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Westchester Teacher Accused Of Attacking Student

Cops: Man 'Snapped,' Slammed Teen's Head On Alarm Box

MOUNT VERNON, N.Y. (CBS 2) — Teacher rage has rocked Westchester County.

A high school teacher is accused of manhandling and throwing a student into a brick wall.

At Mount Vernon High school on Wednesday, students were talking about the teacher who got physical.

“He’s very nice. I never thought he’d do something like that. He’s one of my favorite teachers,” student Adina Nicholas told CBS 2’s John Slattery.

The most recent photos of the teacher were taken by the police. Police said Kelly Oram, a 51-year-old music teacher at the school for the past three years, just snapped after he got angry with a boy who acted up in class.

Investigators said Oram threw the student to the floor, dragged him out of the classroom by the back of the neck, and then shoved him up against a wall causing the boy’s head to hit an alarm box.

He then allegedly threw a backpack at the student and slammed the door.

“It was wrong,” student Shantell Sewell said of the teacher’s alleged actions.

“He’s a good teacher. He taught me a lot. I don’t know why he’d manhandle, do something like that. It’s very wrong,” student Ti-Tiaja Harding said.

Word of the attack comes a week after a teacher in Tennessee was captured on cell phone video in a rage with a student.

At Oram’s home in White Plains, no one answered the door. A next-door neighbor who drives a school bus said he was surprised by the accusations.

“Well, I drive a bus and I know what it can be like with the kids, although you can’t grab a child.  No you can’t even supposed to touch ‘em,” James Logue said.

The teacher has been reassigned to administrative work until the investigations are completed, both internal and criminal.

The teacher, who was charged with harassment and endangering the welfare of a child, will be in court on Oct. 27.


One Comment

  1. David Ruffin says:

    The teacher is to be commended, counseled a bit, and then returned to the classroom. The student should be expelled

    1. . says:

      Disagree. The teacher should be fired, sued, and locked up. He’s a danger to students.


      You got it completely backwards. The student should be counseled, and receive continued counseling throughout the year, and go to class. The teacher should do the right thing and resign and go to jail. There should be no legalized assault of America’s children, not in the home, and not in school..

  2. Olden Atwoody says:

    The Teacher, soon to be unemployed, should run for School Board.

  3. fred says:

    I support strict discipline. And I don’t doubt the kid provoked the teacher. But unless the kid put his hands on the teacher the teacher shouldn’t have put his hands on the kid. There are better ways to handle a situation than slamming someone’s head into a wall. Would you support another student slamming your child’s head into the wall? Then neither should you aplaud a teacher for doing it.

  4. cbinflux says:

    These NEA trachers can’t take the pressure of Liberals, and their Socialist Messiah, losing the mid-term elections.

  5. soqueesh says:

    I taught HighSchool for a while and I can tell you that choking these kids is the best way to control the classroom. A strong, two handed grip allows you to ipart some pain on their tender neck area, and the thumbs squeezing down on the windpipe allows you to control their breathing–choke them out in a minute. Really the best way to get a little discipline…


      In 2011, only Americans seem to want to continue with the antiquated, outdated belief in beating students and children. Join the 21st century and the rest of the civilized world. You child-beaters are soon all going to do time because the world is getting smarter and more civilized where child assault is concerned, and it will soon be banned in America. Americans remain clueless about how to raise civilized, well-balanced people. I hope you consider never teaching again, because you’ll end up incarcerated eventually.

  6. mamaditto says:

    When my 89y/o mother attended public school incidents like this were common. Those were the days of corporal punishment.

    1. . says:

      I don’t miss those days.

  7. D-up says:

    I just started teaching high school science this fall. I am 31 years old and was fully aware of what I was getting into. The above comments about many students having disrespectful, entitled, and ‘do what feels good’ attitudes are spot on. BUT, this does not excuse this teacher’s behavior. Bottom line – if the teacher snaps, the student(s) win(s). Becoming a mature adult is predicated upon developing a focused, disciplined mind. This lesson (more so than any specific scientific content) is what I am attempting to teach my students. Will I feel differently 5-10 years from now? Perhaps. If that is the case I will hang it up and find something else to do.

