New York City Schools Chancellor Joel Klein Resigns

Mayor Bloomberg Tabs Media Magnate Cathie Black To Fill Role

NEW YORK (CBS 2/WCBS 880/1010 WINS) — After more than eight years running New York City’s public schools, Chancellor Joel Klein is stepping down.

And, Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced Klein’s surprising replacement, reports CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer.

It was a stunning decision from City Hall. Mayor Bloomberg replaced Klein, his partner in education reform, with a person who has lots of business credentials but not many education credentials.

“Joel has implemented innovative changes that have made an enormous difference in the lives of millions of children,” Bloomberg said.

WCBS 880 Reporter Peter Haskell with the latest details

1010 WINS Carol D’Auria with the latest

From the very beginning of his mayoralty, Bloomberg and Klein have been partners in revamping education in New York City. They ended social promotion, increased graduation rates, and raised math and reading scores. But after almost nine years at the helm, Klein was ready for a change. The mayor obliged but his choice was somewhat unorthodox. Cathie Black, a magazine and newspaper magnate, chaired Hearst magazines and created USA Today, is the new chancellor of New York City schools.

“She is brilliant. She is innovative. She is driven. And she is just as passionate about helping children succeed as I am,” Bloomberg said.

Black said she has four goals, including making sure kids become tech savvy and forging partnerships with businesses, universities and non profits to create jobs for graduates.

“I promise you that we will continue the mission of improving the school experience for our students, so that they, too, will be prepared to participate fully in global community,” Black said.

Klein seemed excited by his new job as an executive VP at Newscorp, but said he was sad to be leaving. He told parents he gave it his all to improve things for their kids.

“I thank you for putting your trust in me and I want you to know I gave it my all. Or, as they say in sports, I left it all out on the field,” Klein said.

Klein will be staying on for at least a month to help with the transition.

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One Comment

  1. Benjamin T. Bantilan Jr. Ph.D. says:

    November 10 2010

    Please do not swerve to hell. If education is for heaven sake. Don’t do business with two horned persons on their head.

  2. Dr. Benjamin T. Bantilan Jr Ph.D. says:

    As if the US is just running the Education Department baseless in their Spring Board of appointing a person in a very delicate and sensitive office. The mayor did it as whom he pleases. Business is not all knowing? Brain is not entrepreneurial created to handle debit and credit for America’s future relies on the thinking ability the US citizen had in education for it is in her order situation but it has a significant lineage of identifying alphabets from various international upbringings. The more US learn perfect education the worse it became to note by appointing person outside the mosquito net. Malaria will be didactically pedagogized. And if Health is the highest budget allotted in first US government priority. Why not Madam Dengue be appointed as the new chancellor of the New York Schools Division?
    November 10, 2010
    8:25 P.M.
    Philippine Time

  3. Dr. Benjamin T. Bantilan Jr. says:

    New York is the first class city in the whole world and USA is not an ignorant powerful country throughout the world that makes her future by her young learning generations who is schooling to date unguided well by those in the US government local politician authority that will thrust only to replace a vacancy achieved by a scientist in the person who just resign with other perspective preferencial woman. Are you making a school a market? a bank? a funeral? a mining field, a planet for cosmonauts? Or you are just complying your job as a mayor to replace a competent person with other interest making education a rainbow of confusion! We here in Asia especially the Philippines had this experience but we Filipinos are mirroring up to your educational standard in the US, is this the one you modeled for us? Please don’t insult your own country’s signs and symbol the Statue of Liberty’s high esteem laurel worn around her head bearing US Department of Education Bureau champion of true education as it stands about this vague wisdom while she holds the light of correct knowledge and don’t mislead the Earth by whom you believed capable of doing it right. France gave the Statue of Liberty welcoming the illiterate, the idiots, the morons and the imbecile to further their education under your tutelage. That,s why this gigantic statute has long been standing proudly and stationed in your golden shore of New York State as a leader of the 13 original States of USA to recall her beautiful history across the diamond crystal North Atlantic Ocean for you you because the Continent Europe salute and respected your intelligence who knows every translated secrets the human mind recognized as far as education is concerned. This is a cancerous appointment and its operational sanction is called an abnormal mental corruption.

  4. Jack Sprat says:

    OMG another non-educator…I think we should have 2 Chancellors. One in charge of the Education side and one to write the checks, do the fund raising, and one to tell the Education side how much they ca spend. Simply because Education is expensive and Educator’s don’t do well with a balance sheet and BUSINESS PEOPLE REALLY CAN”T TEACH

    1. LissieV says:

      Excellent suggestion

    2. im says:

      Going back to the old days …many chiefs no idian? We need someone with “management” skills not only knowing set policies to hire/promote educators with teaching credentials, but also balancing the books.

      Not a big fan of our mayor, but I give him credits for overhauling our education system, not letting some big fat old school boys sit on job wihtout perfermance as well as stop Union taking too much control and continue rottening our bureaucratic system.

  5. theMuse says:

    Yes, why don’t Teachers get a say in electing the person who will dictate what they should teach and how they should teach? So, now we have yet another exec who thinks education should be run like a business. This is NOT about a manufactured product — it’s about children. I can’t wait for Bloomberg’s departure. I hope they do away with the Leadership Academies and go back to placing true educators — not businessmen — in the ranks of principals and AP’s. NYC’s educational system more so broken than ever now.

