S.I. Woman Allegedly Faked Jury Duty To Take Vacation

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — A Staten Island woman tried to fake jury duty, and it backfired big time.

She wanted a vacation, but as CBS 2’s John Slattery reports, she may end up doing several years in prison.

The woman is 32-year-old Rebecca Thybulle, and according to the Staten Island District Attorney, she took a jury notice that was sent to her father and altered it. What does the head of Manhattan’s jury service say about it?

“Criminal and stupid, and now she’s gonna pay the price,” Vincent Homenick, chief clerk of the jury division for the courts, said.

Thybulle allegedly did some photocopying, then cutting and pasting; she inserted her name and address, and a date that suited her not showing up for work – for eight days.

Thybulle worked at the Children’s Home Intervention Program that provides help for developmentally disabled children.

The mistake she allegedly made was to leave evidence on her desk – photocopies of her handiwork – which her boss spotted while she was away.

“Her employer did check it out, and realized that it was not even a summons for her, and it was a complete forgery,” Homenick said.

The boss told investigators Thybulle even claimed she was on a vehicular homicide case, but on Thybulle’s Facebook page, she stated that she’d been on a trip to Baltimore.

Now, she faces charges of forgery, and she’s been in trouble before. Thybulle is scheduled to be sentenced next month for attempted grand larceny over her previous employment, handling payroll at a Union Square coffee shop. That’s where $6,400 was transferred from her employer to her own account.

Investigators say Thybulle also failed to tell her employers that she was convicted of Medicaid fraud in 2002.


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  1. Lis says:

    She is totally wrong. On the other hand, think about this. Americans when compare to the rest of the world have the least amount of vacation days, maternity leave days,etc. People usually start with 2 weeks vacation and now most holidays are not consider holidays with some companies. (I didn’t get Presidents Day). For me, after 1/1, I have to wait till May for another holiday weekend. It is not wonder people have to go to extremes for time off. She is definitely guilty here but I can also see how desperate she was.

  2. Jones says:

    Commiting crimes as she has affect not only her employers but the people working for the companies. People like this are the reasons companies require back ground testing (including credit checks). Smaller companies rely on ever dime they make to pay bill, meet payroll requirement and just keep the doors open. Adding problems like this isn’t good for anyone.

    Think about that before you write her crimes off as petty and not worth punishing.

  3. Connie Canner says:

    she’s only 32 and already has committed 2 crimes before, don’t you think by now the writing is on the wall????She is a career crimnal and will get out and just keep commitng criminal acts. Most of us are trying to earn an honest living, is she to good for that?

  4. CalmDown says:

    lolol! It is so much easier just to be honest.

  5. Nelson Muntz says:


  6. Jam says:

    ignorant woman deserved to get caught.

  7. common sense says:

    Then buckle up. And don’t complain about your taxes and bills for utilities going up since you are ok with people robbing their employer, who may be providing services to you indirectly and who then raises your rates/prices to make up the losses caused by being “faked out” by employees. MORON

  8. John Adam says:

    The country has gone crazy. They’re locking people up for things that were never never illegal or at least never prosecuted only twenty-five years ago. This is petty cráp, and it demonstrates how the United States has degenerated.

  9. Lolz says:

    U can plainly see she’s a criminal by her picture

    1. John Adams says:

      Lolz (the putz) writes:

      “U can plainly see she’s a criminal by her picture”

      Please expand on that as I’m unable to see how her picture indicates that she’s a criminal, little (angy white) man.

  10. billy bats says:

    who cares all she did was fake out her boss. this is what were worrying about we got junkies taking up space in parks where children play!!!!!!! heroin is running rampant and seatbelt tickets issuances are increasing will somebody please do something?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    1. Noah Way says:

      Pure ignorance! You’re saying white collar criminals should not be punished, that’s like saying madoff did nothing wrong.

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