Taxi Slams Into Newstand Trying To Avoid Ambulance

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — Five people were injured after a taxi cab smashed into a newstand in the Flatiron District while trying to avoid an FDNY ambulance Wednesday morning.

The accident happened at Park Avenue South and East 23rd Street just before 9 a.m.

1010 WINS’ Juliet Papa reports

Officials say the cab lost control trying to avoid the ambulance and ended up smashing into the newstand located on the southwest corner — knocking the stand off its base.

“All of a sudden it couldn’t stop, lost control, and hit the stand,” a witness, who said the cabbie had the light, told 1010 WINS’ Juliet Papa.

The FDNY said the ambulance, travelling west on 23rd Street, was responding to a call.

The newstand operator was inside of the stand at the time of the accident and his son said his father may have broken his legs.

“Somebody called and said ‘Your dad got into an accident, just get over here,'” the newstand operator’s son said. “So I came right away.”

A witness said the newstand operator came out of the stand but couldn’t walk and had to be carried out.

The operator of the newstand is well-known in the area.

“He’s been here for at least 10 years,” one man said. “It’s a shame.”

Four other people suffered non-life threatening injuries.

Sneakers were on the sidewalk at the scene along with blood and broken glass.

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One Comment

  1. Vincent says:

    The accident did not happen just before 9:00am. It happened at 8:00am the same time I leave for work. I have photos of scene snapped at 8:10am. The guy at the news stand is a very nice man. Know him for 9 years. Spoke with a DOT worker last night and it could be until April 2011 before he gets his news stand back. My heart goes out to the news stand guy and his family for the loss revenue. Council woman Mendez should step in and have barriers installed at this intersection since there is always an accident and cabs jumping the curb due to speeding.

  2. Allyson Taveras says:

    i agree this was way more serious than what they are letting on, im assuming to avoid a city lawsuit since it involved a nyc ambulance. i was an i witness it happend right infront of my eyes and it was tramatic watching the man that was hit fly across the sidewalk because of impact and smash his head on the pavement..but accrding to the article a “minor” injury. im just thanking my lucky stars that i woke up late this morning which prevented me from being out the train station just a few seconds earlier because i could have been the one hit. i hope the people injured really are okay, and for the man that lost his legs its so tragic and unfortunalte all because a cabby was trying to make it past the yellow light to avoid the red light which is why he was in the way of the ambulance in the first place… so sad

  3. scorch says:

    What happened to the vendor on the corner? Is he alive?

    23rd & Lex is also a bad corner on all sides to cross. Taxi driver was ready to run me over–took his photo with my camera phone–TAXI & LIMO Commish did NOTHING….get it together boys & girls…the next victim could be YOU.

  4. Nick says:

    What does “the cab had the light” have anything to do with it? Stupid T ARDs don’t realize a flashing ambulance has right of way?

  5. JasonS says:

    Yes this will be reported as nothing more than an “accident” with nobody at fault, but it’s funny how these sidewalk-mounting crashes involve taxis in every single case. My guess is that yes, the cab was trying to avoid a taxi, but only because he was driving too fast and not paying enough attention. The vast majority of drivers are pretty sensible about how to act when an emergency vehicle is coming through an intersection, but I regularly see reckless cab drivers who refuse to stop and put their foot down thinking they’ll get through the intersection before the ambulance gets there. Oh well, you can bet that if that’s the case, the NYPD will refuse to prosecute and the cabbie will be back behind the wheel tearing the streets up in no time.

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