  6. Rex Ryan says:

    I’m a brilliant transplanted New Yorker who is driven and talented. I am also more committed to results than any of these other kinds of ‘fat cats’. Give me the job and I’ll make you real winners. PS. I don’t have an educational superintendents license either.

  7. nathan says:

    454 – Your anti-semitic comment has been reported and will be removed shortly.

  8. Bart says:

    Thank goodness we have Randi Weingarten in place – at least there’s someone with experience about schools & teaching.

    1. Aprilyn Smith says:

      Randi left to work for the AFT….about a year ago

  9. Cathie Black says:

    HUH?? Biblical reference or what? Don’t rain on my parade!

  10. Big Stan says:

    Cathie, The very best of luck. I think that someone from private business needs to be in charge. Look at Mayor Bloomberg. He did more for this city than many of the previous mayors. The only setback is the useless City Council and the Albany legislature. Who needs someone that will be bought off by the unions.
    The other though is, YES, the future of NYC is at stake if we don’t give a decent education to our children. Maybe the world too.

  11. Disgruntled Teacher says:

    oooops typo…. Forgive me. Good riddens. I was too excited about the news. Not excited about a replacement without teaching experience.

    1. Cathie Black says:

      I think you spelled “riddens” wrong too, it’s RIDDANCE.

    2. disgruntled taxpayer says:

      What’s riddens?
      You show why the teachers should have NO say.

  12. sk says:

    some one who never taught in a public school class before should not be chancellor. If you had no experience teaching a class of 30 students, never had to plan lesson, did not deal with class management, parent body, scores on exams, you have cannot relate to a teacher’s job. Someone who cannot relate to a teacher should not be in charge. It is not fair to those teachers that work so hard, and is a lack of appreciation. Teachers should argue against this, as well as the UFT.

    1. sharon wolff says:

      I agree 100%. Would someone at Bloomberg Radio hire me, without experience? I don’t think so. Mr Mayor, you totally messed up this appointment.

  13. Disgruntled Teacher says:

    Godd riddens…..

  14. Cathie Black says:

    Please just give me a chance! No, I have no classroom experience, except I DID go to school. Isn’t running the NYC schools exactly the same as running a business? How can it be much different? Oh well, what’s at stake anyway, not like the future of our city and country is at stake. Oh wait…

    1. David Killmore says:

      I ride the train but that doesn’t qualify me to be the head of the MTA!

    2. Dawn says:

      Congratulations on your new challenge. You will do a wonderful job. Your biggest frustration will be coming up with solutions that will benefit the children while controlling tax dollars, only to have the union tell you why you cannot do it. It is the struggle between public and private sector thinking. I too come from the publishing world and have three children in school on Long Island and would love the system to work more efficiently like private industry.

  15. Ria A. says:

    Once again, we get a chancellor with NO TEACHING EXPERIENCE.
    It amazes me how many people think they can tell people the best way to do their job when they’ve never been in front of a class of kids in their life. Why don’t teachers get a say?

    1. TJ says:

      Riiiiggghhhtt. I guess I should tell all you young teachers who aren’t married and do not have children of their own to take a hike, afterall what do YOU know about children. Please, most teachers I know drink excessively, smoke pot and could give a damn about kids. They’r ein it for summers off and pensions. Don’t try to tell me otherwise. I know 5 teachers on a very personal level and that’s what drove them to teach. ESPECIALLY here on Long Island.

      1. BxTeacher says:

        Long Island schools are quite different from NYC public schools, on many levels, including compensation.

  16. Alicia Lopez says:

    Blloomberg should be recalled…. the schools are worst than ever… teachers are teaching to the tests… and now in the middle of the school year.. Klein resigns and he brings in another unqualified person with no none nada of educational experience.
    The public school children in NYC just don’t have a chance although their parents pay taxes, they have gotten nothing in return. It is outrageous…

  17. Victor says:

    Natashas you don’t read very well do you? You must have gone to a NYC Public School

  18. Mike says:

    Looking at the brief descripton of her resume, doesn;t seem too different from Klein. Another Exec who is getting a job with no Ed experience. No wonder moral is low in the system. If no one is qualified from within should any of them be teaching?

    1. CThunder2000 says:

      Very excellent point you bring up Mike. Maybe they should be concentrating on getting better teachers overall…teachers that they can then promote to higher positions. That’s the only way to fix a system that’s this broken.

  19. Keisean Marshall says:

    Congratulations to Cathie Black.

  20. Natashas says:

    Ding Dong the witch is dead which ole witch the wicked witch ding dong the wicked witch is dead. Thank Goodness maybe now we will get someone in the school system who actually has a background in the field of education.

    1. CThunder2000 says:

      Natashas…look at the bottom of this short article. You can see that his replacement has no background in education either.

  21. vfever says:

    Hallelujah! He should never have been chancellor in the first place. He has no education background, and did nothing to advance the school system. Effective immediately, I hope.

    1. CThunder2000 says:

      While i’m also elated over Klein’s long overdue departure, you have to wonder if his replacement (Cathie Black) would be any more effective. As you so astutely pointed out, Klein had no education background…and according to this piece, neither does Miss Black

  22. nathan says:

    In the middle of the school yr? Is he unwell?

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