Aimee Angle-Zahn Was Supposed To Fly Out Of LaGuardia

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — Police are searching for a mom and medical student who suddenly vanished somewhere between her high-rise in Midtown and LaGuardia Airport.

Aimee Angle-Zahn’s mysterious disappearance has her family praying and hoping for the best.

A luxury building on Sixth Avenue off 37th Street is where Angle-Zahn had lived until Thursday, when her parents say the 34-year-old woman disappeared.

“She might be 34 and have delivered babies and all of these other things, but she’s my baby,” mother Debbie Quinn told CBS 2’s Pablo Guzman. “Any my granddaughter needs a momma.”

Angle-Zahn was a Cornell medical student, but she took a leave before her fourth year, her parents said, because of a recurrence of seizures she had first experienced years earlier in college. And she left New York to live with her family outside Detroit. But her friend and neighbor from medical school, Dakotah Lane, said she came back to New York in September to resume her studies.

“She was just going to finish up her fourth year. And, she, you know … something happened. I’m really sad to see her … missing,” Lane said.

Part of what happened seems to be that the owner of an apartment in the building on Sixth Avenue where Angle-Zahn was living told her she had two weeks to get out because she owed $650.

Randy Williams, the owner, confirmed that to Guzman by phone. Her parents arranged for her to fly back from LaGuardia to the Detroit area Friday, staying first at a hotel near the airport Thursday night. The problem was she never made it to the hotel. Her father, Al Angle, flew in and went to the hotel, to the high-rise on Sixth and talked to the police. He tracked down friends like Lane.

Guzman asked him about having to fly back home with an empty feeling because his daughter is still missing.

“Very frustrating. I’m feeling like what can I do now? The best thing I can do is be with my wife and try to make contacts from home,” Angle said.

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