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Tony’s Table: Yukon Gold Potato Salad

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NEW YORK (CBS 2) – Potato salad is a great side dish for any meal, and this week CBS 2’s Tony Tantillo has a great recipe using Yukon Gold potatoes.

Yukon Gold Potato Salad

5 medium Yukon Gold Potatoes

1 1/2 cups olive oil

1 cup vegetable stock

1 twig rosemary

1 lemon

2 oz chopped Italian parsley

3 oz scallions

1 oz thyme

I. Prepare potatoes

- Heat 1 cup of olive oil in saute pan

- Cut potatoes into small cubes

- Add to pan when olive oil is hot

- Once potatoes are browned, drain olive oil from pan

- Add vegetable stock and rosemary to pan, cook on medium heat for 20 minutes or until potatoes are soft

- Drain potatoes and set aside in bowl

II. Prepare dressing

- In a bowl, stir 1/2 cup olive oil, lemon juice, lemon zest, Italian parsley, scallions, and thyme until mixture is cloudy

- Pour over potatoes and serve

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