    1. unbelievable hatred of kids says:

      I just can’t believe these comments about kids! You all have views that if aimed at anyone else would be called prejudicedl. If you’re attitude is such, then you have no business teaching at all. Who wants to be taught by someone like you who doesn’t even LIKE the students let alone respect them?

      The first and most important qualification for a teacher is not a degree: you have to sincerely LIKE children. You people all HATE children and say terrible, nasty, prejudicial, hate-filled things about them. The lot of you have NO RESPECT for kids and you show it quite plainly. THAT is the problem in America. Americans hate their children. You should quit teaching now and save your students from your prejudicial attitude and save yourself.

  8. lukuj says:

    I in no way condone what this man did, but, as a retired teacher of 30 years, I have to tell you that it sometimes calls for super-human self-control NOT to do something you will later regret. I am surprised that more teachers don’t just snap and lose control given that most effective means of discipline are no longer allowed, that many children have no self-discipline or morals, and that many administrators and parents automatically blame the teacher for everything and expect their kids to learn with no effort on the child’s part and no support from the parent.

    1. child hating teachers must go says:

      I for one am glad that you don’t teach anymore because you perpetuate the false, foolish and destructive myth that hitting and beating up kids is good for them. Next time you’re caught speeding, maybe what you need is to drop your pants for a good belting on your hairy wrinkled ass. That’ll teach ya, that’ll learn ya.

  9. tinkan says:

    You fools! It was Bush that caused this! And tax cuts for the rich! And global warming! and and and racism!

    1. John says:


  10. jimmy says:

    Whip the kid’s ass & ask the kid to apologize!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. BJ says:

    “No you can’t even supposed to touch ‘em,”

    Wonder why this bloke drives a bus

  12. Scott says:

    You want a wake-up call. Go to YouTube and search for the trailer for 2 Million Minutes and watch it. 2 Million minutes is about the time our kids spend in high school. Watch how American kids spend their time vs. China and India. This country is in BIG trouble.

    Parents need to view education as a privilege not a right. How about tying the income tax credit to student performance. If your child is wasting tax payer’s money then NO REFUND FOR YOU!

  13. forum meister says:

    Did they recently change the speed limits to 55?

  14. Scott says:

    Teaching is the only occupation that allows one to be harassed day in and day out. I believe it is the hardest job on Earth. Long days, disrespectful students, and pay that should be increased.

    I recently told my wife that the average American salary is around 50,000/year and she replied “not me.” She has taught school for the last ten years and still makes under $45K/year and puts up with some serious BS (and large class sizes) throughout the day. Heck, she can’t even go to the bathroom without first calling the office.

    Come on America – teachers are only trying to prepare you child for a fruitful future – it is better to be a good parent than a your child’s “friend.” Start disciplining your kids.

    Two words…”Private school”


      You don’t know the meaning of the word discipline. Discipline has nothing to do with corporal punishment. Corporal punishment does not teach discipline and can lead to serious negative outcomes for a lot of corporal punishment victims.

      The real problem in America is that most of you are poorly educated in parenting skills. Most of you don’t read books. Most of you have no higher education. You think “THE SIMPSONS” is a substitute for learning how to parent.

      Corporal punishment is not a parenting skill, it is a complete cop-out and an admission that someone doesn’t have what it takes to deal with a child. If you believe in corporal punishment, please don’t have kids or become a teacher. In fact, a person who believes corporal punishment in 2011 should rule out having children or becoming a teacher, because you’ll probably end up incarcerated or severely humiliated, like this chap. If you can’t be your child’s friend and parent, then don’t have them, because you clearly don’t have what it takes to deal with modern realities of life.

  15. movequick says:

    Obviously, you don’t have any children. Children are individual people that make their own choices, not necessarily what their parents would choose for them. You can’t control the behavior of others, only of yourself and that includes parents and their children.

