Salary Caps Possible For NJ Police, Firefighters

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — A battle is brewing at the New Jersey Statehouse over whether to cap salary increases for public employees who can’t strike.

Mayors want arbitration awards to police and firefighters capped at 2 percent to help them control property taxes.

Union officials say a 2 percent ceiling on salary and benefits awards would mean pay givebacks once health care cost increases are factored in.

Both sides will make their case to a Senate committee Thursday.

Gov. Chris Christie’s reform agenda includes making the arbitration process more favorable to municipalities.

Christie signed a law limiting property tax increases to 2 percent a year beginning in January.

Mayors say they’ll have to cut services unless the state finds ways to help them lower costs.

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One Comment

  1. We the people says:

    we cant keep paying for police lolng after they retire. I t would eventually become to llike a pyrmad scheme. Tonws cant afford this and neither can the state. Wake up poeple.look around , why do you think we are where we are at now. Why do you think tickets are so expensive. They all want to make 100+K a year. and its time we stop.

    1. harriet in queens says:

      great idea, scapegoat the hero’s, sounds fair. Pay them like mall cops at min. wage with no benefit’s, that’s good compensation for putting your life on the line not to mention the stress, odd hours and dealing with crazy people who don’t feel like paying tickets, and oh yeah, there’ll be no incentive for bribing, no not at $7 an hour, great idea, I am soooo glad i moved out jersey, . . .

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