Trumbull Toddler Found In Pond Has Died

TRUMBULL, Conn. (1010 WINS/CBS 2) — A Trumbull boy was pronounced dead several hours after he was found in a Bridgeport pond, and not long after he was reported missing, 1010 WINS’ Al Jones reported.

1010 WINS Reporter Al Jones on the tragic story in Trumbull

Drenching overnight rain may have played a role in the frightening disappearance of the Connecticut toddler.

The 2-year-old was apparently swept away by a river running through his Trumbull backyard.

Young Thomas Chisholm’s toys were scattered in the yard on the far side of his family’s house, the side of the house that faces away from the Pequannock River, CBS 2’s Lou Young reported.

The rushing waters, swollen by overnight rain, apparently proved too much of an attraction for the toddler. Police got a frantic emergency call from the boy’s mother at about 10:30 a.m., and neighbors looked everywhere.

“I went all the way around the house and everywhere, all over the place, to search for the baby – couldn’t find him,” neighbor Joseph Riccio told Young. “The mother always watched him, all the time.”

Searchers hoped in vain that the child had found a place to hide near his home, in a parked car or an open field. It was, though, the search along the river bank that lead them to their grim discovery.

The boy was foundat about 12:30 p.m. 5,000 feet downstream at Bunnells Pond, a place where the river widens at Beardsly Park in Bridgeport.

“Very cute, very nice little baby,” Riccio said.

Trumbull police say the incident appeared to have been an accident, and that nor charges are expected.

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One Comment

  1. DaHash says:

    What a sad, tragic story. For all you leaving negative comments about the mother, you are IDIOTS! This poor mother will have to live with this tragedy for the rest of her life. I’m sure not a day will go by that she will blame herself so i’m sure she doesn’t need idiots like you, and perfect parents, like yourselves to remind her. Let’s all be supportative and pray for this mother and her family.

  2. Dominic Crowther says:

    I have a 15 month old son and this tragedy
    Touch my heart so deeply
    Anyone that leaves a hurtful comment
    Should think twice it could happen
    To anyone! God bless that child and
    God bless the family as well
    My heart and prayers go out to
    You and I’m an American

  3. SarahC says:

    I have two children myself and can’t imagine what this family must be going through. Many mothers watch their children carefully, and I agree with many of you that even when watching…things can happen. Even if she were watching when he fell in the river, chances are with the rushing water he would have gone under and been swept away before she could get to him. Remember, he was found a mile or so down river within an hour or so. This was a tragic accident. There is nothing to be learned by the mother other than how to deal with her tragic loss. She may forever blame herself and ask herself “what if?” I only hope she can find peace in the memories of her precious angel and go on with her life in spite of this tragedy.

  4. FIBI SIM TUKUR says:


  5. Aburymes says:

    Its so unfortunate that such an incident occurred but all the same, this is not a time for blaming anyone be it the mother / father. Its a time to grieve with this family that is presently going through an unimaginable experience as relating to the loss of their baby and console them. Lets all remember, that this can and could happen to anyone of us irrespective of all the precautions taken, we are but humans.
    Little one, we love you and pray God almighty grant you eternal rest – amen.

  6. jayna says:

    Oh God! i hve been looking for this movies of a little boy its really look so sad, May the soul of the little angel rest in peace. i have been watching and my tears coming out. May the Almight God rest him in Peace AMEEN.

  7. Mariam says:

    May his mother find the grace to move on. I have two boisterous boys myself and I know keeping your eye on them all day can be nearly impossible!

  8. Ronke' says:

    Please be kind in your comments and refrain from passing harsh judgment. My sincerest sympathy goes to the parents of the little boy. It is sad indeed. I do agree with the poster that if there is any kind of water on property or a lake, pond or river nearby there a fence should be erected to prevent any kind of access, especially by underage children.

  9. Rachel Frecka says:

    I never comment on articles, but you people have got to be kidding me. You must not be parents of toddlers. It is absolutely impossible to watch a toddler EVERY second. I’m sure the mom of this little boy did the best she could, and it just makes me sad that when loving parents are grieving, all you can do is judge them.

