FBI Agents On Coffee Break Nab Fugitive

VINELAND, N.J. (AP) — Stopping for coffee at a New Jersey convenience store unexpectedly led four FBI agents to the Florida murder suspect they were seeking.

The Atlantic City-based agents had been searching the Vineland area Thursday for 44-year-old James Perry Turnage Jr. when they decided to take a break.

While in line at the store, one agent noticed another patron resembled Turnage. The agent returned to his car and waited with his colleagues, who saw Turnage leave in a car with South Carolina plates that didn’t match the vehicle.

Turnage soon realized he was being followed and tried to evade the agents, but was captured about two miles away after he turned down a dead end street.

A former Vineland area resident who lives in Yulee, Turnage was being held in the Cumberland County Jail pending extradition to Florida.

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  • Josue Holguin


  • Nemesis xyz

    Tsch, tsch, he should’ve hitched a ride on a spacecraft and escaped to the Moon. That’s the best place for fugitives. Total and blissful Freedom, in every way. No cops and no one to answer to.

  • Smother A Heart

    Yeah, that EMT needs to take a page out of those guys book.

  • Steve Purser

    Good job, You was on your toes even on your break. That is what we all like to see. Every one needs to learn from these guys. Thumbs up to you all!.

    • John Adams

      Steve, you need to learn English.

      “You was on your toes”

      • Steve Purser

        Tell the Mexicans to learn ENGLISH. I know enough to get by on…WINK

    • unknown

      “You was” is improper English!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Steve Purser

        Oh excuse me “You Were” is that better?

      • John Lennon


      • Steve Purser

        Go find something to do…You are not worth my time you jerk!!!

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