NEW YORK (CBS New York) — A sci-fi thriller, an action packed train trip and a romantic comedy (that opened Wednesday) are battling for the top of the weekend box office.

In Morning Glory, Rachel McAdams plays Becky, who’s been canned as a producer on a New Jersey morning show and the only offer on the table comes courtesy of Daybreak — the lowest rated morning network news program.

McAdams takes the challenge but working with bickering co-anchors Mike and Colleen, played by Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton, might just send Becky over the edge.

And when the ratings since even further, Becky will do whatever it takes to save her career and sanity.

Also in theaters is Unstoppable.

Chris Pine and Denzel Washington stars as a seasoned conductor and a trainee.

Their day takes a surprising turn when an unmanned train goes out of control on a collision course with certain disaster. The men are tasked with stopping the runaway train in its tracks.

Lastly, calamity again strikes the City of Angels in the new sci-fi film Skyline. After strange lights show up over Los Angeles residents will fight to survive an alien invasion.

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