L.I. Volunteers Accuse Shelter Of Animal Abuse

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — The Nassau County district attorney has launched a criminal probe into how the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter runs its operation.

1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera reports

However, after three volunteers claimed that they witnessed workers beating some animals and leaving others to die in their cages, Town Supervisor Kate Murray said the probe may have to be expanded to investigate these allegations.

“We will take the appropriate steps if necessary,” Murray said. “We’re going to be doing a top to bottom investigation, we take it very seriously.”

Diane Madden says she and two other volunteers are now banned from the shelter. Madden claims dogs and cats have been killed indiscriminately by town workers.

“There was a dog that an employee was very angered over,” Diane Madden told 1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera. “She bleached the puppy. The puppy died.”

“My intention is to not abandon these animals,” Madden said. “I can’t get inside the building but I really hope for their sake that help is on the way.”


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  1. CHARLIE says:


  2. Felix Procacci says:








    1. video1221 says:

      Kate Money is very corrupt and always has been. The people just keep on reelecting her. Old folks are impressed by the slobs photo ops. The only reason she would do anything is because she has to. She sucks. I’d personally clobber the bleach bearing a-hole. I am a 6 year vol at another shelter and this hurts- a lot

    2. Marla Lewis says:

      KATE Murry is blaming KATHLEEN RICE? lol What a joke. At the latest meeting on 11/23 she said the D,A, told those volunteers not to enter the shelter. This is simply not true. Maybe Supervisor Murray should send her dog to that shelter where it can be bleached and beaten.Or better perhaps she should be put in a cage and hosed down. After all did she not say if she was a dog she would love to stay there? Wake up voters!

  3. Kate Kenner says:

    Sad. There is a reason they are called shelters which these workers obviously don’t get. I do hope they get to the bottom of this and show them one door out and another to jail.

  4. Denise says:

    Diane Madden was the person that found my wonderful dog for me. If not for Dianes tireless efforts as a volunteer those poor animals would rot in that place. She also reached out to many rescue groups that came and took the animals out of the shelter and took them to the vet and trained them so that they could be adopted to a wonderful home. Its a damn shame that the political cronies ousted the volunteers.

    1. viseo1221 says:

      They wouldn’t rot. They kill em in acouple of weeks. Great shelter, huh?

  5. Dee says:

    Diane Madden actually got my dog for me. My dog, Molly, is my best friend now. Diane is a volunteer and went out of her way for me to see Molly after I got out of work at nite and emails me every few months to see how Molly is doing. She is a true animal lover and for her to be ousted from the shelter is a damn shame for the poor animals that have no voice. The employees there are all political cronies and friends of Kate Murray’s I’m sure.

    1. Charlie says:

      How much did you have to pay her???????????????

      1. Dee says:

        I paid whatever the nominal fee is for the dog license, toh fee, thats it, sorry you can’t convince me that the volunteers were doing anything for the money

  6. Crystal Hanlin says:

    I think that they all should do jail time and be torchered just like these animals were. I have 5 cats and 2 dogs and there are my children and they get treated as such………… This is just so heart breakin …………. I’m so glad i don’t live up there or i would be waiting for them in the parkin lot to kick there azzes.

    1. Crystal Hanlin says:

      These animals just wanted to be loved and have to much love to give.

      1. Crystal Hanlin says:

        These animals just want to be loved and have much love to give back in return.

  7. Emilie says:

    Bleach ’em all! The workers, that is, that abused the innocent animals!

  8. Irene Filacchione says:

    Whoever runs this shelter needs to be fired, along with every worker who either perpetrated or did not report what was happening. Shame on all these people, I hope they all land in jail

  9. Vladimir Tarlo says:

    I hope that those sadists will be seriously punished. Shame on local officials of this town.

  10. Jennifer says:

    How disgusting do you have to be to hurt an animal.. That woman bleached a puppy how about we throw her in some bleach. There needs to be harder laws for animal abusers.. WHY would you work with animals if you dont like them?

    1. Neila Wood says:

      Jennifer because that is the only legal way they can get away with torturing and killing these animals without having to answer to anyone–it is disgusting.

    2. shannon1 says:

      Jennifer, they work there because its a job, just a job. If the township doesn’t do anything about this they are just as disgusting and sick as the others.

