science room,” kindergartner Nakia St. Fleur told CBS 2’s John Metaxas.

“It really was very wet,” kindergartner Ben Lipp said.

Parents said it wasn’t a new problem. Water has streamed in from the playground behind the school whenever the area was faced with heavy rain.

“Seems like all the kids on the lower floor were affected by the flooding. This is the second one since the tornado we had two weeks ago,” parent Quentin Silvers said.

Inside the school, two inches of water stood early Monday morning — soaking rugs, books and furniture.

With the entire basement flooded, chairs were stacked on tables so vacuum pumps could be deployed. Rugs were pulled out and left to dry outside.

Monday afternoon, crews continued work on regrading meant to stop the flooding, but parents said the project had suffered bureaucratic delays and should have been finished in time for the school year.

“Somebody needs to get over here and take care of that,” Silvers said.

“I’d like them to fix it,” parent Laura Jaffe said.

Parents planned a PTA meeting Monday night to discuss options to fix the problem.

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