    1. Scott says:

      My kids make good choices because if the don’t they know they will get a Texas-sized butt kicking. They may be individual people but they have been taught to respect their teachers. They also know that if I get a call from school about bad behavior (or a low performing report card) that there will be consequences.


        So how does it feel to scare and terrorize your children, Scott, because that is what you are doing. Does that make you feel powerful at home? Your country goes to war against TALIBAN because of their abusive ways, and you threaten your own children with violence. Why would you fight against abuse in one country, but do the exact same thing in your home?

        You are no better than Taliban, Scottt. Well worse, actually because you bring terrorism into your own home and inflict it on your children.. You’re a home-fascist and in 2011, a child abuser in most of the world’s eyes. Only uneducated stupid fools cling to this kind of parenting. Your kids don’t respect anyone, not their teachers, and not you. They fear you, that’s all, and re probably too frightened of you to admit it. There is a big difference between respect and fear, and there is a big difference between corporal punishment and discipline. Why would you do such a hateful thing to your own children as to cause them to live their childhood in fear of adults? Your views are almost criminal Scott, and in a very short time, people who believe as you do and act on it will be known as criminals. Maybe it’s you who needs a good punishment – and maybe it will come to pass.

  16. Dominic says:

    Although I agree with the majority of people here placing the blame for this incident on the student, I find it difficult to have much sympathy for any public school teacher today. There was a time not too long ago when teachers approached their profession as more of a “calling;” not the NEA-driven package of salary & benefits it has become. When I went to public school (60’s & 70’s), the Bible, the Lord’s Prayer, and the Pledge of Allegiance were all still acceptable and welcomed in the classroom. What went wrong with our schools? You figure it out.

    1. Steve says:

      “NEA-driven package of salary and benefits?” Really? Do you know what public school teachers are paid? Because it’s not nearly enough for what they have to put up with these days. And for many, it is still a “calling” because the wages are lower than you would expect.


      The Bible should be taught in the classroom, along with Baha’i, Buddhism, Confucianism, Jainism, Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, Mormonism, Paganism, Shinto, Sikhism, Taoism, and Zoroastrianism. They should be taught that all these religions are man-made. Why do we no longer stone unruly children to death? Bible says we should. Why do we no longer lock up women who have their period? Bible says we should. Why do Christian women teach in church? Bible doesn’t allow that. The world has progressed, Dominic, since 350 AD when the bible was written.

      The problem is Americans don’t educate themselves on parenting, but they keep having babies. Parenting doesn’t come naturally. To learn to be a good parent takes some effort. So when these kids, who are raised by terrible uneducated American parents get to school, is it their fault they don’t know how to act? Nobody taught them anything, they just beat them into silent submission. Then to get the same treatment at school? America is in trouble, and it starts and ends with violent parenting.

  17. dico j. says:

    the teacher should watch… “to sir with love”

  18. MHT says:

    I have read through all these post and it is the same message over and over. Kids are out of control
    Discipline what is that respect yea right. What really bothers me are the politicians that keep say they need to fix the schools and that the education system is broken. What do we do we throw more tax payer money at it. There is nothing wrong with our schools what is wrong is the” if it feels good do it” attitude of the kids. They are not there to learn it is a social meeting place these days. They have no fear of anything or any kind of authority why not they feel that they have this reset button.

  19. Kinnison says:

    I speak from experience as a 15 year veteran teacher, now retired. In today’s politically-correct public schools students are taught that whatever they do or don’t do there is always another chance. Teachers are shackled with onerous rules and their administrators do not back them up on discipline. There is a reason that the U.S. now tests as 24th in the civilized world—just behind Estonia—in educational skills. And when the little darlings get out in the “real world” and turn 18 they suddenly find out that perhaps they won’t always get another chance. Welcome to the real world, kids.

    1. . says:

      So you’re saying kids should be beaten?

  20. Bluespruce says:

    Though I live vicariously through this teacher, he still should not have done it. Why? Because he will be convicted, lose his job and now have a police record.

    1. . says:

      CLOSE! Yes, he should not have done it for those reasons, but also he shouldn’t have done it because it’s morally wrong for an adult to beat on a kid.

