Paladino: Don’t Believe The Polls

NEW YORK (CBS 2) – New York’s Republican candidate for governor, Carl Paladino, is telling voters not to believe the latest Marist College poll.

The poll shows him trailing Democrat Andrew Cuomo by 19 percent, just two days before Election Day.

Paladino will visit Westchester and Nassau counties today as his opponent, Cuomo, just finished a three and half month tour of every New York county on Saturday.

Cuomo will be on Staten Island on Sunday to endorse Congressman Michael McMahon.


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  1. Sharon K says:

    I also wanted to mention that it’s very interesting how this news site (if you can call it that) chose the most unflattering shot of Paladino and a neutral shot of Cuomo. Can you said biased?

    1. Ken says:

      That’s the way Paladino looked during the entire debate… deal with it.

  2. Sharon K says:

    It will be a sad, sad day if Cuomo wins. His father ran our state into the ground and he will only do more of the same. People are moving out of NY in droves. We have the highest cost for Medicaid of any state in the US.

    Too bad the media won’t ask him any tough questions like explaining his part in the housing crisis. It’s funny how the Dems all blame the Republicans for the housing crisis when just a little bit if research will show that Dems like Barney Frank, Bill Clinton and Andrew Cuomo were the ones who were responsible for it and Republicans like George W. Bush and John McCain tried to warn the Democrats about it. Do your own research on Youtube for the info. Here’s one about Cuomo:

  3. R. Bagley says:

    hope he’s right because new york can’t take another liberal democrat any more than the country can,if Cuomo wins it will be like giving the wolf the key to the hen house,we will write the final chapter in our demise of liberty and freedom,might as well hand over our check books,that’s what liberalism is going to do for us anyway.

  4. barb says:

    Yeah – he’s right in a strange way –

    Democrats are the quiet souls that are going to re-fill the congress with reason, confidence and sanity – as it should be! The louds are making the headlines but the workers with compassion and common sense will make the laws of the land.

  5. nathan says:

    Dream on, Adolf.

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