L.I. Man Charged With Sexually Abusing Dog

LONG BEACH, N.Y. (AP) — Prosecutors on Long Island have charged a man with breaking into his tenants’ apartment and sexually abusing their 2-year-old dog.

Mitchell Marsicano of Long Beach was arraigned Friday on burglary and sexual misconduct charges. Bail was set at $10,000 cash. His attorney declined to comment.

Nassau County prosecutors say Marsicano illegally entered an apartment in the house he owned and sexually assaulted the dog, a 23-pound Japanese breed named Snowball. They said the tenants called authorities after witnessing the latest assault on Thursday.

The dog was examined at a nearby animal hospital and showed signs of trauma.

Prosecutors said the investigation was ongoing and additional charges were possible.

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One Comment

  1. tony says:

    J-E-T-S….Jets! Jets! Jets!

    1. TonyTheToe says:

      …and it’s not even football season. Guess his Knick jersey was soiled…arf, arf!

  2. HARLEM GOING H.A.M. says:


  3. Charla Neu says:

    In this cycle and time there are evil spirit beings running rampant and need a willing body that will accept and do the devilish deeds.

  4. m,j says:

    the guy needs to get ” Raped”” by a bull couple times maybe he would knows what it feels he should be thrown in jail for life with gay of jail cells 24 hr a day for the rest of his life sick ass mother !#@*#@…….

    1. Donna says:

      I agree M.J. some of the people on that posted comments need some help as well. Mabey there will be a law passed where you can do dogs. It worked for gays.

  5. Doryluv says:

    I say let the punisher be punished the exact same way. Get a bunch of dogs and let them rape HIM!

  6. Pat w. says:

    A black man raped a horse in South Carolina. The story is on YouTube.

  7. chas says:

    my only question: Is he wearing a Jets jersey?

  8. Chris says:

    Maybe the dog lead him on.Anyone think of that?

  9. Ralph D says:

    After reading most of the comments I now believe the Mayan end-time date. Not only is the guy in the story very sick, so are most of the commenters. This is NOT FUNNY. By the way, you all know the date, don’t you?

    1. Simon says:

      Isn’t it December 20th 2013 or something?

    2. Windows User says:

      Ha-ha Ralphie-boy! Did you ever stop to think maybe it was the work of… SATAN and the other’s neighbor’s dog told him to do it??? Booo-ha-ha-ha!!!!
      Mayan calendar, that’s rich!

  10. lilo says:

    How are animals defenseless? Those little rascals bite and scratch. One time, I saw a dog, steal a car.

  11. Mirella says:

    This is the United States of America. Press should NOT print articles that makes someone look guilty b4 making a full investigation. Since when is anyone guilty ’till proven innocent in this country? What a shame that the press is part of this stupid game…Anyone can accuse you of something and that makes you guilty… by the press standards…SHAME.
    Those people that rent this man’s house have been borrowing money from him and have not paid their rent either… Now they live rent free…Great!

    1. Boston says:

      He is guilty as I saw the full length picture of the man and the dog was still attached

      1. SAN-SEA says:

        Boston, LMAO. And what are you implying Mirella, that they have been prostituting their dog out in exchante gor rent?

    2. mrsh says:

      Something didn’t sound right to me about this, thanks for info.

    3. ... says:

      regardless of what the people have or have not been doing with their rent money, how does that excuse this man’s actions? so now sexual assault is okay? today someone’s pet dog and tomorrow their child. so if you thought this guy molested your child you wouldn’t want him arrested and in the news?maybe you should think before your stupidity falls out all over your keyboard.

  12. Littlebluepill says:

    In dog years that guy is way too old. Maybe he has a script for Viagra.

  13. Doglover says:

    Finding a date is not as easy as it used to be. Give the guy a break!

  14. surfer8210 says:

    Now the tenants will own the landlords house….maybe it was entrapment…OMG…!!!

    The dog was kinda cute though….!!!

  15. Toonce says:

    Lock this sicko up!! Disgusting and cruel! and some of you freaks posting here are equally as sick.

    1. Joe Sr says:

      You noticed that too !

  16. J Man says:

    He’s a puppafile!!

  17. jackie gordon says:

    This like small fluffy animals. Wait till he spent time in jail and experience happy man action

  18. lani says:

    sick headed monster…now we need to get him a roaring bull..so he can have a tase of his on sickness !!!

    1. Hyman Hindenburg says:

      SICKOlani he would love to have headed monster roaring his bull so he tase his sickness.

  19. Eugh G. Rection says:

    Is that an Eagles jersey. I think I saw him in Philly last week trying to make love to the philly fanatic as well.

  20. Nigerian says:

    what a pity dog?

  21. Don says:

    The dog showed signs of trauma? How does one determine that? From his therapist?

  22. A. Hitler says:

    All you naysayers out there—Have you ever had some dog? Don’t knock it ’till you try it! Woof Woof. Ouch!

  23. Donal Hayes says:

    So did he do it human-style………? Pervert!

  24. Doggy says:

    Poor deprived guy…

  25. Taggart says:

    President Obama called for the cancellation of leave for this man when he heard that the dog had contracted rabies. “It is sad for the dog” said the president as he went back to the coatroom to get his hat. “I don’t want any more ribs, thanks.!”

  26. cubanflowers says:

    i wonder why (not really) this isn’t on yahoo AP news or the daily news…

  27. P Y O A says:

    The dog was only 14 years old in dog years too. SHould also be charged with sexual assult of a minor.

  28. Floyd Pickels says:

    Maybe the ‘dog’ in question was her boyfriend
    Im just sayin…..

  29. Lassie says:

    The Obama administration will make sure that abortion is paid for with tax payer dollars. Thank the Lord.

  30. Linda Arriva says:

    Is he a registered republican?

    1. kim says:

      I don’t know about that. He appears to be quite sexually liberated. Clearly a liberal sort of guy. That would be a democrat, yes?

    2. Joe says:

      No actually he was a registered Democrat. Figures…

  31. jd says:

    Animal abusers should be registered. If they are a sex offender they are a sex offender that’s it case closed. He is so sick. I wonder how long he’s had this problem.

    1. Hyman Hindenburg says:

      animal abusers should be licensed then shot I mean given shots, then shot with a license to make it legal.

  32. Edward Gein says:

    Who’s jersey is that?

    1. linda says:

      its a giants

  33. Tony says:

    Thats got to be a Philly shirt!!!!

    1. Barry says:

      No…Its a Jets shirt…he’s from Long Beach.

  34. rhett Hunter says:

    Was it boy dog or a girl dog? that would make all the difference in this case. Maybe the dog opened the door for him. Let’s wait til we have all the facts.

  35. MAX POWERS says:


  36. My opinion says:

    Disgusting! Seriously, what is wrong with people today?!?! Animals are innocent and defenseless. I do think that animal abusers should have to register just as sex abusers.

    1. lilo says:

      And lets do the same for meat-eaters too, you know, non-vegetarians.

  37. abby says:

    this man have to be checked mentary,otherwise he had taken drugs.
    if not maybe sodoma and gomola people

  38. Alysson Perez says:

    Additional charges are possible? Seriously? Hang this SOB in the street and let the dogs eat his flesh!
    I hope the dog gets owners who are more aware of their surroundings.

    1. Hyman Hindenburg says:

      owners should be charged for paternity rites and have to pay for counseling and medical care.

  39. Alonzo says:

    What is this world coming to?This guy has problems.

    1. Hyman Hindenburg says:

      So true Alonzo this gay has guy problems.

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