NEW YORK (WFAN) — Bernie Williams, legendary center fielder for the Yankees, joined Boomer & Carton to discuss the upcoming ALCS, his eventual retirement, and a new career making music.

Craig Carton asked the ex-Yankee why he hasn’t yet officially retired.

“I think it takes a player about 4-5 years to start realizing that he can’t do it anymore,” Williams said. “I’m kind of in that period of time right now.”

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It’s been a while since Williams has picked up a bat and glove.

“I can’t even remember [the last time]. Seriously, probably about a year ago for the World Baseball Classic.”

But baseball is not completely out of his system – yet.

“A lot of it is out, greatly because I’ve been able to sort of transition into this music thing, and I’m having a blast with it,” said Williams. “I don’t know if it completely fills a void, because there’s nothing that I can compare with playing center field for the Yankees.”

Will Bernie be attending any of the ALCS games at Yankee Stadium?

“I believe that I’ve been invited to some of the games. I’m hoping that I have the opportunity to go down to the clubhouse, say ‘hi’ to the guys.”

Afterward, Bernie, Craig, and Boomer jammed to a Carlos Santana classic. Listen to the full interview…

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