Huh? Bloomberg Proposes Slashing Gun Permit Fees

Lawsuit Fears Prompt Pro-Gun Control Mayor To Take New Tact

NEW YORK (1010 WINS/CBS 2) — Concern that the Supreme Court threw out the gun laws in Chicago and Washington has prompted a plan by Mayor Michael Bloomberg to slash the cost of obtaining a pistol permit.

Bloomberg said the aim is to ensure that no one could challenge the tough New York gun laws on the books as being too restrictive, 1010 WINS’ Senior Correspondent Stan Brooks reported.

1010 WINS Reporter Stan Brooks

“We want to be in compliance with the law…so that we don’t want to lose the ability to have reasonable controls. If we have controls that the courts have ruled too onerous or too unfair, we could lose the whole thing,” Bloomberg said.

Bloomberg’s plan entails cutting the price of a gun permit from $340 to between $25 and $110.

But according to CBS 2’s Derrick Dennis, some New Yorkers are nervous.

“Bad idea, because we don’t need anymore guns on the streets,” one person said.

“I don’t think so. I don’t think so. Too many people will have guns,” another said.

Charles Hu showed Dennis his gun and his permit. He’s licensed in New York, the manager of the Jovina Gun Shop in Little Italy. He said there’s no getting around the city’s lengthy gun application, but $25?

“Yeah, that’s too low, too low. Twenty, 30 years ago it was more than that,” Hu said.

Tough on crime, and pro-gun control, but pushing to cut the cost of gun permits seems to go against Bloomberg’s own core values, but he said it still won’t be easy to get one.

“The restrictions and requirements that we have, we want to make absolutely sure, are in compliance with our understanding of what the law was,” Bloomberg said.

The mayor’s concern is a 2008 Supreme Court ruling that struck down parts of the National Gun Control Law for being too restrictive, discriminatory, violating a person’s constitutional right to bear arms. But City Councilman Erik Dilan said reducing fees out of fear of a lawsuit is ridiculous.

“If a New Yorker were to sue the water board tomorrow, I don’t think the city would rush to reduce water rates. So I just think we’re sending the wrong message here,” Dilan said.

The idea is just a proposal now but one the mayor said if the city doesn’t take steps on, the federal government will.

Reducing the cost of gun permits requires approval from the City Council. Several members are said to be opposed.


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  1. Josh says:

    What an absolutely stupid idea. The reason the Washington DC law was struck down was due to the restrictions about keeping the gun unloaded in your house, not the cost of the permit. And I completely agree with everyone who said that cutting the cost of ownership will not reduce illegal gun ownership because it’s 100% true. Criminals don’t legally own guns… they’re criminals!!!
    Bloomberg has to be the biggest idiot ever elected Mayor of our fine city. I can’t wait for him to leave office by any means necessary.

  2. NYCGirl says:

    Truly amazing that anyone actually thinks that high fees will stop someone (especially a criminal) from owning a gun. Criminals would not get a permit anyway. (Is this really news to anyone?)

    The only thing that will change with lower fees is that more law abiding citizens will register their guns, so NYPD will know where they are. Anyone who wants to own a gun will. (For the most part,) Even with lower fees, it will be just as illegal to have a gun on the street. The typical law abiding citizen can only qualify to keep it at home or at a range, they don’t just hand out carry permits here because someone wants one, at any price.

    We will still be stuck with our $20 pepper spray because it is illegal (in NYC) to buy the good stuff (better dispenser, etc.) online. Just don’t get mugged on a windy day. The day will come when we are back to just using our knee if a guy mugs us.

  3. Jayco says:

    lowering fee will promote DEli and Grcery stores alike to file for permits alonge with legistration I belive being presented for manatory servailance camers and be encouraged to arm themselve for self defence

  4. Charles O. Lederman says:

    I am a NY attorney with a special proceeding pending in NY County Supreme Court on this exact issue. The NYC Law Dept requested that y hearing be adjourned from 10/25 until next week. Now I know why. Seems like an end run around some of the more obtuse constitutional rights at issue.

  5. cxb says:



    He’s been CONVICTED by numerous judges and juries of SERIOUS crimes, but Psycho Mini-Hitler says he is ABOVE the law (sovereign immunity!) … which ITSELF violates Federal Law (the 14h Amendment’s equal protection clause!)

    WE could throw him in prison JUST for claiming he’s above the law!

    I’d say “everybody nag the Justice Dept!” but Holder is as fake as Ashcroft was.

  6. GEH says:

    Derricke Dennis, you better have a New York State Pistol Permit, or you are now a FELON by touching that semi-auto handgun at Jovino’s Gun Shop. Also the manager at Jovino’s is in big trouble for allowing you to BREAK STATE LAW which prohibits someone without a pistol permit from even touching a handgun. The elites should be held to the same standard as the workers!

  7. GEH says:

    Derricke Dennis, you better have a New York CIty Pistol Permiot, or you are now a FELON by touching that semi-auto at Jovino’s Gun Shop. Also the manager at Jovino’s is in big trouble for allowing you to BREAK STATE LAW which prohibits someone without a pistol permit from even touching a handgun.

  8. Don says:

    How much do permits for free speech cost in NYC? Or to exercise one’s religion? What other hoops must one jump through to engage in free speech, press, religious rights? Does NYC require a City-approved training course before one can engage in exercising their rights?

  9. Left Coast Conservative says:

    Just reducing fees will not avoid a Constitutional challenge. Gun permits must not be denied arbitrarily or capriciously as well. Permits are Constitutional only when they are obtainable by ordinary citizens. Chicago crossed the line by requiring guns to be registered, but then refusing to register newly purchased guns. New Yorks Sullivan Law is now the most prominent remaining de-facto gun ban in the United States, and is ripe for a lawsuit.

