NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — With baseball playoffs underway, there’s always the question: who’s the best of the best?

While some may say the question is too difficult to answer, sportscaster Len Berman attempted in his newest book, the 25 Greatest Baseball Players of All Time.

“It’s great food for debate,” Berman said.

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In the book, Berman lists Ty Cobb, Bob Gibson, Willie Mays and Jackie Robinson among others as the best of the best. Berman aims for greatest over time as his only criteria.

“Domination over a long period of time. The glaring omissions who didn’t do it over a long time were Sandy Koufax and the late Roberto Clemente,” Berman said.

As for the greatest? Berman chose homerun hitting Yankees centerfielder Babe Rush, but not for his batting prowess.

“He was a wonderful pitcher. The very first game he pitched was the 1916 World Series. His very first World Series appearance he set a record, which still stands today,” Berman said of Ruth, who was among five Yankees listed. “He pitched 14 complete innings and won the game—the longest complete game in World Series history.”

Berman based his list off of a blue ribbon panel that includes sports writers, executives and even former Yankees centerfielder Bernie Williams.

Others on the list included Hank Aaron, Jimmy Fox, Walter Johnson and Mickey Mantle.

“These guys are almost mythical figures and I think hearing about him brings them to life,” Berman said.

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