    1. Dan C says:

      I agree that this can happen to anyone, even with all the precautions that the second-guessers suggest. I had a little boy — now a teenager — who was strapped into a Coast Guard-rated life vest at a pool party with a dozen people around in the pool and a couple dozen more within 15 feet of the pool and he almost drowned. We noticed he was missing right away and his life jacket was placed neatly by the pool side, so we thought he had gone to the loo. Of course the first place we looked was in the pool. But the splashing of other kids and the color of his swim trunks and skin and hair blended in too well for us to know he was down there. It was a few minutes later, after the pool was cleared and people were searching frantically that someone realized he was at the bottom…as his body had covered the pool grate and was now visible. He is perfectly fine now, but I brought him up from that pool and he was blue and purple and not breathing. So — for about 10 minutes — I knew the hell these parents are now living. It was almost a day before we knew he’d be fine, so it was horrible for much longer than that. These things can happen in an instant, with precautions and many watching eyes. In fact, sometimes all these added measures people are suggesting are things that contribute to such accidents. If you put up a fence or add more watchful eyes…you tend to rely on those things to prevent accidents. Sadly, accidents happen and pointing a finger of blame at parents living through an unimaginable hell is despicable. It’s the sort of thing only cowards stoop to, relying on the safety and anonymity of the Internet.

  10. Abiodun says:

    Soo sorry, never keep a toddler out of YOUR sight

  11. Bargearse says:

    If I had a river behind my house and small children, I can guarantee they would have no access to it – I’d put a fence around the house. Same goes for a pool – it would be fenced in and the kids would have no access to it until they were old enough and competent enough swimmers. You can’t leave anything to chance in this day and age.

    1. Niccole Chisholm says:

      I am Tommy’s older cousin. I’d like to just say in my uncle’s defense that he had tried to put a fence up when Ruth was pregnant, and the town wouldn’t let him because apparently it was some type of wildlife safe zone, or something like that. It’s not their fault we lost baby Thomas.

  12. John says:

    I’m a father and when my babies were with me out and about I watched them every second or so I thought.I stopped to look at some steaks in the market and within two Min. my three year old ran two isles away from me. It’s very hard to keep track of little ones so NEVER loose sight of them. Sorry for their loss.

  13. Romy G. says:

    If the mother was watching him all the time, why did it happen? You NEVER leave a child, and most definitely a 2 year old, close by a river.

  14. paul 1 says:

    I detest this negligent lifestyle of the victim’s parents

  15. Fred Smith says:

    The usual comments here show what f’n idiots most Americans are. Man you people are stupid…

    1. Samuel maina kamau says:

      I agree with you Fred.. It can happen to anyone..within a fraction of a minute that you look away and the baby does something…its only God who watches over us….

  16. Scott says:

    This is a very sad accident. His parents must be heart broken, they may never recover from the lost of their son. The universe must have had a destiny of a short life for this child on this earth. The precious moments he was here shall echo for an eturnity. My heart goes out to the childs family and friends and I am sure he now rests in the heavens above.

  17. Christine Roxas Arnaldo says:

    May the soul of the little angel rest in peace.

  18. acii says:

    Parent let try to be very watch full when it comes to little kid to avoid such accident.may his soul rest in peace.

  19. Eric says:

    “The mother always watched him, all the time.”

    Are you sure about that?

    1. Fletch says:

      You piece of s… Eric.
      Comments like that are totally uncalled for at a time like this. Just think about how these parents feel and you choose to say things like that. You and anyone else making comments of that nature owe the family an appology.
      Anyone who has had childern know it only takes a split second for tragic things to happen. Man up and appologize and think about what you say in the future.

  20. Tee says:

    How can you lose your baby? Something sounds fishy to me.

  21. stephanie says:

    this is so sad, the family is in my prayers ❤

  22. flerida suzara says:

    Poor baby unattended? What about your pets? Your warm embrace surround your pets? Don’t treat your pets like human beings

  23. Jshorts says:

    Thi article requires a proofreader.

    Where is your pride?

    1. Anita says:

      So does your comment, Jshorts.

  24. nana says:

    so very sad, poor baby, my heart goes out to the family

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