City Council Holds Hearing On Proposed Smoking Ban

NEW YORK (AP/ CBS 2) — A New York City lawmaker wants to designate outdoor smoking sections in parks and on beaches.

The city has banned smoking in bars and restaurants. It is also poised to completely snuff out cigarettes in public parks, on beaches and in pedestrian plazas.

But City Councilman Peter Vallone Jr. says that under his plan, about 20 percent of each park would be a designated smoking area.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg and other backers of the smoking ban say that even brief exposure to secondhand smoke can pose health risks.

Vallone is introducing his bill as a compromise. He says that a small smoking section in a large park should satisfy everybody.

Hearings on both bills were planned at the City Council on Thursday.

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  1. Clara says:

    Dear fellow libertarians,

    If there is one thing that we all ought to realize when talking about rights, it is this


    For example, what would you say to smokers, who have children, smoking in their own private homes? Now that isn’t forbidden by law. And yet, one cannot help wonder how to balance the parent’s right to smoke with the child’s right to avoid second-hand smoke? Of-course, the child may not always complain and may even take to early smoking. Now, if nobody is complaining, there is no argument from rights, no question of conflict of rights. But then, the child’s health could surely have been far better in a healthier environment and it didn’t exactly get to choose – you see the point, don’t you?

    We have to choose the right balance between opposing rights of different people keeping the larger picture in perspective – by trying to identify which things are gratuitous and which absolutely important (good health, for example).

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