  11. LMHerndon says:

    IT IS NOT THE VOLUNTEERS! The volunteers have been banned! Please READ before you post. THe volunteers are the ones reporting the abuse. The abusers are the “paid employees!”

  12. Kathy says:

    Kate Murray replaced the outed manager with a political crony who seems to have been commissioner or deputy of at least 3 other Hempstead departments before this and makes over $100,000 – he also seems to be a big patron of the Republican party as you find his name connected to them as chairperson on the internet. She just replaced him with another crony with a similar background. As far as I could determine neither had any experience working with animals – so apparently patronage is more important than qualifications. Go to their website and compare it to other publically funded shelters – while some are the same with the dogs just treated as numbers and not even named there are others who actually name them, have behaviorists working with them (none on staff at TOH, nor a vet if you can believe) and have programs that actually help the animals. These volunteers spent their own time and money not only finding the animals people to adopt them but other private no-kill shelters to take them in – saving them and our tax money. Yet the shelter fights them every step of the way. They don’t want any accoutability or oversight – don’t care a bit for the animals. Kate Murray should be ashamed – if she doesn’t take action to correct this by hiring good humane people she should never be re-elected. 7 million buget – sounds like less than 10% – less than 5% from what I read actually goes to the animals – the 4 footed ones I mean, not the 2 footed ones who run this place.

    1. Daniel says:

      How do they get away with not having a vet???

    2. video1221 says:

      Kathy- I live by Hempstead and know Kate Money’s M.O. That move to put a political crony in the shelter is classic Kate. I do not know how she keeps getting away with her stuff. The voters just keep puttin her in there. Says a lot for the voters doesn’t it?

    3. charlie says:

      Hey Kathy, your just another who does’nt know what your talking about. Just to straighten your bad mouth ass out , the past director Charlie Milone was indeed a bad egg at the shelter, he knew nothing of animals, he was actually an electrician but was placed there at the TOH shelter because he was’nt wanted where he previously was, but when he was canned he was replaced with Pat Horan who has 27 yrs in the job with an impeckable record and all the animal experience one could require, when she was made supv years ago she cleaned house there, got rid of drugies, boozers and slackers but with Charlie Milone there her hands were still some what tied. Now here’s one for you to think about, Pat Horan was ordered to put a dog down that someones daughter brought in which also was not her dog, it was her mothers, the dog was ordered put down by Milones sect Regina Thorne, long story short, Pat Horan blew a gut over this, she refused to put the dog down, she left work, does that sound like someone who hurts animals ! Regina Thorne and Diane Madden were in cahoots, Madden only took the cream of the crop out of the shelter that could be quickly adopted out and ask yourselt this, did these people make money takeing all these animals out of the shelter for private adoption! You just keep track on these holy rolling animal activist and see what comes out on this whole matter when all is said and done. These rescuers and activists showed up for a rallly at the shelter, freezing cold and rain, one had a baby with her in a stroller freezing to death, another had little dog just being over sick in an open carrier shivering to death, I guess you would call that real humane right!, you f$#*(^@#Iing people should be tarred and feathered, your nothing but a bunch of home grown terrorists.

      1. Rita says:

        They’re the terrorists? Here’s something else about your “Hero” Pat Horan that you forgot to mention: http://www.newsday.com/long-island/nassau/official-s-voter-registration-at-issue-1.2704250
        This came out before the kill the kitty video.Just shows me what your “Heroes” character is and why people like Murray and pals are still in office. And speaking of the kill the kitty video..your “Hero” was in that too!! Regardless of the fact of whether or not she spoke those words,she was enjoying this behavior and laughing about euthanizing a kitten-while letting them pick up the cat with that unhumane catchpole..That video was claimed to be from 16 years ago though-per the Town of Hempstead “no” help-line. As an animal lover,is that supposed to make me feel better? It also was NOT EVEN undercover,she knew she was being taped-yet seemed to have no remorse. It only makes me feel worse because as a kennel supervisor watching that behavior if she was as loving and compassionate as your statement would like to portray her ,then she would have never participated ,laughed,and joked or let that behavior continue.They were talking about destroying an animal! But I guess that makes me a terrorist too.Me and the rest of the world who watched that disgusting video.This is only the tip of the iceberg ..this place is a house of horrors and I can only imagine what isn’t seen.
        By the way is your last name Horan or Murray?Or are you just a cronie or internet “troll” trying to convince others that the rest of the world is wrong?
        Your character shines through with your attack at Kathy for speaking her opinion as well as your hateful,fresh,filthy mouth!