  21. Magister Johannes says:

    amen san diego steve, as a retired teacher I agree with you . I was so glad to get out and whenever I hear of young person wanting to be a teacher to make a difference I laugh. Americaniized young adullts are savages at the best and the publlic school system is a complete joke. It is run by llying louts who only are there to extort millions of dollars for their personal. advantage. If you are tyring to teach American youth, you are fools; get out while you can.

    1. . says:

      I’m so glad you old school types are retiring. You should probably have never taught in the first place because you obviously don’t like young people.

  22. San Diego Steve says:

    Every teacher or former teacher I know or have known can tell at least one story of nearly “losing it” with a kid. It is an occupational hazard for teachers. We have taken away all of their authority and we send them our undisciplined, disrespectful and lazy brats expecting them that they will somehow turn these obnoxious louts and smart_ss little girls into mature, successful adults. I have no idea why anyone would want to be a teacher. Mr. Oram should be named “teacher of the year.”


      San Diego Steve, let me tell you the problem with adults. Back in the day, when women spoke out of turn, you could torture them with a device, a cage for the head, with a utensil that fits firmly in her mouth and shuts her up good. But that would be only for undisciplined, disrespectful adult women. A good punishment for men was the rack, or disemboweling. Those were the good old days, when a man could tear another man’s guts out, or a woman could be hung and slit from vagina to mouth.

      The problem today, really, is undisciplined, disrespectful and lazy parents expecting to turn their bad kids good by use of corporal punishment at home.

      Oram should not and never will be considered a hero. He seems more like the typical, obnoxious, smart-ass lout, a bully, a fascist, and a child hater, kind of like you seem to me right now.

  23. urban hs teacher says:

    I am taking this article to class and start a discussion on how great the teacher was for what he did.


      Maybe you will be next?

  24. mountainman says:

    Was in school in the 60’s. Had you acted up in school, you where sent to the gym, where the phys ed teacher grabbed the maple paddle that your buddy made in woodshop.

    It was the kind with holes drilled in it to let the air pass thru it faster. You didn’t dare let your dad or mom know you couldn’t sit at the dinner table without pain.

    I had it easy, I went to a public school, some of my buds went to a Catholic school. Hail Mary full of grace!

  25. NGrn says:

    I’d bet the farm the stinkin brat deserved every bit of it.

    1. . says:

      You’d lose the farm. This isn’t 1940, 50, or 60 anymore. Your type of child-hating abuse will soon land people like you in the slammer where you get to be “punished” (read, taught a lesson) by Bubba, Snake, Rocky, and Hammer, you stinkin’ adult American idiot.

  26. UrsusIndomitus says:

    The kid probably deserved it. Put corporal punishment back in schools.

    1. DROP YOUR PANTS! says:

      There are a lot of unruly adults in the world. If corporal punishment is such a great teacher, lets put corporal punishment back on the table for everyone. Caught speeding again? Drop yer drawers, yer gonna get a azzwhup. Late for work? Drop ’em! Late with your paperwork? Drop ’em! I think YOU deserve corporal punishment for the ridiculous idea that corporal punishment is good for kids. So DROP ‘EM!!

  27. person person says:

    Mr oram is not a bad peson at all hes caring & nice & very respectfull & tht liddle butheaad had to have started with him…mr.oram jus doesnt ‘snap’ , that liddle brat must have done sumthing to him .


      Sorry honey, caring, nice, respectful teachers don’t beat up kids. When they do, they should no longer be called nice, caring and respectful. They should be called criminals, because that is what an adult who assaults minors is. I hope you kids learn soon to stand up for each other against school and home assaults, instead of believing your authorities who say hitting is a teaching tool. Hitting does not teach. Hitting is abuse. Nice people don’t do it.

  28. Cotter says:

    Way to go teach! Erect a monument to that man.


      Good idea. It could read “This man assaulted a kid and is now in jail. Please don’t beat your kids, or you will be in jail too.”

