Rep. Rangel Found Guilty, But Fires Back

Sources: Dem Wants To Be Ways And Means Ranking Member

NEW YORK (CBS 2 / WCBS 880) — Congressman Charles Rangel, one of the most influential men on Capitol Hill, was convicted Tuesday by his own colleagues.

The Harlem lawmaker was found guilty on 11 counts of breaking House ethics rules — and he now he faces punishment, reports CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer.

Even though he just won re-election to a 21st term, Rangel’s conviction was not only a blow to his career, but another setback for Democrats who lost control of the House in the midterm elections.

Republicans were quick to make political hay.

“The committee found conviction by clear and convincing evidence,” said Rep. Zoe Lofgren, D-Calif.

Sources told CBS News a hearing to decide Rangel’s punishment could begin as early as Thursday. But as for the congressman, he’s already thinking ahead. Sources told Kramer he’d like his peers to make him ranking member of the House Ways and Means Committee, the very committee he chaired until his ethics problems arose.

On Monday Rangel decided to boycott his ethics trial because the panel wouldn’t delay it to allow him to hire a new lawyer. Their findings would have left his ears burning as he was convicted 11 times.

“In violation of the code of conduct reflecting discredibly upon the House,” Lofgren said.

WCBS 880’s Marla Diamond reports

Rangel’s misdeeds included failing to pay taxes on his Dominican Republic vacation home, using a rent-regulated Harlem apartment as a campaign office, and using House stationery to seek donations for a college center named after him.

“I’m hopeful as we move forward with the matter [and] that at the end of the day we will be able to begin an era of transparency and accountability, a new era of ethics that will restore the credibility of this House,” said Texas Rep. Michael McCaul, the ranking GOP member of the Ethics Subcommittee.

Walking down a back corridor in the Capitol on Tuesday, Rangel was asked if he had a reaction to the conviction.

“No, I really haven’t studied it,” he said.

But later he issued a blistering statement charging he was denied due process and right to counsel.

“The committee’s findings are even more difficult to understand in view of yesterday’s declaration by the committee’s chief counsel, Blake Chisam, that there was no evidence of corruption or personal gain,” Rangel said.

Many of Rangel’s constituents were still in his corner on Tuesday.

“Why would they go ahead and convict him when he said he wanted to get a lawyer and he’s just not ready yet? Doesn’t everybody get a chance to get a lawyer?” Harlem resident Violet Butler said.

“I think it’s not right because the man has been doing a lot out here in Harlem,” added Marvin Brockington.

“I think he should have been convicted a long time ago, really. I think he’s just sweating out the system, milking the system,” said resident Guy Scannavino.

“We love Rangel uptown. We hope he stays even though he got convicted,” Davaughn Moorer said.

(Copyright 2010 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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  • DanTe

    Rangel is now elected for life. Nothing like a thieving lying sc\/m to be fully empathized with by the things living in Harlem.

    • Michael H.

      The “things” living in Harlem? Please, tell us how you really feel about ethnic minorities.

      Truly disgusting display of racism there, DanTe.

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  • otto

    considering how serious the charges are, the penalties do not seem that severe. kinda makes it worth it …

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  • Mark Silvers

    Thou dost protest too much, Congressmen. Rangell. Nobody believes you are innocent. RESIGN! I won’t be voting for you!

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  • Brown Cow

    How Now Brown Cow….Same old corrupt government is running this country into the pits.

    • Ten Megaton

      But you voted for him 2 weeks ago?

  • Monica

    New Lamby, your truculence corroborates my assertions. Take your churlish autocraticism and salvage some semblance of dignity from your recreant state. I’m done depredating any more energy on malcontents.

    • New Lamby


      In your own words

      Does anyone defending him on this thread read english?

      Well dear, you obviously don’t realize that many people in this land do not speak english or it is not there first language. You assertedly have issues with non- english speaking peolple. You should understand what the congressman means to All people.

    • Lew Namby

      You had me at churlish. I am now tumescent.

  • An American Citizen

    Mr. Rangel is Guilty of being stupid..he is only doing what every other politician has been doing since the begining of the government system. There will be no great inquistion into ALL Senators and Congressmen. The American people are outraged……so what happens they pick some old corrupt geezer who is close to reitirement slap him on the wrist and send him on his way.Mr. rangel may have done some great things for New York but at what expense?
    Government of the people and by the people. No where does it allow ….well if i can make a buck on the side no harm no foul. Mr. Rangel should for intents and purposess be forced to pay any funds and summarily dismissed from his post forfeiting any reitirement benefits. If he was truly a honorable man he would do so without hesitation. spending 2 million on lawyers for a ethics violation hearing where no prison time can be given is a indication that he stashed his illegal 2 million dollars with his attorneys. Mr. Rangel and those like him need to be removed from office for allowing our Government to operate in such a manner that the future of our children are in dire jeoprady.

  • guest

    Boehner handing out checksfrom Lobbyists, Mark Foley and interns, Dennis Hastert’s Real Estate and Sex scandal, Tom Delay and Jack Abramoff …Rangel is a saint compared to their obvious indescretions

  • Ned D.

    It is amazing that in America, cops can speed, politicians can lie, congressman can not pay taxes or lie about them, and the average man, who pays taxes to support the above, gets slammed if he does any of the above!

    • andy warhol

      so true

    • Claude R

      Excellent observation.

  • mike in pittsburgh

    For those defenders of this CRIMINAL. Tax evasion is against the LAW

  • Claude R

    These infractions are not little things at all — tax evasion, abuse of a rent stabilized apartment while affordable housing is in short supply, and a general misuse of his office for personal purposes. He should be expelled. Sadly, legal experts doubt that will happen, noting that expulsion is extremely rare. What offense, short of treason, would result in expulsion? This process is a travesty.