  13. Denise says:

    This is so very disturbing. When animals are at the shelter that is supposed to be their safe zone and to NOT be abused being that most come from that atmosphere or are just thrown out like garbage. Why would you work there if you didnt care about animals and had patience. Animal Shelters are full of barking dogs that are affraid and nervous. You are supposed to comfort them. Just disgusting.

  14. Joanne Monez says:

    Kate Murray is the problem. She has been aware of this for years. Animal rescue organizations have spoken for years on the need for shelter reform at public town council meeting, with their speeches falling upon deaf ears. These are all public records. She actually had the nerve to say that if she was an animal, she would love to be in TOH shelter. The $7 million budget stinks of corruption along with the so-called 33 employees who are NEVER there. The animals are mistreated, they release animals unspayed and unneutered, and euthanize like crazy. It saddens me in this day and age that people like Kate Murray are so antiquated in their thinkings. Maybe the investigation from the DA’s office will change her tune, but as the true lying politician that she is, I doubt it will. The problem is that no one ever runs against her.

  15. The Truth says:

    First fire everyone period! They all knew and also if correct that Murray is a croney get rid of her too. Then hit then with criminal charges. As for that one person who bleached the puppy she deserves an acid dip!

  16. Colina Carubia says:

    The people who work in this shelter should be held accountable for their actions…I believe the Volunteers! this not the first time I heard about the abuse that goes on there…Now let’s see who has the Guts to clean this up and get rid of those collecting a pay check and who are responsible for the deaths and abuse of all those innocent Cats and Dogs.

  17. JD says:

    I wonder what the worker that bleached the puppy to its death is going to do when she’s angered at her child.

  18. William E Rudd says:

    this is William from NC reading the story of animal abuse,want my input?each one that works at this site that abuses animals more so probably your kids as well should be lined up in front of a firing squad.your sick and disgusting to be called a human being.

  19. Tanja Crowe says:

    I believe in “what goes around, comes around” and that God sees everything and will deal with things in his own way!

  20. T. Crowe says:

    I blieve in “what goes around, comes around” and that GOD SEES EVERYTHING and has his own way of dealing with this!!!!

  21. joe c says:

    i’m assuming most of the people reading this aren’t familiar w/ the town of hempstead so let me fill you in. it is the most corrupt government in all of new york, hands down. the animal shelter serves as a patronage mill for republican committee people’s family members. these people have zero qualifications to work at an animal shelter. in fact, the shelter “employs” 26 full time employees and has a budget of 7 million dollars, compared to the same size shelter out in brookhaven being run more efficiently for 1.2 million dollars. this is typical business as usual in the town of hempstead where cemetery directors have no qualifications, bury bodies in wrong plots and get reassigned.

    as for the allegations of abuse, it is not the volunteers who are accused but shelter employees. in fact, the volunteers have been banned from the premises in order to prevent them from further shedding light on horrible conditions the animals were kept it.

    supervisor murray and her republican cronies are to blame for instilling a culture of patronage and zero accountability.

  22. teresa says:

    I went there to look for a dog for my mom-it is horrible in there poor dogs just sit and bark in cement cages -it looks like a prison cell! only the dogs didnt do anything wrong!!! when i asked about one dog the people working there barely looked up to answer my question.

  23. JD says:

    @Was 21 – You are so right. If they can bleach and torture and animal they can certainly torture and murder another person. They should be watched VERY carefully. What is our society becoming that children are being thrown off balconies and people are torturing people and animals. What is going on??

  24. ruth says:

    I don’t have all the facts but what I do know as someone who has rescued animals and given them forever homes, this makes me sick on all levels. Somewhere society had a glitch in brain functioning and it is contagious…..”in my backyard”. I t happens everywhere and not just to animals. I lived in a county where a man had built a shelter and was kidnapping women and torturing them for two decades. I don’t get it. I just can’t wrap my head around it. I lost my job because i called into work as a stray cat/kitten was giving birth on my porch in the winter. My boss said to just leave them alone nature is taking its course. I could see the newborns sticking to the floorboards on the porch because of the cold and the body heat. There are only certain people who understand why my animals are my children.