  29. Jerry S says:

    When I was in high school, I saw a teacher grab my friend by the throat and slam him up against a cement block wall. It never even occurred to either of us to report it. We had this crazy notion that because we were mouthing off to the teacher WE were at fault.

  30. The_Pilgrim says:

    Back “in the day” when I got home and Dad found out, there woulda been a second ass-kicking coming my way. And a phone call to the teacher to do it again if he needed to.

    Of course, it never happened because every one of us knew it could…


      Living in fear of your parent and school is no way to grow up. It makes sheeple out of people. In fact, you are still so afraid and so brain washed, that you support adult assaults on kids. It’s no wonder America’s kids are messed up. People like you with your attitude messes them up. I hope you don’t have kids, and if you do, I hope they don’t live in fear like you did.

  31. ig farben says:

    Where is the photo of this guy?

  32. simon if says:

    I worked as a substitute teacher for about a week – a week too long. We are inheriting a generation of savages, with no sense of right or wrong, only what feels good. God help us all

    1. UrsusIndomitus says:

      Thanks to the social engineers, the Frankfurt School, John Dewey, Antinio Gramsci, the U.N. and the communitarians


      And who is responsible for the “feels good do it” philosophy? Why that would be the kids of the sixties, wouldn’t it . And where are the kids from the sixties now? In our schools, beating up our kids for being like they were back then. I’m not surprised you couldn’t handle it and lasted only a week. Are you a savage from the 60s, with no sense of right or wrong? You certainly are clueless when it comes to what is right and good for kids. Gawd, please save our kids from savage adults.

  33. Joey Ramone says:

    Beat on the brat with a baseball bat, oh yeah!


      I want to beat you with a baseball bat, for being stupid and condoning violence against kids by adults.

  34. blackbeard says:

    Way to go Mr.Oram.School is to learn,not to be a total ass.

    1. sttttteve sttttttuttters says:

      And teachers are supposed to teach, not assault their students. The teacher is also an ass. I say jail him, sue him, and fire him.

  35. J R says:

    not that it was right for the teacher to touch a student but if the parent is not going to discipline the kid someone has to do it.

    1. Assault is Assault says:

      Most people are very confused about the difference between discipline, punishment, and assault. Are you suggesting the parents should have assaulted this kid more often like this non-teacher loser abuser did? Probably the reason this out-to-lunch kid acts out is because he IS disciplined at home, but in the wrong way. Physical punishment, I imagine.

      What the teacher did has absolutely no relationship to discipline. It’s called assault, and assault is a crime, unless you assault a child or teenager at school. Then it’s called discipline? What a joke! No member of society should be subject to legalized assault. That’s just sick, and all it does is create extremes in people: people who are afraid to do or say anything or ever speak out against anything (sheeple) and people who are so enraged they will do anything (criminals). Love your children America. Stop showing he world how much America hates her children by beating them up.

  36. JL says:

    I want to add to my comment that even though I understand first-hand why teachers are stressed out, I also understand why some parents aren’t quick to trust teachers. Think of the news stories about teachers abusing students- teachers aren’t always innocent. I had a music teacher who grabbed a student by the neck. This teacher seemed like a nice guy. I also knew the fellow student and the kid was respectfully refusing to sing a holiday song because of his religion. I had a teacher grab me by my shirt and lift me up when I was in Kindergarten because I was disrupting a first grade class by waving to a friend from the hallway. Teachers are stressed out and need parents to be more involved. If you are concerned about your child then be more involved and volunteer in class and help out! My kindergartener’s teacher has 27 students! She needs help! If parents can’t be there then send a relative to help or staple things at home. Quit leaving it all up to underpaid, over-worked, overwhelmed instructors!

