Dog Missing For Over A Year Returned To NJ Owners

RARITAN TOWNSHIP, N.J. (CBS 2) — When a New Jersey family’s dog went missing, they never gave up hope. The search stretched to a year and a half – and then came a miracle.

“It’s better than winning the lottery,” Daphne Longbothum said.

Longbothum and fellow owner Beth Dolan have been lavishing their dog, Dublin, with affection to make up for an excruciating absensce.

“When you lose an animal, a little piece of your heart goes with it,” Longbothum said.

The five-year-old cockapoo was likely stolen right out of the backyard.

“She had a collar; she was obviously somebody’s dog,” Longbothum said.

“We went up and down putting fliers in every mailbox, talking to everyone,” Dolan said.

After all the months of misery, one phone call last month brought sudden joy.

Dublin was in an animal hospital 30 miles away in South Plainfield, brought in by a woman who said she saw the dog running loose and then get hit by a van.

Miraculously, the dog was not hurt – and thankfully, the veterinarian checked the dog’s chip.

“She had no injuries whatsoever,” Dolan said.

“It was the happiest day of my life,” Longbothum said.

There was still one big question left – where was Dublin for that year and a half? A little detective work on the computer revealed the answer.

On Craigslist, a woman posted an ad for a lost dog. When Beth and Daphne called the woman who posted it, she told them a stranger sold Dublin to her more than one year ago.

“Obviously she took great care of Dublin in the time that she was with her,” Dolan said. “It makes you believe, ‘don’t ever lose hope, because amazing things happen.’”

Dolan and Longbothum say miracles do happen, and their story is a great example of microchips at work.

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One Comment

  1. Sherry says:

    What a wonderful story. We have a dog who has been missing for almost 5 months and I pray every day that he finds his way back to us and that if he doesn’t somebody has him who loves him. It’s awful not knowing where they are.

  2. lilbuch says:

    This has got to be the luckiest little doggie in the world. First he gets sold to a wonderful owner. Then he gets hit by a van and is unhurt. This event leads him back to his true owners! You need to change his name to “Lucky!”

  3. Peter says:

    I like cats

  4. JD says:

    A welcomed break from the murder trials. This beautiful news stated my day off nicely. I’m buying my dog a new toy today too.

  5. terri e says:

    For once, some good news!

  6. advancedynamicasia says:

    It’s so amazing! Happy that you got your beloved dog back.

  7. sudakshina says:

    it is very nice to read such articles… when you love somebody and if you have faith… you are always rewarded with such happiness…

    never losse faith, if it yours it comes to you always….

    it is nice to read a story like this in the morning as it makes our day bright and happy… good luck you little doggy!!!

  8. Switbert says:

    Lost and found. Hope the owners are very happy. I thought the owners were a man and a woman.

  9. Shiranee Perera says:

    It’s wonderful to get your lost dog back. How we moan and weep when they are gone. I have five dogs.All of one family. And each morning I check them calling our their names before putting them in the kenells. A dog is a man’s true friend !

  10. Miel Mani says:

    Wow! Love a great animal story! Nothing hurts more than losing a four-footed member of the family; Must have felt fantastic to get her back again.

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