NYC ASPCA Targets Pit Bulls For Spaying, Neutering

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – Some shelters are caught in a financial and space squeeze, thanks to a runaway pit bull population.

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At the ASPCA’s Berg Animal Hospital on Manhattan’s East Side, veterinarian Emmy Pointer says the breed can have ten puppies at a time.

With related health problems, the outlook can be grim.

“If you spay a dog before they have their first heat cycle, their chance of having breast cancer is diminished to less than one percent,” Pointer told WCBS 880’s Paul Murnane. “So, if we can get these dogs in, and spay them at an early age, we’re sparing them this horrible cancer in the future… We see tons of it.”

The ASPCA is scheduling appointments on Tuesdays and Thursdays for pits and pit-mixes up to six years of age.

LINK: ASPCA Operation Pit

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One Comment

  1. Caleen says:

    We need that in Southern California also, there are way too many irresponsible Pit Bull dog owners.

  2. Mary says:

    Yes, spaying them before their first heat cycle reduces the risk of mammary cancer. However, they never seem to tell people how early spay/neuter increases the risk of several other cancers, as well as ligament injuries. Nothing works better than controlling your dog to prevent unwanted litters.

  3. veterinary professional says:

    Pitbulls do not produce an exobitant amount of puppies in their litters as the quote in this article suggests. Every breed of dog is capable of producing up to 10 puppies. Typically, litters consist of 5 pups on average. I am a veterinary nurse (licensed and educated by NY state), 6 years experience in multiple specialties and general practice (internal medicine, emergency, physical therapy, oncology, orthopedics).

  4. vote repub says:

    how about spading local corrupt politicians, for real facts we need changes.

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