  • Monica

    Does anyone defending him on this thread read english? This person, who was just re-elected for his 20th term, is THE principal proponent of tax legislation. Despite that responsibility, he failed to disclose $600K of assets and income. How eggregious does a violation need to be to get people outraged? Though we are talking about an ethics trial, I am confident this conviction is the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Charlie “The Crook” Rangel, together with his cohorts Barney Frank and Nancy Pelosi are what is wrong with government at any level, regardless of party affiliation. Just so happens that they are all extremely left wing democrats – hmmmm, where’s the common denominator? I am thankful that I am not a resident of NY with this buffoon representing my interests.

    • rOBERTO

      This congressman does and is doing what the previous congressman from Harlen did(PowellIIIIIII) and the Harlem people voted for him because this is the only thing in the store and Powe IIII son who is not a saint wants to take his place.




      • NEW LAMBY




      • eric

        no racism in the truth …actually there is no tone of racism at all just a well articulated truth …thx monica…i am still trying to see the racism here….

      • Monica

        Racist & vile? Not once did I mention ethnicity nor did I say anything vile. If you are not a democrat, you are missing a good opportunity. Your response is typical of one from The Petulent Party who when faced with nothing to substantiate their baseless claims, resorts to pejorative, puerile mud slinging. And, be careful, by calling my comment racist, you imply that you know my demographic group and that in itself is racist.

  • George

    We are all held accounta ble for our mistakes. This should definitely include memeber of congress. If it was a mistake to use the stationery, so be it, but what about the other 13 counts? Some sort of Punishment is only fair.




    • eric

      in other words beings his past was so great we should excuse his present or future?it is true he is not exempt from the same laws that govern us…

    • Mike

      The man failed to report income and pay his full tax liability. If you or I did that we would go to prison.

  • divster

    OK, He is not perfect but he is not terrible either.I say let him stay on board.There are plenty of wrong doings going on but this guy is not all that bad.

  • Giovanni McRib

    He should be imprisoned for his gravelly-a$$ed voice.

  • Neal

    Funny how quick they found him guilty of such petty items. These people dealing out this punishment to a man who has done more for the people of NY and America don’t have an ounce of sense. When the biggest self proclaimed (BIG DADDY) Senator BYRD passed away they made him a hero? He steered Billions of fedral funds to his state and probably used more than stationary to do it. What a crock, they better make sure their closet is clean before they cast the first stone!



    • Mike

      He cheated on his taxes! They send people to prison for doing that.

  • Wolf

    It’s about time those who think they are above the law get put in their place. We the people need to get honest representation for our hard earned tax dollars

  • Paul Tenenbaum

    There is more to do with Mr. Rangel than he had indeed been a serial killer. Come on it is POLITICS. dID HE ASK FOR MONEY FOR HIS OWN USE?????
    No. Oh yes, he used the wrong stationary and requested donation to his prject. In regular life, there would be no hallybaloo. Here we have a Korean War veteran and a man who served his country for many years. But WE must PUNISH him. The glee in these people.
    How many in the “jury” actually served in the armed forces?

  • guest

    Maybe the next person to get the hook will be Nancy Pelosi for her excessive use of government aircraft and extending herself privileges without authority.

    • Michael H.

      Wow, why was my factually accurate statement removed by the moderators? Let’s post it again, shall we? Next time have the stones to tell me why you’re deleting my post, moderator. You have my e-mail address.

      You’re whole tirade against Pelosi is based on a proven falsehood, guest. Pelosi’s use of military aircraft for official transportation (which includes to and from her home district) was ordered by President George W. Bush in 2001 due to the fact that the Speaker of the House is 2 heartbeats away from the Presidency and should have adequate security. Dennis Hastert was the first SotH to receive this treatment and was able to take a small jet called a C-20 to his home district in Illinois. The House Sergeant at Arms, Bill Livingood, made the request for an aircraft that can make the cross country trip to Pelosi’s home district in California nonstop, due to these security concerns. The C-20 can do it weather permitting, but there are often times when headwinds are too strong and a plane with longer range is needed.

      Is it really necessary to spin falsehoods to get whatever point it is you’re trying to get across? Care to back up the “extending herself privileges” part of your comment?

    • Michael H.

      Excessive use of government aircraft?

      George W. Bush gave the order after 9/11 that mandated military aircraft be used to transport the Speaker of the House on official business. Travelling to and from the Congressperson’s home district fall under the banner of “official business”. The C-20B that Dennis Hastert used could not make the coast to coast trip from DC to California without stopping to refuel during certain times of the year, which became a security issue that was addressed by the House Sergeant at Arms, Bill Livingood, who ultimately made the request that the Speaker have access to the Air Force’s fleet of jets capable of making this trip nonstop.

      Would you like to lie about something else? Care to elaborate on the “privileges without authority”?

  • 57girl

    The first thing they need to do is take away his retirement benefits. After that, prison, fines, whatever … it’s time that these so called powerful Representatives lose their cushy retirements when they betray the taxpayers that foot their bills.

    • Michael H.

      Prison? Ethics rules are not laws. You need to break a law in order to be sent to prison.

      • Michael H.

        Eric, only if done under oath. I do believe that it should be a crime, but as it stands, it is not.

      • Michael H.


        He cleared his debts with the IRS. If the IRS isn’t going to prosecute, the House doesn’t have the jurisdiction to step in and do so.

      • KPMc

        Gee… and here I thought tax evasion WAS a crime all these years. If I ever have more than $600,000 to report (after I helped write the tax codes) I’ll be sure to conveniently forget. Heck… it’s just ethics, right?

      • eric

        isnt lying tio the public a crime as an elected official?

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