NEW YORK (WFAN) — Former Knicks forward Charles Oakley joined Boomer & Carton Tuesday to fire back at New York’s president of basketball operations, Donnie Walsh.

“Oakley I’ve tried to talk to ten times… I thought he was the kind of guy if he was going to make statements would come and talk to me personally,” Walsh stated while on WFAN last Friday.

“I’ve reached out to him,” Walsh added.

Oakley has a different take.

“I like Donnie, we talk… but I don’t know why he would go on the air and say that about me,” Oakley fired back. “If you’re going to say something about me you better stand on it, cause I’m coming back at you.”

When asked whether Walsh owes him an apology, Oakley replied, “Yes, he does.”

Oakley goes on to describe his relationship with the rest of the Knicks organization. Listen below…

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pixy Oakley On WFAN: Knicks Walsh Owes Me An Apology

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