Sanitation Workers Get Mohawks To Support Friend


NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — The men of the Sanitation Department’s Local 831, M-3 garage at Pier 36 are used to picking up trash but after a colleague was diagnosed with cancer they decided to pick up the trimmers.

sanitation workers Sanitation Workers Get Mohawks To Support Friend

Sanitation worker gets his mohawk to show support for his colleague Matt Hoffman (Photo/Susan Connole/1010 WINS)

About 20 sanitation workers got mohawks Friday in honor of their co-worker, 42-year-old Matt Hoffman.

Hoffman is currently receiving aggressive treatments for stage three rectal cancer.

“Matt’s a fighter,” said Adam Pedota, a friend and colleague said. “We’re all pulling for him. I think he’ll be alright, he’s just gotta keep fighting.”

The hair cuts were donated by Frank’s Chop Shop on Essex Street.

“Hoffman’s such a unique individual we figured that this would best suit him and the character that he has,” said Pedota.

“I don’t mind embarrassing myself in public so getting my mohawk was pretty easy,” said another coworker.

The event was titled “Hawk’n It For Hoffman,” and most of the sanitation workers said their mohawks are here to stay. 

Hoffman and his co-workers hope to raise awareness that men should be screened regularly for rectal cancer.


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  1. James H says:

    Wow! I love NY! New Yorkers! Sanitation workers! and most of all Matty H!

  2. Avery Willis Hoffman says:

    You guys are the best! Thanks to you all for showing so much support for Matt – all the phone calls, rides, jokes and now the ‘hawks – this means so much to us both. We couldn’t get through this tough journey without NY’s strongest!

  3. Colleen Hoffman says:

    Many thanks to M3 for always supporting my brother Matt. You guys are great! He is so lucky to have all of you. My whole family is very appreciative.

  4. staceyc[x says:

    goo daddy ! LD im cool i commeted on a website ;D lmao ❤ loveyou dadyy good idea 😀

  5. Matt Hoffman says:

    I can’t thank the men at M3 and the union, local 831 enough for what you did for me!! I am honored to work with you all and call you my friends!! Big love.

  6. Diana says:

    No joke, this is bringing me to tears. When you are good, people around will absorb your good intentions and it spreads like wildfire!
    Keep up the good job guys!!!

  7. Talia & Alex says:

    My husband and I met Matt and his beautiful wife on our honeymoon. In less than a week we grew to love them both, and got to know just how unique our Matt (a.k.a. Conch Dundee) really is. What you guys have done for him is not only amazing but truly inspirational. Matt was right, he really does work with an amazing group of people!

  8. Rob says:

    Hey, that’s my son in the back row, fifth from left, and I feel nothing but pride for him and all you guys from M-3 for the work you do, and especially for supporting your friend Matt. You’re not only New York’s strongest, you’re also New York’s most compassionate.

  9. andrea collette says:

    thats my dad next to the guy in the black

  10. Richard Caccese says:

    Hang in there Matty!

  11. FEERICK says:

    Nice job M3. Way to show support for your brother Matty.

  12. Joanne O'Beirne says:

    I’m so impressed words cannot convey what it means to me as Matt’s cousin that you all did this for him. I know he will be blown away by it and it will help him along in his struggle. If I didn’t work for a law firm and am female, I’d do it too. Power to the sanitation workers and to Matt. I love you babe, Joanne O’B.

  13. joe k says:

    Way to go guys

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