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NYC Couple Sues Hospital Over Destroyed Embryos

NEW YORK (AP) — A Queens couple has sued a Long Island hospital where they went for fertility treatments, claiming it destroyed their fertilized embryos without their permission.

Abida and Sajid Mahmood, of Astoria, filed the malpractice suit in Nassau County Supreme Court.

The lawsuit says their doctor extracted 18 eggs last November, and 16 of them were successfully fertilized. The New York Post reports that four of the embryos were later implanted into Abida Mahmood but failed to produce a pregnancy.

The couple says when they decided to change doctors in May, they were told to pick up the remaining embryos. But after waiting for an hour at the hospital, they say they were informed that the embryos had been thawed and destroyed.

North Shore University Hospital spokesman told the Post the problem “was some kind of misunderstanding.”

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One Comment

  1. CSI says:

    DanTe your an idiot. I’m sure you were a mistake.

    1. DanTe says:

      Logic constantly escapes you. Doesn’t it, CSI?

      You have got to be born this way.
      Nobody can possibly be working that hard at being that stupid.
      Just too much work.

  2. Jessica says:

    Your ridiculous. That’s like saying if someone god forbid gets cancer, why get treatments, its gods will for you to leave this earth. You’re not even worth my time.

    1. Nick says:

      And if you believe in gods and you got cancer. Than YES, it is gods’ will. And if you believe, why should you fight against your god????? That’s just being heretical.

  3. DanTe says:

    If you believe in God, why are you fighting God’s Will? God don’t want you to have children. Listen to God and stop trying to infest the gene pool already.

  4. Jessica says:

    What an insensitive comment. For women undergoing fertility treatments, sometimes you cannot even produce 1 egg, let alone 18 eggs. Sometimes it only takes one good month of medicine to get a result like that. They were fertilized embryos, not just eggs. They deserve every penny they get. And I speak from experience. It is not only physically exhausting but emotionally draining as well. Month after month getting negative pregnancy results, after being poked and prodded 4 times a week. Put yourself in their shoes before you criticize. If you were presented with a situation to sue and make a lot of money, would you pass it up just so people wouldn’t think you were trying to make money? That’s what I thought.

  5. CG says:

    well it would help if you knew anything about fertility treatments before you talked, the wife had to go through months of medication and several painful procedures to be able to harvest though eggs, which they had to pay thousand of dollars to do, so when some idoit goes and flings them in the trash, they are out a lot of money and it isn’t so easy to just go and do again, they have a right to get the medical bills paid for that are created by someone elses mistake

  6. Joseph Abood says:

    Why don’t they keep trying and not try to make money without working ?

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