    1. tracey mitchell says:

      ruth, thank God there are people like you out there….for the animals’ sake, for societys’ sake

  25. Joann says:

    its horrible to abuse animals and bleach that poor dog and starve the cats and dogs , why is not anyone doing something about this? not to let rescue people in there is cause they are trying to hide torturing these cats and dogs . WE PAY TAXS we should be making them allow them to go in not right.

  26. Chester's Liver says:

    I think the animals need a swift kick in the liver

  27. Animal Rights Forever says:

    This is terrible but among all the other abuses you people commit against animals. I say free the animals you slave masters who think an animal is a toy for you to imprison its mind and body by keeping it trapped in a home. Animals are free, not pets to satisfy your childish desires and infantile selfishness

  28. was 21 says:

    An history of animal abuse, it seems to me, is usually also in the history of someone who tortures humans and eventually murders them. These animal abusers should be watched carefully from now on to preclude their inevitable progress to human abuse.

  29. jack frost says:

    i’ll bleach the dude who did that to the dog.

  30. Ashot says:

    Shelters need to be staffed by compassionate people not those that need a job. People who care get things done; those that don’t just want to see empty cages. They also should fund TNR and reduce the number of cats coming into shelters. Can’t believe this happens in America…………..

    1. Bonnie says:

      I have TNR’d 16 cats in my neighborhood last year. If people got their animals spayed and neutered and did not let them outside, there would be a lot less cats and dogs in shelters and roaming the streets.

  31. Marina Ios says:


  32. Marina Ios says:


  33. SFede says:

    I agree with J Amiri…. punishment should fit the crime and management should be held just as accountable in these situations. It is frightening what is happening to our society. You don’t have to be an animal lover, but just leave them alone if you’re not. You don’t need to work with them, torture and kill them!

  34. Rosemary Murphy says:

    I find it hard to beleive that people who would give their time to care for animals
    would abuse them. I smell a rat! How is the money used in this shelter? Why
    is their no veterinarian on the staff? What is the average salary and what are
    the job responsibilities and job requirements? Maybe the powers that be do not
    want the volunteers having too much information.

  35. JD says:

    why didn’t the officials see the condition of the animals? Wow this is heartbreaking.

  36. Ronnie says:

    Can they please print the names of the people accused of doing this? Sick Monsters!

  37. P.shariat says:

    Where is the Animal Liberation Front ???

  38. Michael says:

    I would do some things to those “volunteers” that would be far worse than anything they could possibly imagine.

    1. LMHerndon says:

      It was not the volunteers. The volunteers have been banned. The abuse was by “paid employees.”

  39. J Amiri says:

    They should have the same things done to them. Anyone who abuses someone or something weaker than himself or herself should no longer be considered human. Finally, who’s in charge of screening and hiring these monsters. This was clearly not an isolated incident which means that whatever was happening there was part of a culture of abuse. The people in charge should also be held fully accountable.

    1. Tanja Crowe says:

      You should read about what unqualified staff they hire for slaughter houses and cattle and poultry farms. It’s ridiculous!!! They did not receive any form of training on animal rights etc.

  40. C.d. Gibson says:

    I’ll take a dog. Guaranteed it will have a loving, happy home for the rest of it’s life. BTW can I bleach that idiot to death?

    1. S.G says:

      wow, i would love to beat them up and pour bleach on them!

  41. carole strack says:

    the official at this shelter were the ones that should be blamed for not placing a camera in the shelter to check on these volunteers., as we live in such a sick society. i would have done it if i was in charge, shame on you

    1. JB says:

      People, the volunteers are not the ones that are mis-treating the animals, the employees are. please get the facts. The volunteers are the ones protecting and finding these animals loving homes. Again, please get your facts straight. Thank you.

      1. Denise says:

        JB…I could not have said it better myself.

  42. Nycl Poster says:

    Come on man, can we please treat these animals with some god damn dignity?? What the hell is wrong with people these days?? Can we please give these animals a break??

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