    1. San Diego Steve says:

      JL, there is truth to what you say, but we have made a big mistake by taking all disciplinary authority away from teachers. Of course, we cannot allow teachers to abuse students, but the students know that the teachers cannot really do anything if they misbehave, so, surprisingly, they do it frequently. I went to school in the 50s and 60s when teachers still had the power to physically discipline students. I never saw a teacher abuse the privilege, and, the students who received correction later admitted that they were out of line and the discipline was justified. The result was that we knew the limits of conduct and had no doubt what would happen if we exceeded them. This led to a school and classrooms that were orderly and under control so that we could get the education that the taxpayers were subsidizing. In my opinion, not a bad system at all. This is not just nostalgia for the “good old days,” since the schools, for the most part, actually worked very well then.


        Corporal punishment is not the definition of discipline, Steve. You must have been brain washed. Nobody in their right mind would ever thank someone for beating on them unless they are in great fear. That is the most perverse, twisted thinking so far. I hope you don’t ever have kids or become a teacher, because you’re really living in the past, and your understanding of the past is twisted from too many beatings and brain washings.

  37. Hector says:

    Mr. Oram deserves to be commended for his actions. Children take school for a joke and a hangout. We need more of this to get a point accross. Either that or hold the parents 100% accountable for their children.

    1. JMM says:

      We only hold the parents accountable for childrens’ actions in school when we untie the teachers’ hands and let them have the power to discipline bad behavior the right way….stop this “positive reinforcement” nonsense. It doesn’t work and decreases what little respect students have for their teachers.


      Mr. Oram deserves a prison sentence for his actions. Either that or he should drop his drawers and let his principal beat on his ass? Children are not adults and you cannot expect adult behaviour from a kid. Any moron should be able to realize this. But we should expect adult behaviour from adults, especially teachers. Oram did not act like an adult, he acted like an adult criminal and should be jailed with the other, violent, out of control adults. I’m sure they know how to “discipline” unruly criminal teachers who think the class room is a cage fight.

  38. JL says:

    I agree. I have subbed as a teacher in several different settings and it is VERY stressful, especially in Jr High and High school. I have seen teachers walk out, throw things, and once I slipped up and cussed at a student. I usually don’t swear at all! The student continually heckled me for an entire day. I had to come back for three days to that class. The second day he and others heckled me even harder. I tried being more kind because I felt bad for losing my cool and it made things worse. I just didn’t go back the third day. Not my problem. I’ve had students pretend to be deaf, tell me they had their period and beg to have a pass and then wander all over the school and never come back, call me names, threaten me, ignore me, just bug me to death and constantly disrupt the class… my own teenage children stand a foot taller than me and wouldn’t DARE even roll their eyes at me. Teachers need to have more options so the kids can be kept in line.

    1. Geezer says:

      “my own teenage children stand a foot taller than me and wouldn’t DARE even roll their eyes at me”

      You must beat them fairly soundly for them to be that FEARFUL of you. I taught my children to question authority, and that NOBODY, even mom or dad may lay a hand on them EVER. My kids are both successful working grads living positive lives. Never ever had a discipline problem with them when they were kids.

      When you strike any person, you are going to raise anger and hatred and fear in them. If you think that is respect, your wrong. It’s very easy to abuse a child and then make them think they deserved it and that it was good for them.

      Fire the teacher and never let him teach again, and put the student into therapy to deal with his problems and the assault, otherwise, this kid will drop out as soon as he can and become either a french fry chef or drug dealer.

  39. Donny says:

    And once the student was punished by the principal the parent would support the school and the faculty. Now its the other way around. Parents have this notion that if anything happens to my child by the school . Its the schools fault and they’re going down. What a big difference a few decades can make in our school system

    1. steev says:

      Yes it is a big difference – for the better. I let my children’s school know that if any teacher ever touched my kids that way that there would be serious legal problems. I also told my kids repeatedly that no one can hit them. I never had a problem because my kids learned to SPEAK OUT not LASH OUT.

      The problem is that most American parents, like most Canadian parents, are simply too undereducated to understand the harm that spanking does, and too undisciplined to get the education they need to be proper parents.

      If you spank, you are a child abuser in many countries. Non-spanking IS coming to North America, so you spankers better go get a course or you might end up doing time for child abuse. Which doesn’t bother me one bit.

  40. Kash says:

    Spare the rod & spoil the child !

