NEW YORK (CBS New York)  – “Mongoose pups” may not be the cutest name ever, but the eight critters that were just born at the Central Park Zoo are sure to elicit cries of “aww” from even the most stoic of visitors.

The four dwarf and four banded mongoose are the first of their kinds to be born at the Zoo. The two different African species will be exhibited side-by-side at the Tropic Zone exhibit.

“We welcome these great additions to our mongoose families,” said Jeff Sailer, WCS’s Director of City Zoos. “The exhibits give people a chance to compare the Dwarf and Banded mongoose species next to each other, and see how behaviors of animals from the same family can be very distinct.”

The TropicZone has undergone renovations in preparations to provide a sustainable home to the pups, as well as the new Mountain coatimundi – a raccoon-like animal native to South America.

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