Magazine Offers Restaurant Attack Tips To Terrorists

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — A little-known magazine is serving up a terroristic twist: tips for potential attackers on targeting restaurants, CBS 2HD’s Magee Hickey reports.

The terror threat targeting restaurants comes in the October issue of a publication called Inspire. The magazine was obtained by an American intelligence group that tracks terrorists around the world and appears to be a really slick propaganda tool of Yemen’s Al Qaida of the Arabian Peninsula.

It offers chilling magazine tips in English to would-be jihadists.

One of the authors wrote “a random hit at a crowded restaurant in Washington, D.C. at lunch might end up knocking out a few government employees. ”

The article in the second edition of Inspire was published on the 10th anniversary of the Al Qaida suicide bombing of the USS Cole in Yemen where 17 American soldiers were killed.

The group that puts out the magazine, Al Qaida of the Arabian Peninsula, has been linked to the failed Christmas Day attempt to bring down a Detroit-bound U.S. airliner with explosives sewn into a would-be bomber’s underwear.

Inspire seems to have a new strategy, bypassing spectacular attacks and instead encouraging would-be militants to go for smaller one-man operations using everyday objects.

The first edition had an article called “Make a Bomb in the Kitchen of your Mom.”

This latest edition includes “The Ultimate Mowing Machine” which describes how to use a pickup truck to “mow down the enemies of Allah” by running down Americans on crowded sidewalks to quote “achieve maximum carnage.”


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  1. Tu Mad says:

    Couldn’t we simply issue a Western Manifesto? Any terrorist act in the USA will result in the immediate destruction of a Mosque. The American public would vote on the target list. American Mosque would dominate the list unless the number of terrorist strikes exceed 5. Then the list would shift to foreign soil.

  2. Baloney Sandwhich says:

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  3. z z zodiac says:

    A religion of peace!

  4. mike debo says:

    Media BS. Playboy mag shows hot girls in it. That doesnt ever mean, i’ll have one. this mag says how to do this or that, that doesnt mean it will happen. BTW, i agree with all, THIS ARTICLE is as bad as the magazine stself, spreading the word. Kind of how US news agencies “break news” on how us soldiers UNFAIRLY treat captured terrorists. Think about what u are saying. Thats like a cop unfairly arrestgn a drunk driver who just killed someone. Disgusting and shameful media!

  5. Proud Agnostic says:

    shame on you cbs!

  6. Gregg says:

    Why don’t we hear of any demonstrations by moderate Muslims and their Imans against these radicals that continue to preach hate against the west ??

    1. Michael H. says:

      Moderate Muslims have been speaking out against terrorism for years. They just don’t make a juicy news story so the media chooses to ignore them.

  7. jagdish says:

    I will be buying this magazine and leaving it in the parking lot of a nearby Islamic Tembple. Hope nothing bad happens. Thank you this information.

  8. Mauro says:

    Really, is this news or CBS explioting nonsense for ratings?

  9. Mauro says:

    Really , is this news or CBS explioting nonsense for ratings?

  10. MIKE O says:


  11. Michael H. says:

    Rabble rabble rabble rabble.


  12. Matt says:

    What am I supposed to do with this information?
    Keep selling the fear, CBS.

  13. jim says:

    Is this Magazine actually sold in the United States ?

  14. Mr. Bin Laden says:

    Now it’s no longer a ‘little known magazine’. Thanks CBS, you’re doing Allah’s work!

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