Bloomberg Now Supports Two-Term Limit

NEW YORK (AP/ 1010 WINS) — New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg says he supports a ballot measure to restore the city’s term-limit law to two terms.

Bloomberg is responsible for changing the law in 2008 to three terms. He persuaded the City Council to extend it so he could run again.

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A spokesman says Bloomberg only supported three terms for himself, because the situation was extraordinary.

At the time, Bloomberg said the city needed him to get through the financial crisis. He promised he’d convene a charter commission to put the question before voters again.

Voters will consider it next Tuesday. The question asks whether to amend the city’s charter to two terms. If voters check “yes,” the law will be changed back to two consecutive four-year terms.

If they reject it, the three-term law will stand.

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One Comment

  1. edshaw says:

    Bloomberg seems to have the idea of transforming New York into the Islamic financial center of the Americas. The US Congress should take a closer look.

  2. roxanne says:

    Another a self-serving, arrogant politician. NYC is falling apart under him – there are as many homeless people as there were in the 70s. Empty stores are everywhere. He allowed St. Vincent’s to close. I could go on and on but I will just say good riddance to himj.

  3. glenp says:

    typical democrat liberal leftist.” Laws are only for the other guy, I can violate them without fear of retribution”

  4. Tom A says:

    To borrow a phrase — sounds like most of you posters here are just “upset about the heallth care bill”……..

    1. ECM says:

      Err, what? Is that the best you can do? Most of the comments are aggravated w/ a man who clearly believes that the rules and laws can be made and unmade at his whim and, thanks to the lunkheads in NYC, he gets away w/ it.

  5. Alex says:

    And then politicians wonder why the average citizen is becoming ever more distrustful and cynical.

  6. xjug1987 says:

    Guys an arrogant jack ass.

  7. Tommy says:

    This man is nutty.

  8. Thomas says:

    Two terms, unless of course you can buy a third.

  9. Horatio says:

    Hypocrite, thy name is Blumberg

  10. joe f. blow says:

    Bloomberg is a filthy dictator, making rules that he himself does not meet.

  11. amplitude jones says:

    kill it before it reproduces!

  12. Austin G says:

    wow what a ridiculous expression of power over the New Yorkers. awesomely Machiavellian but fearfully without the checks and balances that were essential to our Constitution.

  13. Charlie M says:

    What a hypocrite who runs a nanny-state. Good riddance to Bloomberg.

  14. Bill says:

    I have been to NY City, it smells like Garbage ! what a _hit hole!!!!

  15. Duude says:

    That’s OK. New Yorkers are stupid and have short memories. They’ll vote for him in whatever next office he runs in.

    1. Anna says:

      Dude, you are right on target. Bloomberg, Rangel, Clinton, keep electing these snakes New York and you’ll keep get bit.

  16. bruce b says:

    in the dictionary under the wors HYPOCRISY they should place bloomberg;s picture.

  17. trevor says:

    If they change it back to a 2 term limit they should make Bloomberg resign on the spot and have a new election. Dirtball.

  18. ECM says:

    Thanks NYers for voting this clown in again-you truly are a credit to the electorate.

  19. Dennis says:

    The reason the Lake of Fire is promised as the Final Judgment is because hell…is not hot enough…for hypocrites like Bloomberg.

  20. Joe Doakes says:

    All Bloomberg can do is ensure we get 6 years of Obama. Funny how people in NYC never get to get a real political choice. Wonder how that works:)

  21. dlocal says:


  22. john says:

    and if they could, new yorkers would vote him in again. stupidity at its finest

  23. rochus says:

    After we go hit on 9/11 we wanted Giuliani to remain in office because he handled the entire situation admirably. Who objected when that mayor asked to continue past the end of his term which was running out? None other than Bloomberg! Bloomberg is a vulgar little man, all around! Good riddance to that piece of rubbish! This drip will never be president. We have already one drip in office!

  24. Madeleine says:

    Never heard of a Mayor making up term limits fo rhimself, I also dont’ knw of anyone who voted for him. Tourism has dropped, New York has los tall of its flavor, you might as well stay in Idaho. You can’t smoke, most new Yorkers do, he los ta lot of landmark bars and restaurants because of th esmoking ban ,Then there is the Moaque thing. He does business in Dubai so that s a conflict of interests. He shoudl retire.

  25. Herbie Raskin says:

    What a crook! Are you sure he’s not a NJ politician?!
    Wow, and this guy is seriously being considered by Obama as the Director of the World Bank?!!!

  26. WeThePeople says:

    I guess if he makes it to become president, he must might eliminate voting all together, since he would believe the world needs him.

    This is a real egomaniac.

    Pah! to hem.
    I would toss him out right now!

  27. Stinky says:

    Sucks to live in New York City.

  28. Alah says:

    HA HAH HA HA HA Mohammad you are so funny.

  29. Barbara says:

    Nothing the Mayor says or does should surprise us. Money talks, it’s his way or the highway. New Yorkers can’t smoke, drive or park because he doesn’t like it. Skilled teachers can’t teach unless they follow his ridiculous agenda. We are foolish children being led by a pseudo parent whose motto is Punish First, Ask Questions NEVER! He didn’t elect himself to a third term.

  30. Nick says:

    This little dictator wanna-be is going for Presidency. Watch him try to repeal term limit at the President level.

    1. BigArch says:

      He will never be elected POTUSA.

  31. Cliff says:

    You just can’t make it up. Are you serious Mayor? It’s not up to the mayor to decide if he is the ONLY man for the job. Holy Cow, I can’t believe he said this.

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