    1. Dave says:

      This is 100% correct, in biblical terms the rod was used by the shepherd to steer the sheep. The sheep in this case is the child, so if you spare the rod, you spoil the child. So thanks for itterating that we should be firm with the children or they become uncontrollable.


        This bears repeating: the rod is a metaphor for good parenting. The sheep is a metaphor for children. The rod was used to GUIDE the sheep, not beat the hell out of the sheep. STOP HITTING AND HATING YOUR CHILDREN AMERICA.

  41. Donny says:

    Teachers have it so rough out there. Their hands are tied, they can’t properly punish the students anymore, and alot of the parents out there are just waiting for any little thing to happen to their kid so they can sue the district!! Remember what school was like back in the 70’s? Teachers kicked ass!! Principals were allowed to whip the kids with wooden paddles if they got out of line!!!

    1. JMM says:

      Glad I wasn’t in school at that time. The 80’s and 90’s were hard enough on me when my parents were good friends with my teachers and they communicated everything with each other. There was no way I could get away with anything. If I did one thing wrong, I was sent to see the principal and call home (as required of any misbehaving child). That doesn’t happen with my child who does even worse than I did in the classroom.


      Properly punish? What era are you living in? Right, the 70s. Seems to me the kids of the seventies were no better or worse than any other generation. Every generation says the same thing about the generation before. Researchers have shown a direct correlation between hitting kids and negative adult outcomes like chronic depression, anxiety disorder, attachment problems, post traumatic stress, alcoholism, violence, and drug addiction. Children who were never spanked showed fewer of these outcomes consistently. It’s been proven – spanking doesn’t work and leads ultimately to negative results in adulthood.

  42. Art says:

    The same thing almost happened to me. I taught 9th grade Physical Science for a year and half and almost had a nervous breakdown or anxiety attack. I was too nice and a disaster as a teacher. I didn’t have what it took. You have to have nerves of steel to be a teacher. I woke up every morning feeling like I was going in to battle. I had no control whatsoever. As soon as I’d turn my back to write on the board I’d lose the class. I just gave up. When I left I promised the Principal that I’d never teach again. That was nine years ago.

    1. . says:

      Art, you sound like a nice guy. It’s too bad though that more teachers don’t follow your lead. If you can’t cut it in the classroom, then you did the right thing.

  43. gator swamp says:

    he bet he deserved it and had it coming iam on the teachers side

  44. Fred says:


    Put the parents in jail who won’t make their kids behave.

    1. JMM says:

      Yeah…sure….how about put the teachers in jail for not reporting the bad behavior to the parents so they can correct the behavior. Not every child will listen to instruction whether it be from parents or teachers.

    2. OLD DAYS - GONE! says:

      If you consider an adult who assaults and batters a kid a hero, then do the world a favour, Fred, and don’t have any kids. You’d only be passing on to them your belief system which, in this post-modern reality, might lead them to be arrested for battering a minor. Those days are GONE sir, you cannot beat up children anymore.

  45. Giulia says:

    Good for the teacher. Kids come to class like heathens. Teachers are on the bottom and I mean BOTTOM of the totem pole when it comes to respect and having rights within the school system.

    Go Kelly Oram……………….and others. Teachers have had it. Note how the parents interviewed in the article “fear” for their children in school. Ha! Because their children lack ordinary human communication???????? Maybe??? Could be???

    1. GO TO JAIL KELLY ORAM says:

      Giulia: you couldn’t possibly be more wrong. The students are, and always have been at the bottom. Children have no rights – not even the right to be free of assault. Children are the only citizens of the United States that you can legally assault. That’s makes them less than dogs, because there are probably laws protecting the dog, but nothing for kids.

      Also, I see nothing wrong with coming to school like a heathen. If you were to walk into a church of a religion that you don’t believe in, then you’d be the heathen. Anyway, I don’t see what not believing in your particular faith has to do with this. Go Kelly Oram? Yes go. Go to jail.

  46. peho says:

    I bet this kid is a bully. Good for the teacher to put a stop to this. All parents should be blame for their children’s misbehaviour. The teachers can only do so much.
    Bad karma to those who said that the teacher should not have punished this bully kid.

