Troy, NY: Giants Owe Us World Series Trophy Visit

TROY, N.Y. (AP) — A New York newspaper has launched a campaign aimed at persuading the San Francisco Giants to bring their 2010 World Series trophy to the city where the team was born — and it’s not the Big Apple.

An online petition drive has been started by The Record of Troy, where the Troy City Trojans were a charter member of the National League when it started in 1879.

After the 1882 season, NL owners voted to move the franchise 135 miles south to New York City, where the team became the Giants. Some baseball historians say the removal was illegal because it violated the NL’s charter.

The newspaper says bringing the World Series trophy to Troy would “right a wrong” committed by Major League Baseball.

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  • Susan

    Outstanding match yesterday, I cannot stand the Eagles or Giants but that was a very good game to enjoy

  • AllinD71

    New York has the Yankees. San Francisco has the Giants. Get over it New York the trophy stays in San Francisco!!

  • Dave Y from SF

    What’s the harm in letting the trophy go on a “road trip”? It’s not like it would stay there permanently.

    Besides, it may do some good to have a bit of the West in the East to give our team more exposure and hopefully reduce that “East Coast Bias”.

  • George S

    Hey, Y Not? Knickerbacker Park in Troy is considered the Birthplace of the SF GIANTS!! There is a huge monument there commemorating all the historic Troy Haymakers, Troy Trojans, and VanLandinhams who were on those teams and several were elected into the HALL OF FAME in COOPERSTOWN!

    Let them Celebrate with the trophy. The Giant WS win belongs to them as well!

  • dico j.

    the san francisco giants don’t owe new york anything. the new york giants brand came to an end in 1957. get over it!

  • Omar

    Right a wrong? Seriously? This happened over 100 years ago and now they want to right a wrong? This is something that folks just need to let go. Wow.

    • Mike

      There have been periodic calls to make it right for a long time, practically since the move happened. According to the contract, the NL technically owes Troy, NY, one exhibition game per season in return for illegally moving the team. None of those games have been played. Bringing the trophy on a visit seems like the least that could be done to make up for it.

  • Larry horton

    I thank its a good they played why not

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