Cause Of Diversion For Flight Out Of JFK Unknown

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — A plane that took off from JFK Airport had to be diverted Sunday, and on Monday the cause was still unknown.

The Vision Airlines flight bound for Cuba had to be diverted to Baltimore after the smell of smoke was reported in the cabin.

There was no word on the source of the smokey smell.

The Boeing 767 landed safely and none of the 154 passengers aboard was hurt.

A mechanic checked out the plane and cleared it to continue on to Havana.

  • hello

    guys 2 days before eelction, also see the new disease that is takingover this country httP;//

  • Tony Mendez

    Octavio, esos son los vuelos directos que son charter. Una empresa de viajes los renta y vende los asientos. Por eso nunca veras en las pantallas del aeropuerto que hay un vuelo para Cuba. La mayoria de las agencias de viaje que tienen permiso para operar a Cuba desde los EEUU te pueden vender el boleto. El unico requisito para poderte montar es que tienes que tener pasaporte cubano. En caso de no tenerlo, entonces una licencia del departamento del tesoro para poder viajar a Cuba. Hay vuelos diarios de USA a Cuba desde Los Angeles, NYC, Miami, Houston, etc.

  • Octavio Zuaznabar

    Didn’t know there were plains goIng from JFK to Havana.
    I travel there to see family and have to fly from Toronto. Can smebody please tell me when are those flights to Cuba scheduled?

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