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Lincoln Center Infested With Bedbugs

NEW YORK (AP) – Lincoln Center has some unwelcome patrons: bedbugs.

New York City’s pre-eminent performing arts center made the discovery in a dressing room of its David H. Koch Theater. It’s the home of the New York City Ballet and the New York City Opera.

The theater is currently dark. The opera’s fall season opens Oct. 27. The ballet company last occupied the building on Sunday.

Spokeswoman Maggie McKeon confirmed the outbreak. It was first reported online on Wednesday by the New York Observer. It cited an Oct. 8 e-mail from the theater’s managing director Mark Heiser. He said treatment to rid the theater of the tiny pests was under way.

The bugs have been discovered in theaters, clothing stores, office buildings, housing projects and posh apartments throughout the city.

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  • Jay

    I love New York nothing filthy about it. I wish I was back there living and working with my family…I should have never moved. New York New York….. : )

  • Tomas

    Unfortunately when we have all of these out-of -towners….we are bound to have something…Brian and NY Commentator…….i can guarantee you these bugs were brought in by people just as yourself……so before you comment on the greatest city in the world…really think about it.

  • Maria

    Brian, then simply stay out of the city. It is not filthy, like any other city it has its nice areas and it has its not so nice areas. I highly doubt that wherever your from (little pointless city USA) is 100% clean EVERYWHERE all the time. Don’t be ignorant.

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  • Brian Fahey

    Bedbugs aside, New York City (Manhattan) is filthy. Upon entering the city there is a noticeable odor which has not changed in my 50 or so years of occasional visits. The sidewalks appear greasy and are dotted with chewing gum. Yes the interiors of buildings are clean for the most part. I make every effort to avoid NYC and cringe when I’m compelled to go there on business.

    • StormsNYC

      If you want something clean, then move to Singapore and stop doing business here. Or, do something about it instead of whining like a little girl with a skinned knee.

  • Dee

    Bedbugs are disgusting but if you do your research you’ll learn that they have nothing to do with filth, they feed on human (and sometimes animal) blood.

    Have a read:

  • Mark Readinger

    Bring back DDT

  • NY Commentator

    New York is filthy. Absolutely filthy. Worse than ever. This just confirms it.

    • Donna Berman

      That is an ignorant statement. NY is populated & bedbugs like warm blooded people. If you ever attended an event in Lincoln Center you would know that it is immaculate. I adore Lincoln Center & was born in a clean NY apartment. Get the facts about bedbugs.

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