Nation Goes Purple To Support Gay Youth

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — The recent death of a Rutgers University student has, in part, helped inspire people across the country to wear purple Wednesday.

The “Go Purple” movement is meant to call attention to the deaths of six teenagers who committed suicide after being taunted because of their sexual orientation.

Canadian teenager Brittany McMillan created a Facebook page for “Spirit Day” hoping to bring awareness to the recent suicides. Not only did the event garner thousands of followers, and other similar events on Facebook — including a page that had nearly two million participants, but other organizations also joined in on the movement.

The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation says the event will also show the hundreds of thousands of LGBT youth who face the same pressures and bullying, that there is a vast community of people who support them.

GLAAD’s website features a “Wear Purple” page allowing people to turn their profile pictures purple on Facebook or Twitter.

The color was selected because purple symbolizes “spirit” on the rainbow flag, a symbol for LGBT Pride that was created by Gilbert Baker in 1978.

Rutgers freshman Tyler Clementi committed suicide last month after his roommate and another student allegedly used a webcam to stream online video of him in a romantic encounter with another man.

In New York City, FIERCE, a membership-based organization for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer youth of color, will rally in front of City Hall on Wednesday to call on Mayor Michael Bloomberg and City Council Speaker Christine Quinn to name October LGBTQ Youth Empowerment Month.

In a press release, the group said they will be joined by New York State Senator Tom Duane, Councilmember Daniel Dromm, and other elected officials to create a space for LGBTQ youth to speak out about recent incidents, talk about solutions they want to see, and how to achieve these changes.

In a video message posted on Tuesday, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton addressed the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

“First of all, hang in there, and ask for help,” Clinton said. “Your life is so important to your family, your friends and to your country.”

“There’s so many opportunities for you to develop your talents and make your contributions,” Clinton said. “These opportunities will increase, because the story of America is the story of people coming together to tear down barriers, stand up for rights and insist on equality.”


One Comment

  1. Jeaux says:

    reinier- You should be ashamed.

  2. Cos says:

    Carlos: I agree with you 90%. As a result of my Catholic upbringing, I don’t agree with the lifestyle. I do agree that bullying (which is defined as physical or mental aggressiveness towards one or more people) those who choose that alternative lifestyle should be handled appropriately. However, that same religious upbringing also states that suicide is the only sin that God will not forgive. With that said, this story is basically suggesting to impressionable teenagers that you can become a martyr if you take your own life. Nevermind that this poor fellow chose his lifestyle – then couldn’t live with it… I know there are a lot of sympathizers out there and I’m probably stirring up a ‘hornet’s nest’, but I’ve got to say that the attention this fellow is getting after death is sending the wrong message to the aforementioned teenagers. Common-sense taught me a long time ago that you never say or do anything that you don’t want others to know about. With that said, everyone makes mistakes. As such, I’m not proud of a number of my mistakes and I don’t resent them because they usually taught me a lesson in life. I’m not going to end my life over any of them. We must recognize that there were possible mental issues involved – rather than the fear of retribution from those who learned his secret.

    Don’t get me wrong… Loss of life – especially at such a young age – is tragic. And maybe he wasn’t prepared to ‘come out the closet’. Does that mean that someone who’s not prepared to be a parent can become a martyr? Or maybe someone who isn’t prepared to tell his/her family that they were just laid-off and may now lose their home can become a martyr? My opinion – nothing in life is worth commiting suicide. Nothing.

  3. carlos says:

    I don’t support Gay people because it’s against my religion. However, we shouldn’t bully them or hurt anyone for that reason. Just because we object doesn’t mean we should hurt them. However, they should expand this day to include everyone that gets bullied for all kinds of reasons.

  4. Yuramic says:

    bob is gay!!! Of course. Just like Ted Haggard and all of these other repressed conservatives who grew up feeling self-hatred. The loudest is always the gayest. Bob, Im sorry buddy, but you are the mentally damaged one because you are not proud of who you are. Break free and love yourself. Only then can you love others.

  5. Susan says:

    I support our gay youth and treasure what they have to offer our society. I don’t want them to grow up feeling unwanted. They are wanted and valued.

  6. bob says:

    Well, everyone here that supports gay YOUTH, im just wondering if you tell them its ok to smoke crack too. you are damaging these kids that will eventually be the leaders of our society. im not gonna change your opinions but i do hold each and every one of you accountable, not only for these kids suicides, but for the long term mental damage you have caused these children.

  7. reinier says:

    Charlotte, hm mm, if this is the new world order you seem to agree on, I’m happy if i don’t have to long to live with it.
    I care about others and don’t interfere in their life, but there is a normal natural order we are living by. history has proven if you try to change that, it usually brings disaster.
    You have kids you say. would you be happy if they are gay or would you be more happy if they are normal.
    What would you prefer?

    1. Motherslove says:

      I am a mother of a transgender child. He is grown and going to college. He has a wonderful future ahead of him despite everyone else’s opinion of lifestyle. My son does not comply to your view as normal, but to me he is everything and I am proud. He is different, strong and courageous with a extremely high IQ. Can you say the same for your child? As a mother or father, would you be strong enough to accept your child no matter how different they are? I know I would want my son any other way. Thank You!