    1. tina says:

      There are some real punks out there…. Too bad for that teacher! The kid will continue to be a problem. The parents have someone to blame for a minute… But eventually, The kids Karma will bite him in the butt!


      There is a big difference between punishment and assault. This kid was in no way punished: He was assaulted and battered by an out of control bully teacher.

  47. Ed says:



      The reality is that corporal punishment, which you have mistaken for discipline, does not work. In fact, it’s been proven that corporal punishment leads to poor outcomes in adult life. Kids who are physically punished become criminals, not the other way around. You can’t teach respect by being disrespectful yourself, and hitting a kid is very disrespectful to the child. Most criminals WERE spanked as kids.

  48. CSI says:

    It’s the parents fault. Teach your kids some manners and help them instead of thinking that they are good kids. Mean while you don’t know a thing of what they are doing or where they are going. Parents are so clueless.

    1. JMM says:

      Not always….especially with the strong-willed child that won’t listen to the instruction of his/her parents. Then Little Johnny goes to school in a state where laws say that teachers have to use positive reinforcement and aren’t allowed to tell them that what they’re doing is wrong. Instead of being sent to the principal’s office to call home, they’re told, “Hey…instead of having a temper tantrum, throwing scissors, and hitting the teacher…lets use our words and talk about our feelings. Then we have to get back to school work.” My kindergartner is starting early in life as a bully. Sent to principal’s office 3 times in a private pre-school and has thrown scissors and hit the teacher’s aid in the public school kindergarten class. The parents can’t correct at home what’s not reported to them from the school. I litterally have to be digging for information. After finding out what my child did, I wonder what other “minor” infractions my child commits on a daily basis in the classroom. If they keep up, we’ll probably start homeschooling.

      1. PRIVATE SCHOOL says:

        Private schools are the worst! Your child was probably responding to some kind of objectionable treatment there. I taught JK in a private school for a bit. It was a terrible experience. One teacher was constantly hysterically yelling at her class. All the teachers with one or two exceptions were screamers, even the principal. Private schools are far less safe than public schools in terms of teacher misconduct.

  49. Frederick says:

    I’ll put money that the kid deserved it!

    1. tina says:

      me too!!

    2. Cesar says:

      Yes! I also bet its some nonwhite kid too.

      I’m a fellow minority so no funny business sent my way!

      1. julie says:


      2. SparkyWT says:

        Or you’ll do what? Whine to the ACLU? Get violent?

        Stop identifying yourself as a “minority” its racist. Be an American before being a whiner.

      3. ThomNJ says:

        that’s how problems get started – by jumping to conclusions – you are making an assumption

    3. Matt says:

      Me three!

    4. joe blow says:

      but if the teach desrves it and a kid kicks a teachers ass defending oneself then ya’ll are all up in arms. hide behind the rules of tyrants. so whom is the bully in that scenario.

      1. Scott says:

        Authority rules, my man…..didn’t you know that? What world do you live in? Utopia?

      2. John says:

        Joe, its obvious you’re a child yourself.

    5. dudley doright says:

      I’ll take the bet.

    6. Brandon says:

      I was gonna post the same thing. You’re probably right.

    7. dan says:

      whites are the minority now

    8. Gary Bruce says:

      Maybe if this happened more often the public school systems would have students that would shut up and learn. Good for the teacher.

      1. SHUT UP AND LEARN! says:

        If this happened more often, you’d have more teachers in jail and nobody to teach! It’s a new world, and child abusers are not going to get away with it anymore. This is not good for the student and certainly not good for the teacher. This man has ruined his career completely by doing what you suggest. I doubt he’ll ever teach again. Gary, do the world a favour and please don’t have kids or become a teacher. You’ll just end up in jail anyway for your child-hating philosophy.

    9. Rejon Taylor says:

      He did. The kids are horrible. Setting fires cursing and actually hitting the faculty of the school. I should know I go everyday.

Comments are closed.

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