Report: Lawyers Leave Rangel Ahead Of Ethics Trial

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — Congressman Charlie Rangel’s ethics trial in Congress was reportedly in doubt Wednesday because the Harlem democrat has no lawyers.

The Washington Post reports Rangel’s legal team has left the case and Rangel could decide to represent himself.

With the trial date just three weeks away, the paper notes it’s going to be tough for Rangel to find lawyers who can get up to speed with the details in time.

Rangel faces 13 ethics violations and could be expelled.

He’s also up for re-election next week.

  • Foloutsono

    @LasseLundster Well, obviously, you are just not? cool enough to appreciate the awesomeness of them. You are fully entitled to your opinion, however I m also suggesting you dont post it along with comments from everyone else who absolutely loves this. Go Ministry of Magic!

  • had enough

    lousy crooked bum. rot in hell you dirty old man

  • now

    see the new disease taking over this country

  • Old Man

    He’s a LIAR and a THIEF!!!! Obviously…..he’s in the CONGRESS….RIGHT!

  • anonymous

    Funny how all of us middle class have to pay rent for this pig.
    Then they try to justly all he did for people what about what he didn’t do. He took 4 rent stabilized apartment away from people who needed them. While he make over 250 K A yr.

    Wow Charlie, you really help my taxes go up you free loader.

  • joe k

    The chickens are coming home to roost

  • lou

    WOW, says a lot about what they know and what they can’t defend. It’s time to face the music Charlie Charlie Charlie.

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