    Bloomberg is correct in thinking that New York needs to change it, it it may lose all of it. He is incorrect if he thinks reducing fees alone will avoid a challenge if New York City does not actually start issuing permits.

    Fun ownership id now a Constitutionally protected activity. Get used to that.

  10. Pete says:

    About time. The City’s high fees have NEVER stopped the bad guys from getting guns – they don’t pay the fees and they don’t license their guns. The fees have only been an obstacle to the law abiding citizen who takes the time to do what is required. For whatever reason, it’s hopeful to see that NYC may accommodate the average person who wants to apply for a permit.
    Just making it less expensive doesn’t make it easier to get.

  11. LOL over this. says:

    His honor isn’t rich because he’s a stupid man. If I may enlighten you. It takes approx. $400.00 to apply for a gun permit. Whether you get the permit or not. Mostly not. Usually not. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have that kind of cash to not get a gun permit. Like so many people I wont spend that kind of cash to lose out in the end. This reminds me of a story, It goes like this, Once upon a time In a borough not far away. Lived a king. King Nyc. One day King Nyc is sitting on his golden throne, counting his gold coins. King Nyc ponders, how he can make more gold coins for his kingdom. So he summons his jesters. One jester says “Why don’t we raise taxes?” Another says “Why don’t we raise parking fines?” Yet another jester says ” Why don”t we legalize marijuana and tax the hell out of it?” “Are you high? ” King Nyc blasts back.” Then the jester in charge of restricting gun ownership amongst the commoners says ” Why don’t we lower the cost of applying for gun permits? It’s not like we’re going to issue any.” At first there was silence. The jester could hear his own heart beating in his chest. Then slowly a smile spread across King Nyc’s face. Dread turned into relief. As gun permit sale day was born. The kingdom rejoiced as word spread far and wide. That is until King Nyc declared that all applicants have to first pass a firearms course administered by one of the kingdoms agencies. Can you guess how much the course costs? And so King Nyc lived happily ever after. The end.

  12. Pinny says:

    Where is your COMMON SENSE people??? Criminals, by definition don’t care about laws, including gun laws! That means gun laws only keep guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens who want to protect themselves! Criminals LOVE gun control because it means their victims will be UN-ARMED!!!

    1. cxb says:

      PINNY NAILS IT: all GOP Rudy and GOP Bloomberg’s strict laws accomplished was ensuring ONLY CRIMINALS COULD GET GUNS.

      But has the GOP ever ONCE kept their story straight?


      The GOP trust that police will keep us safe (NO THEY WON”T) while liberals think the Police cannot keep us safe.

      I WANT TO PROTECT MYSELF AND MY FRIENDS, b/c the police never have and never will. (I’ve been covered in my own blood 3 times in NYC and NOT ONCE did the NYPD help!)

    2. Brian says:

      Doesn’t it seem like a common sense notion? Aren’t you tired of trying to explain this to people only to have it fall on deaf ears?

  13. Deibon Monet says:

    The only thing that the City restrictive gun permits accomplish is to prevent law abiding citizens from obtaining defensive weapons. Meanwhile, the crooks on the street don’t have any problem obtaining guns.

  14. DanTe says:

    Whatever happened to the good old libturd stance?

    Only the rich and their body guards are allowed to protect themselves.

    The peons can rot.

    Gee. I wonder what libturds like Bloomberg and Hitler has against private gun ownership? Libturds at Columbia U. heiled Hitler as the most civilized leader of the most civilized nation in the world. Just like they’re heiling Bloomberg now, I guess.

    1. cxb says:


      Hitler was very vocal about his hatred for LIBERALISM (it’s even in Mein Kampf) and Bloomberg is the #1 FUNDER OF THE GOP (odd for a “liberal”, no?)

      BUT I UNDERSTAND: You conservatives put this crook into power (THREE TIMES) and can’t take responsibility for your ignorance!

      So you just REPEAT the lie , repeat the lie, repeat the lie, like your heroes Hitler and Bloomberg!

  15. Ray jones says:

    Reducing the fee is not the issue but having the ability to obtain a full carry permit is. As a law abiding citizen with no criminal record why can’t I protect my family like all the celebrities and politicians.

    1. cxb says:

      EXACTLY. THIS is why the GOP endorsed and elected Tax HIke MIke THREE OUT OF THREE TIMES.

      His “strict’ rules have NOTHING to do with the price of a permit. 99% of people who have a LEGAL RIGHT would STILL be blocked by the NYPD and CIty Hall using dirty tricks.

      Neo-Nazis like Bloomberg HATE the idea of a citizenry that can defend themselves.


      (Oh wait… Bloomberg’s a convicted criminal AND he’s admitted to crimes as well, from potsmoking to white collar crime [which he admits in his autobiography]… let me rephrase that…)


  16. LetItBe says:

    Long overdue. Law abiding citizens should not pay through the nose to get what is guaranteed by the constitution.
    Wonder what number of gun related crimes involved legally purchased guns as opposed to bought otherwise. Bet none of those clowns robbing hair dressing salons and such got their guns legally anyways.
    And to those who are complaining about fees being too low – nobody stops you from making a donation to the city – you can pay double parking fines if you want too.

  17. NYSmike says:

    Setting himself up to run for president at the expense of the people of NYC.

  18. LawAbidingCitizen says:

    I paid $340 + $100 fingerprint fee, would I get a refund??? This isn’t the issue, the issue is that’s under the Assault Weapons Ban you can’t have 99% of rifles in NYC. That’s one dumb law.

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