Lawyer: Slain Radio Newsman ‘Lured’ Teen To Home

 NEW YORK (AP/CBS 2) — The lawyer for a New York City teenager accused of fatally stabbing a radio newsman he met on Craigslist says the defendant was lured to the man’s apartment for illegal sex.

John Katehis’ lawyer said in opening statements at the murder trial Monday that 47-year-old George Weber offered Katehis $60 to move boxes in March 2009.

When the 16-year-old got there, the defense says, Weber offered alcohol, what Katehis believed was cocaine and money for sex.

Prosecutors say Weber responded to Katehis’ Craigslist ad offering sex for money. They say the defendant intended to kill Weber.

Weber had been freelancing for national ABC News Radio. He also had worked at WABC in New York, and at stations in California, Colorado and Pennsylvania.

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  • mike debo

    It seems to be overlocked, that the new dead guy, lured a 16 yr old over. A felony in itself. In the NFL they would replay this down and start over. Our legal system is a joke. Better off being a criminal, u have more rights.

  • Lisa W.

    He was a mo and paid with his life.

  • Agent_C

    The guys was really a perv… Paying teenage boys for sex is lascivious and disgusting.

  • Knymac

    Where is the ACTUAL craiglist ad? Did it mention boxes or sex?

  • DanTe

    Now, is it a hate crime for a gay to kill a gay? Or is this just gayety?

  • The Good Samaritan

    not guilty

    The Good Samaritan has spoken

    • KPMc

      Yes… because stabbing someone 50 times certainly sounds like self-defense

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