Coney Island Losing Longtime Boardwalk Vendors

NEW YORK (AP) — Some longtime vendors at Coney Island are getting the boot.

A spokesman for the company that operates the new Italian-built Luna Park says letters were sent Monday to 11 vendors operating near the new rides. The rides were installed last May as part of Coney Island’s redevelopment.

Only about half of the old concessions will be allowed to stay in the prime section of the boardwalk.

Tom Corsillo, a spokesman for ride operator Central Amusement International, says vendor names won’t be released until negotiations for new contracts are completed.

But he acknowledged that the survivors include Nathan’s, which each year stages Coney Island’s Fourth of July hot dog eating contest.

The fate of the vendors has been on hold since the Italian company Zamperla opened Luna Park.

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  1. ritch beatty says:

    these eateries have been there for years and are what coney is all about ! they could have kept the old and still brought in the new. it would have been a nice combination.but now its all changed and i hope zamperella realizes they made a huge mistake tearing down the boardwalk attractions.i have been going there for years, driving an hour or more to get there and enjoying the park,beach,and rubys of coarse. i cant help but feel like i have lost a major part of my life…..along with all the fun i have had there. it will never be the same again…..thanks zamperella for taking what new york had left of a once great plaace.

  2. BF says:

    Now Nathans will charge you $4 for a hot dog. They will monopolize the fast food. That would exclude about 90% of Coney’s Visitors from eating on the Boardwalk. Thanks Mike for Making the city for the Rich.

  3. newyorker says:

    “The Boardwalk needs major cleaning up in general to rid the redevelopment of the ghetto element.”

    Yeah, we get it, Marc. There are “too many minorities in your water park.”

    (For those who don’t get the reference, see South Park.)

  4. CSI says:

    So all in all it will happen anyway. The community wont care what happens. The bigger money wins.

  5. Richard E. says:

    While a good portion of those concessions were not that filthy as you think, you should work with those owners and instead of throwing them out expand with them and make Coney Island better. And they so called “ghetto element” in Coney Island is because of the low income housing in the area, with projects being there and such, redeveloping the amusement area won’t change those problems.

  6. Marc says:

    Most of those concessions were filthy and needed to close permanently as it is. The Boardwalk needs major cleaning up in general to rid the redevelopment of the ghetto element.

  7. Johnny says:

    This is unbelievable…these concessions have been here for decades and are now being thrown away with only 15 days to leave, how can people be allowed to do such a thing, with no preparation to relocate or anything. THIS HAS TO BE STOPPED AND I HOPE THE COMMUNITY BANS TOGETHER AND ALLOWS THESE CONCESSIONS TO STAY!!! I FOR ONE WILL HELP SPREAD THE WORD AND HOPEFULLY THESE HORRIBLE PEOPLE WHO ALLOW THIS INJUSTICE TO HAPPEN TO THESE OWNERS WILL REALIZE THAT THESE PLACES ARE PART OF BROOKLYN AND ITS COMMUNITY!!!! PLEASE JOIN IN STOPPING THIS!!!!!!

  8. Michael H. says:

    As if the lines for these eateries aren’t long enough as it is. When is this going to stop? Are the bathrooms next? How about the boardwalk itself? Let’s close that down too! Oh wait, they’re already talking about replacing it with concrete.

    Somebody at DDC needs to open a dictionary and look up the term “Boardwalk”.

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