      1. motherslove says:

        I wouldn’t want my son any other way…Sorry for the typos. Just got off of work.

  8. bob says:

    Yes everyone, ignore Bob, he has an opinion that differs from yours.

  9. SlapPatty says:

    @bob I’m not trying to badmouth you. I don’t even know you. You make my point exactly. You are incapable of debate, whether using colloquial language or the Queen’s English. Again, I implore you to look up circular logic. Saying “it isn’t right because it isn’t” is not offensive because the language is colloquial, it is offensive because you have wasted everyone’s time by not “debating a subject” as you claim you are trying to do. You have said nothing at all.

  10. bob says:

    @tbo, what hatefull thing have i preached about tbo?

    1. Shane says:

      you hate gay people. end of story. DUUUHHH!!!!!

  11. Frejnhy says:

    Folks, ignore “bob”. He is a pathetic attention seeker, who goes to an article like this, which is positive, posts negative things knowing that most of the people going to an article like this won’t share his views, so he can get attention. And repeatedly posting. bob, get a life. I’m sorry Mommy and Daddy didn’t give you enough attention.

  12. bob says:

    @slappatty, look up colloquial language. im not writing an essay for college, im posting comments. stick to the subject matter. its funny how people try to badmouth you instead of just debating a subject.

  13. TBo says:

    No Bob, the blood is on yours! You are an awful person and saying you don’t preach hatred is like saying something untrue and crossing your fingers behind your back. It is immature and unintelligent.

  14. C.J. says:

    Gay straight whatever, everybody is still human.

  15. bob says:

    i dont preach haterd but i also dont preach acceptance of behavior that is immoral. just remember mr. gay rights advocate, these kids blood are on your hands.

  16. SlapPatty says:

    @Bob I’m not going to tell them its ok because it’s not. Wow! You really are a thinker. Why bother posting something when you have nothing to say? Look up circular logic. It will have you chasing your tail for days.

  17. bob says:

    its cbs. what do you expect!!!!!

  18. OhHenry says:

    @Big Hec What about the millions of infertile straight people who cannot reproduce? Applying your logic, it should be immoral, “both through church and law” to permit their unions. The world is overpopulated. Maybe God is making some people infertile and some people gay for a reason. Of course, you have a direct line to God, so why don’t you just enlighten us to His plan.

  19. Joe says:

    get a life !Leave your trash at the dump!

  20. pochemunyet says:

    Excellent, Reinier.

  21. bob says:

    I dont hate gays, im just saying its people like you that tell these kids its normal to be gay that are leading them down a path of devastation. Its your fault these kids commited suicide. their blood is on your hands. i love all people but im not going to tell them its ok to live like that because it is not.

    1. pochemunyet says:

      Right again, Bob! It is wrong to convince people who are destroying themselves to proceed.

  22. pochemunyet says:

    Too bad Bob’s comment, and mine, have been removed. Censorship of views that don’t correlate to PC is rampant on this site.

  23. Joe says:

    I’LL be wearing PURPLE!!!!!!!!Yes,God will Judge…he will judge those that preach Hatred and injustice towards gays!!!!!!!!!!!!Proud Gay father……and always will be….AND will fight with every ounce of strenth for my rights and those who’s rights are not being heard!!!!!

  24. truespeak says:


    They commit suicide because they are weak. There are many other people who are under much more difficult situation but still choosing to live. You rarely see poor kids live in ghettos who need to dodge bullets every day commit suicide.

  25. Big Hec says:

    C’mon people. Man was born with a reproductive tool. Women were born to accept this tool, thus is the reproduction process. We were all made to love one another, thus that is what makes us human. Until same sex humans can reproduce, it should be immoral, both through church and law to permit civil unions. If you want to be openly gay, by all means, that is your choice.

  26. Barre Flynn says:

    The reason they commit suicide is because our world forbids them to have a place where who they are can be accepted. The moral debate over their beings creates a deep sense of dispair. Our society with it’s moral advancements should grow up and realize the horrible injustice that is being done to these young people

  27. Charlotte says:

    Bob, wake up and join the 21st Century! The problem with our country today is all you people running around claiming to have “conservative christian values” — but then from the other side of your mouthes, you preach prejudice and hate. Where does your god tell you it’s okay to harrass, torture, or murder someone because they are gay? Or anything else that is not exactly like you? HATE IS NOT A FAMILY VALUE !!!! All people deserve the basic human right to be treated fairly and equally, and with respect from their fellow human beings. There is nothing wrong with being who you are!!! (PS: I’m straight and married.)

  28. pochemunyet says:

    Johnny, that was silly. Bob is exactly right.

  29. johnny says:

    ani.. they dont feel ACCEPTED!

  30. johnny says:

    wrong bob… people like you are promoting hatred and this eventuates into societal insecurities.. stop externalizing your own internal shame regarding your body and who you are.

  31. Ani says:

    They just do not feel complete

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