Memorial Held For Pace Student Shot, Killed By Cops

BOSTON (CBS 2) — Two weeks after the Pace University community was stunned by the death of a student shot by police, friends and family of Danroy “DJ” Henry had their chance to say goodbye.

On the day Danroy Henry would have celebrated his birth, loved ones instead celebrated his life.

“Anyone who knew Danny knew he had his priorities straight,” cousin Mark Hanson said. “’Family first’ – these weren’t just words tattooed on his body, they were his creed.”

Hundreds packed a Boston convention center to say goodbye to the Pace University junior whose life was snatched away two weeks before he would have turned 21 years old.

“DJ often wore an Angels hat, not to symbolize the sports franchise but to symbolize his faith,” uncle Fred Henry said. “With the angels blocking for DJ, I can see him running down the sideline, and into the end zone.”

Henry was shot and killed by police outside a Thornwood bar during a disturbance. What led to the fatality is hotly disputed by police and witnesses.

“It’s nauseating, it really is nauseating,” friend Caitlin Cleary said.

“I mean, it’s just so horrible,” Sara Roberts, a family friend, said.

On Friday, where a football and helmet reminded all of the teammate he was a pace, his teammates were bused in.

“If you knew him, you probably loved him – he was just that type of guy,” teammate Gage Morris said.

Friends and family signed memory boards at the remembrance and tried to focus on the positive.

“We’re trying to celebrate his life, because he was always a smiling kind of guy. He wouldn’t want all of us to just cry all the time,” teammate Lamar Francis said.

On a day of sadness and song, there were stories of DJ’s confidence, spirituality, and pride of his Boston roots.

Amidst the sadness, a debate rages over facts and the integrity of the investigation.

“There are at least four, and probably five, shots,” Henry family attorney Michael Sussman said.

Sussman claims the first shot came into the car’s hood at an angle, suggesting the officer wasn’t in harm’s way as initially thought, and that the police shouldn’t be investigating themselves.

“There’s absolutely no excuse for local agencies, which lack the expertise, to be charged with this investigation – none whatsoever,” Sussman said.

There was plenty of heartache at the memorial service, but it was matched by the recognition of a life well-lived.


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  1. samuel says:

    show the video from the survalience camera

  2. bob says:

    Another bleeding heart liberal attorney trying to make a name

  3. Richard says:

    Come on if you are pulled over by a police officer and he is standing at your window knocking on it. you don’t drive off even if you think you should get out of the fire line. when he or she has you pulled over their over head light are on and you wont get a ticket for it because they must have pulled you over for some other reason just do as they say and you wont get hurt, if you don’t do as they say you put your own life in jeopardy just think and use your head, its to bad the young man died, but he did not use common sense.

    1. DanTe says:

      Now THAT is Totally Unfair of you, Richard. Expecting monkeys to have common sense. I bet you’re one of those folks who insists on putting monkeys in the same neighborhood as humans and than wonder why sh//t always happens. You leave monkeys alone in the wild. That’s what the cops should have done. You’ve seen National Geographic. Just let them do their dominance dance and stop interfering and PETA won’t be after you for killing animals.

  4. daniel says:

    This has nothing to do with this story but with all the racist comments made here I felt it appropriate. Despite what I have seen since Obama’s election I still try not to assume all Anglo-Americans are racist. Despite the fact that 25% of republicans polled during the election actually responded that race was an issue in their decision, don’t assume this is in all Anglo-American hearts. Yes maybe too many people want to paint 1.2 billion Muslims the same color as a few hundred violent jihadists but you can’t criticize them for this while assuming most Anglo-Americans are simply hateful and tribalistic. Remember that a powerful few are influencing the frightful and ignorant in our country who feel somehow their birthright to the country has been threatened by a man who is as much Caucasian as he is African. It’s a story that repeats itself throughout history. Dirt-poor teenage Muslim men with no opportunities are influenced by the promise of an identity and belonging to a cause, the same way poor embarrassed southern men flocked to the Klan for identity and demonization of an enemy after the civil war, the same way poor, frightened, and embarrassed Germans fell under Hitler’s spell and committed the greatest genocide in our history, the same way young poor men in our urban centers join gangs for recognition, identity, and belongingness. Very few of these people are actually evil, they are simply weak and lost. We all have prejudices but we must mitigate them. We must try to help and understand the weak with kindness and truth. All of us have been weak or lost at some point and we must realize that this, if nothing else, we all have in common.

  5. Eric says:

    The police are thugs that pi8llagr and murder for the judicial mafia’s benefit. They are it’s street gang. I have experience with them, especially in Yonkers, White Plains and Thornwood.

  6. cayenne says:

    lysol, you’re terrible..and a racist…

  7. cayenne says:

    wow…just wow

  8. Yipee kay yea says:

    Rev Al is probably working on some sorta civil rights thing in his three-piece suit while you are showing how bignorant and obviously insensitive some (white?) people actually are. Great job. Confession is available on Sundays dude.

  9. Roy says:

    I agree R.G where is Rev Al…………………………..probably dining at some fine restaurant

  10. R. Geanarisd says:

    Where is Rev.Al

  11. Law & Order says:

    No attorney for either side will present preliminary evidence that damages their case. That being said, the Henry family’s attorney will try to prove that the shooting was unwarranted. The police will give their coached testimony. The physical evidence will paint the picture and whichever side presents accounts that most closely matches that evidence win.
    The ball is now in the police’s court to prove that Mr. Henry was an imminent threat. You can expect the officer’s to be indicted on manslaughter charges.

  12. Roy says:

    guess who hired the ballistics EXPERT..seamus………….?

  13. Nick says:

    So the cop is suppose to stand around and let his partner get run over?

    You people are funny. Stupid, but funny.

    1. Al S. says:

      No Nick, YOU’RE stupid AND funny. Looking!!!! Gotcha. You are stupid. Hey STUPID! And oh yeah, you’re just so FUNNYYYY!!!

      1. Nick says:

        Hmm. Al S. confuses me.

        I’m not sure if he’s pretending to be Al Sharpton to drive home the stupid point.

        Or it’s actually spouting it’s version of logic and proving my point.

    2. stallionblk says:

      nick, why would someone stand in a way of car whether u are law enforcement or not. Its that basic training 101 lol

      1. Nick says:

        You are really clueless as to that answer aren’t you?

        And some folks say slavery wasn’t evil. When it brought over an infestation of stupid like this.

  14. jason says:

    ive never run my car at a cop.. if i did.. they should shoot me… what is the concern here?

    1. Bee says:


      You are an insensitive ignoramus, Dah,Dah..a life was taken for no reason.
      What Charlie Sheen drug are you on.

    2. stallionblk says:

      then there are alots of dead people i would see on tv for running way from the police to answer ur question!!!!

  15. mike says:

    If there is video then release it. It will either support or discount the officers. Otherwise the attorney is doing an investigation just like the police. Physical evidence will trump eyewitness/participants accounts if they lied.

  16. seamus says:

    Roy, you missed the part about the report from the ballistics expert

    1. Bernard says:

      Who says he is an expert, the victim’s attorney? If he told you he was santa claus, does that make him sata claus?

  17. Roy says:

    Was Attorney Sussman at the scene,has he reviewed the video tape,or was he too busy chasing ambulances to do his due diligence,before making a bogus statement ?

    1. Catherine says:

      Evidently you are doing what the NY police department do, shoot (from the mouth), before you figure out what truly is going on!

    2. stallionblk says:

      i hope one day that would be ur family then see how stink ur mouth is dumb ass!!!!!

    3. stallionblk says:

      roy, i hope one day its ur family member then see how stinky its ur mouth ewwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

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